Video card GeForce GT 240: characteristics, comparison with competitors and reviews

Company NVIDIA from year to year, in addition to new products, produces and models that are practically no different. To breathe life into a new accelerator, you have to slightly change its frequency and change the name. And if at first such an approach bore fruit, then after a couple of years of such manipulations, users no longer take the lead in deception and began to take a closer look at the specifications.


The story of the appearance of the hero of our review, NVIDIA GeForce GT 240, is short, but it has a preface. In 2009, a new series from a company that supports DirectX 10.1 and has an embedded audio codec appears on the market. Now the audio track can be sent immediately via the HDMI interface, bypassing the audio controller of the motherboard or a discrete card.

With the new family began to understand and found that this is a slightly modified version of the accelerators, which received a new process technology.Thus, the GeForce GT 220 took the place of the GeForce 9500 GT. The new model had another stream processor, although the number of elements inside remained unchanged. The 210th model received four instead of eight raster relative to the 9400th, and the memory controller was 64-bit.geforce gt 240

Despite the almost “weightless” changes, prices for new items increased relative to the old models, which raised questions among customers and made it possible to save a lot on the purchase.


GeForce GT 240 appeared to replace the GeForce 9600 GT. The novelty received again the support of DirectX 10.1 and was based on the GT215 core. To lower the cost price, they decided to reduce the memory bus width to 128 bits. But at the same time, the video card still supported the GDDR3 format, to which the high-speed GDDR5 was added.

Now other manufacturers could easily choose the latest memory option and get a high-performance video card. In general, the presence of stream processors, texture units, etc. has changed. The core frequency remains the same as the speed of the shader domain. The memory is presented in several versions, and the difference is present not only in the format, but also in the volume. The maximum possible to get 1 GB.

Another interesting change was the rejection of the SLI mode. Now there was no support for connecting several video cards, which was caused by the inability to show high performance in a pair. Decreased energy consumption.


So, NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 features in the reference version received the following. The kernel, as mentioned earlier, was introduced by another model - the GT215. Made crystal on 40-nm process technology, in contrast to previous models, the difference is noticeable. The number of transistors has reached 727 million. Stream processors increased to 96 pieces, the previous number remained in texture units - 32 pcs. Rendering units are halved to eight.nvidia geforce gt 240

The core frequency has also become less relative to the version being replaced - only 550 MHz versus 650 MHz. Also, the speed of the shader domain reached only 1340 MHz. The bus width was 128 bits. As mentioned earlier, the availability of versions with GDDR5 had a significant impact on performance, and for the better.

The memory capacity was available in two variations. Moreover, if we talk about GDDR5, then this is only 512 MB, and if you take the slow GDDR3 type, you could have purchased a 512 MB card, or 1 GB.Accordingly, the memory bandwidth and the frequency of NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 changed.

The characteristics of the memory speed turned out to be as follows: the model with GDDR5 worked at 3.4 GHz, the GDDR3 variant on 1 GB gained 2 GHz, and on 512 MB - 1800 MHz. Capacity, respectively, on average was 55/32/28 Gb / s.

As already mentioned, the power consumption has changed. With 96 watts, the video card began to consume only 69 watts. She still got the PCI Express 2.0 interface, but there was no SLI mode.


NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 received a lot of modifications from other manufacturers. The most striking were the options from Zotac, GIGABYTE and Palit. Also known models Gainward, MSI and other companies. All models are distinguished by their appearance, proprietary cooling systems, factory overclocking and increased frequencies, as well as overclocking potential.nvidia geforce gt 240 features


The largest number of reviews and reviews received model Zotac GeForce GT240 AMP! The video card was placed in a small box, on which, as usual, a corporate dragon is displayed. The front shows the main characteristics, among them - support for basic technologies, the presence of anaglyph glasses for viewing 3D-rollers. On the back of the box information even more. There are more in-depth specifications and functions.

Inside the box is nothing unusual.The video card itself has a rather unusual design, glasses, as mentioned earlier. There is also a driver disk, instructions and information about the Boost program. From adapters only one option - from DVI to HDMI.

Despite the rather stingy set of accessories, the user no longer needs to purchase a special set of GeForce 3D Vision. Especially stereo glasses enjoyed success with owners of monitors 120 Hz. Now you can take the usual cardboard glasses that have red and blue plastic filters.nvidia geforce gt 240 gainward characteristics

But those who have used this accessory at least once know that the impressions after that are ambivalent. On the one hand, it seems possible to catch the very three-dimensional image, but on the other, the image has practically no color of its own, and the eyes get tired quickly. At that time, it was a rather strange accessory that was difficult to find in stores, and the only delivery was planned either in a set with video cards of this type, or at “events”.

Appearance zotac

The design of the Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 board is almost indistinguishable from the reference version. It is made on the board of a different color - black. The main difference is cooling. It does not have a plastic casing, as is most often the case, but covers two thirds of the adapter.

The cooler is represented by an aluminum radiator, which is conditionally several sections. It has a small orange fan in the middle. As a result, the system cools not only the chip under the radiator, but also nearby batteries. Management of the latter is possible thanks to the four-pin connector.

The interface panel received all the necessary connectors, which, in principle, is enough: there are video outputs D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. Textolite, except for color, is no different from the reference. Only some elements have changed their location.nvidia geforce gt 240 specifications 1024mb

Zotac specification

This modification of the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 features (512 MB) received almost identical reference model. Here, the GT215 chip also works, which is equipped with a plastic frame to preserve the core in integrity. The memory, as usual from Samsung, is represented by the GDRR5 format with a capacity of 512 MB. The width of the bus width is 128 bits.

The core frequency was insignificant, but higher than the reference version - 600 MHz. The speed of the shader domain has also risen to 1,460 MHz. Memory has also become faster and reached 4 GHz. Overclocking potential was not the same as many buyers expected from it. It was possible on average to increase productivity by 7-10%.

Zotac Reviews

Not bad received a modification of NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 characteristics. Feedback company Zotac collected positive. Many buyers could not find any flaws. They were mostly praised and attractive in appearance, although the cooling system is not as powerful as it might seem.nvidia geforce gt 240 palit specifications

It was attracted by the fact that the adapter received a built-in audio codec, all kinds of new-fangled technologies, the presence of HDMI, which at that time became popular and convenient. The cooling system turned out to be quiet, but this is not surprising. The fan is too compact, so the cooler looks more like a passive CO. Buyers also noted quite good frequencies, which have increased relative to the reference version, and, of course, the power consumption has slightly opened up new possibilities for enthusiasts.


Received a good reference version of the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 characteristics. Gainward also engaged in the development of its modifications. So a compact model with a bright red textolite and a proprietary cooling system appeared before us. The board on top was covered with a plastic casing, in which a red fan was embedded. Under it is a large radiator with aluminum plates. The cooler does not cover the entire textolite, some elements are in the "open air".

The model has all the necessary interfaces such as DVI-I, HDMI, 15-pin D-Sub connector. Unlike the previous version, this model is presented in a dual-slot format, therefore sometimes there were problems with its installation in compact PC cases.

Unlike NVIDIA, it presented its characteristics for NVIDIA GeForce GT 240. GDDR5 1Gb was found in this modification. The memory frequency could not be raised, as in the reference model, it reached 3.4 GHz. Also remained the same and the core speed - 550 MHz. There is almost no information about overclocking potential on the Internet. Therefore, it is difficult to judge about overclocking opportunities.nvidia geforce gt 240 specifications reviews

Gainward Reviews

Few users have become owners of this particular modification. Why she did not win the trust of the buyer is hard to say. Nevertheless, it was still possible to find feedback on the video card. Most often, users pointed to the quiet operation of the adapter, low heat, power, which was enough for all existing games for 2009.


The NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 variation from this manufacturer has also become quite popular. The characteristics of the Palit GT 240 have been increased relative to the reference version. The box for the novelty has become very bright.There were various slogans that hinted at the excellent performance of the accelerator in games. The front indicated the basic information about the model, behind the specifications has become more.

Appearance is very similar to the model from Gainward. Against the background of red PCB, there is a black casing of the cooling system with an integrated orange fan. Below them is a radiator that cools the chip and some elements on the board.

Inside, as usual, the GT215 crystal. Therefore, the number of blocks and processors in it remained unchanged. The type of GDDR5 memory is 1 GB. It is decoupled on four chips from Samsung. The width of the memory bus, as in the reference model NVIDIA GeForce GT 240. Characteristics (1024Mb) of the memory are somewhat different from the stated ones. It was possible to raise the frequency to 3780 MHz. The core also accelerated slightly to 585 MHz. Shader domain works at 1424 MHz.nvidia geforce gt 240 characteristics 512

Few users have decided to overclock at home, so there is very little data on the overclocking potential of this modification. It is known that the memory can be increased to 4.2 GHz.

Palit Reviews

GeForce GT 240 in this performance was quite popular. Buyers praised good performance and value for money.Some of course could find problems even with this seemingly ideal model. Not all builds were perfect. In some it was impossible to regulate the fan, it always rotated at a speed of 35%. This problem was fixed with the help of software. The core temperature immediately dropped from 65 to 45 degrees.

Buyers also noted a low cost, which at one time did not exceed 3,000 rubles. At the same time, for such an amount, the user received high-speed GDDR5 memory, 1 GB of memory and minimal power consumption.nvidia geforce gt 240 gddr5 1gb specifications


The NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 video card, despite the changed name, and seemingly barely noticeable changes, is still a good solution for those who want to upgrade their PC. Now this accelerator would attract few people, since 7 years have passed since its release. But at one time the card showed good performance, excellent overclocking potential and, in general, stable performance.

This is not to say that she was considered a gaming model. But, anyway, she coped with all the game projects of 2009. Modifications from other manufacturers also turned out very successful.So, among them the company Zotac with a powerful, overclocked and silent version stood out the most.

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