Uzbek national dish - horse sausage. Cooking at home

Many national cuisines of the eastern countries pay special attention to horse meat. In memory of the ancient times, our contemporaries are preparing which they inherited from their nomadic ancestors. And in the modern world of fast food and synthetic condiments, vintage delicacies from natural raw materials are gaining increasing popularity.

One of these delicacies can be called the national Uzbek dish kazy - sausage made from horse meat. Those who have tried kazi at least once in their lives will forever remember its peculiar taste and spicy aroma. And someone may be set to learn how to cook horse sausage on their own, because to meet this delicacy on the shelves of the supermarket is not so easy. And although the process of making kazy cannot be called easy, it’s worth a try.The main thing is to strictly follow the recipe, proven by more than one century.

horse sausage

History and traditions

In Uzbekistan, kazi horse sausage is considered a festive dish. And this is quite understandable, because this delicacy is worthy of the main place at the most solemn feast. Kazy can be served in the form of snacks, and used as an ingredient for cooking other dishes, for example, pilaf or naryn noodles. For residents of Uzbekistan, this sausage is not just food, but rather a national symbol, so real fans cook it even in the most difficult times.

What do the doctor's say?

Nutritionists believe that horse sausage, whose caloric content is quite high, can benefit only with moderate consumption. This nutritional product should not be abused, so as not to overload the gastrointestinal tract. In general, this delicacy brings health considerable benefits: it normalizes blood pressure, increases hemoglobin, improves blood supply to all vital systems of the body.

Kazy on the shelves

We can not say that you can buy this delicacy everywhere. Worldwide, horse sausage, the name of which is so unusual to the ear of a European, is sold only in specialized stores, and even then only in large cities.But in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan this delicacy can be purchased on the markets. There is a wide selection of a wide variety of home-made kaza varieties. Some meat processing plants produce Kazi on an industrial scale, and their products fall on the shelves of local supermarkets.

kazy horse sausage


Like any dish made from meat, horse sausage requires careful selection of ingredients. It is unacceptable to use low-quality raw materials, because the meat is so easy to poison. For the preparation of kazy used the highest quality meat of young horses.

Cooking horse sausage at home

Real connoisseurs of kazi know that in the preparation of its preparation, it is not worth to abuse the spices. Too aromatic spices can drown out the unusual taste of horse meat. As a rule, only salt, black pepper and zira are used. The use of any food additives, dyes and flavor enhancers is simply unacceptable. For shell used horse guts. For 1 meter of intestines you will need the following amount of products:

  • meat - 0.9 g;
  • horse fat or fat - 0.5 kg;
  • ground pepper - 1 tsp;
  • zira - 2 tsp;
  • salt - 3 tsp.

horse sausage title

Fat and meat are cut into thin strips, put in a bowl, fall asleep with a mixture of salt and seasonings. Carefully stretch your hands so that the spices are evenly distributed over all the pieces. Next, you need to give the meat time to salt out. To do this, leave it in a bowl, covered with gauze for a day.

horse sausage calorie

Carefully prepare the guts. To do this, they must be scraped with a knife from the outside and inside, rinsed in a strong salt brine. We put on prepared guts, evenly distributing pieces of meat with lard over the entire length. For this it is convenient to use a funnel of the appropriate diameter or a special nozzle from the meat grinder. Next, the sausages need to wither. To do this, hang them in a draft. Ideal for withering chimneys, exhaust hoods. You can store kazy for quite a long time, immersing them in a container of bran or flour. Some hostesses also smoke sausages in fragrant smoke over a fire from the branches of fruit trees. This method of processing not only gives the smell a flavor, but also significantly increases the shelf life. And by the way, this delicacy can be stored for more than one month or even more than one year. Especially popular among gourmets are horse sausages Kazy three-year exposure.

Serving to the table

Tasty in itself, horse sausage is often served to the festive table as a cold snack. Before serving sausage is cut with a sharp knife into pieces.

Often kazy used for cooking hot dishes. To do this, you must first boil it for 2-3 hours, piercing the skin with a needle in some places. The broth in which kazi was cooked is often used to make dough.

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Uzbek national dish - horse sausage. Cooking at home 36

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Uzbek national dish - horse sausage. Cooking at home 86

Uzbek national dish - horse sausage. Cooking at home 3

Uzbek national dish - horse sausage. Cooking at home 35

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Uzbek national dish - horse sausage. Cooking at home 86