Tuning "Zaporozhtsa" do it yourself

The subcompact car ZAZ 965 is a car for the soul. Justify his presence on the roads can only this. The latest copy of this compact car was released in the 69th year of the last century. He became 322166 car in this series. Not surprisingly, there are few of them left - the youngest car this year turned 46 years old.

Given the weak technical characteristics of the model, for reliable and pleasant operation requires deep tuning humpback "Zaporozhets".


Taking into account the age, the condition of the body requires not just a facelift, but a complete restoration. Considering that we are planning to do the tuning of the Zaporozhets ourselves, we will try to avoid cardinal metamorphosis of the body. This will preserve the original charm of the model.

tuning Zaporozhets

Special attention should be paid to the bottom of the body and the attachment points of the main components and assemblies. Most likely, it will be necessary to carry out not only the strengthening of these places, but also a partial refinement. It is planned to install a more powerful power unit from the VAZ 2109.Therefore, the engine mount system will be completely redesigned. The wheel arches should also be extended - with a subsequent change of the brake system, the mounts for the wheels of the VAZ model will be installed.


The braking system of the car left much to be desired during the time of its serial production. Therefore, there is a significant reason to carry out its full replacement. This is especially true if the plans is to replace the engine with a more modern and powerful.

An inexpensive and practical option for our car is brake systems from VAZ 2108 or VAZ 2109. It is advisable to install disc brakes on all wheels. Our tuning Zaporozhets includes the replacement of the engine. It will be located in the same place where the mother - behind. So get the opposite - front-wheel drive will be rear. For the quality of the braking system on the drive wheels, it is logical to put disc brakes and new hubs under the wheels of the "Lada".

Native semiaxes will not withstand new loads, so they will need to be prudently replaced with custom ones. The rear wheelbase will be wider by 8 centimeters. Hide protruding wheels will help the trim on the wings.


Can the engine from Vaz 2108 fit in the "hunchbacked" Zaporozhets? Tuning, to which one of the owners subjected his typewriter, indicates that this is real. In this example, the engine turned 180 degrees from its normal position. This had to be done so that the engine could be serviced through the hood, and not from the cabin side.

tuning zaporozhets do it yourself

I had to apply the scenes to shift gears from the car "Toyota", which allowed to switch the speed according to the traditional scheme. To ensure that the car does not have 5 rear speeds and one forward, the wheel-mounted gearboxes, which are made in an artisanal way, are installed on the driving wheels, which change the direction of rotation with a ratio of 1.25.

The engine is attached to the body on a converted VAZ supports. For full cooling of the power plant had to use the entire "Zaporozhets". Tuning, a photo of which can be seen below, was made possible by the fact that an additional cooling radiator was placed in the luggage compartment.

Zaporozhets tuning photo

That is, where the ordinary car and the engine.

Speed ​​car

Such tuning “Zaporozhets” allowed him to accelerate to 100 km / h in ten seconds.The owner of this copy, testing his work, did not dare to exceed the speed ceiling at 130 km / h. Based on theoretical calculations, the power of this kid is enough to master the threshold of 200 km / h. The fears of the owner are quite understandable.

hunchbacked zaporozhets tuning

You can afford to drive in this car at such a speed after you have installed racing brake systems with an amplifier and a tube frame frame inside the car - like a racing car. Otherwise, such recklessness becomes unnecessarily risky.

Another concern: since the engine is located at the rear, the front of the car is lighter, which at high speeds can provoke inadequacy of the applied forces. And instead of turning the car can continue to move forward. In order to avoid this effect, it is necessary to load the front trunk so that at the right moment the grip of the wheels with the road is ideal.

Steering wheel

Another weak point in the "Zaporozhets" - steering. The owners complained about constantly falling fingers on the steering rods another half a century ago. Some found a way out using the steering units from the Moskvich - 412.Yes, this is a way out, but the “donor” was also not distinguished by perfect steering. Considering the speed with which the wheels of a tuned “humpback” can rotate, the control must meet the highest requirements.

To do this, it is necessary to undertake another significant improvement - to replace the steering system, including the gearbox, with a newer one. As an option - from the "Lada". Given the modest size of the machine, many details of the mechanism (a trapezoid, for example) will have to be done individually.


Restoring the interior, that for a car of this age is in itself a tuning, the main thing is not to overdo it. Modern instrument panel is convenient, but completely deprive this machine of charm. Therefore, in our work, it is recommended to simply restore the native panel.

deep tuning hunchbacked Cossack

Adding a central shaft under the stereo in a narrow typewriter will look cumbersome. Replacing the upholstery of the cabin, making new door cards and replacing the front seats with imported ones from the Japanese coupe, do not overdo it with innovations. Electric glass will add "humpbacked" charm.

Through thorns

Considering that you plan to carry out all the work yourself, some points may be unnecessary for you. The most time consuming and difficult operation is to change the engine.Since you bought ZAZ-965 not for daily commuting, but more for your soul, you yourself need to decide what complexity to bring to the Zaporozhets.

Sitting behind the wheel of the Soviet subcompact, which became a legend of a bygone era, you will be simply spoiled by the attention of everyone around you: both motorists and pedestrians. Be prepared for this, for hours and days disappearing in his garage.

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