"Tsiolkovsky" (sanatorium): photo, reviews, address

Infinite fuss, hard work days, eternallack of time for rest, caring for one's health ... Many citizens of our country are facing these problems, and it does not matter where they live: in Moscow, St. Petersburg or, for example, in Samara. However, due to the availability of out-of-town sanatoria, every citizen of Russia has the opportunity not only to rest comfortably, but also to improve his health in good conditions and under the supervision of excellent specialists.

One of such remarkable places issanatorium "Tsiolkovsky" in Samara. This health resort year-round awaits both Samarans and residents of other cities, offers them a range of various services and programs for improving the body.

Where is the sanatorium located

"Tsiolkovsky" is a sanatorium located in theSamara region, on the bank of the river called Kondurcha. In addition to this suburban complex, along the coast of the river there are several other recreation centers.

циоyolkovo health resort

At a distance of about 15 km is locatedInternational airport "Kurumoch". In the immediate vicinity of the sanatorium there is a small village called Fried Booger. Also close are: the urban settlement Mirny and the rural settlement of Svetloe Pole.

How to get to the "Tsiolkovsky" sanatorium, its address

Residents of cities such as Samara and Togliatti, oftenall come to rest in the sanatorium "Tsiolkovsky". How to get here, they probably know best, but this information will be useful to other people who want to visit this place. After all, relax in a wonderful corner for a very acceptable money - the desire of quite a few citizens of our country, especially recently.

On personal or public transport is quiteeasy to get to the sanatorium "Tsiolkovsky". Its address is as follows: the 61st km of the Samara-Ulyanovsk road, Svetloe Pole settlement, Krasnoyarsk region, Samara region.

From Samara to the sanatorium there is a special transfer,departing from a stop near the McDonald's restaurant, at the intersection of Moskovskoye Highway and Kirov Avenue. The fare on it will be 150 rubles. per person.

sanatorium tsiolkovsky how to get there

Guests arriving at the international airport"Kurumoch", can use the services of a round-the-clock taxi and get there on the stop "pos. Fried mound. " It will have to pass literally 100 meters along the signs to the territory of the sanatorium. From the central Samara bus station to the "Tsiolkovsky" can be reached by any bus that follows the route Samara-Ulyanovsk, also to the above stop.

Description of the sanatorium and its photos

"Tsiolkovsky" is a sanatorium that occupies an extensiveThe territory that stretches along one of the rivers of the Samara region. Here is a beautiful pine forest, creating stunning healing air. Undoubtedly, it is thanks to him that the restoration of health at the guests of the health resort is much faster and more effective. All the space that the sanatorium occupies is fenced, so vacationers can feel completely safe.

health resort tsolkovsky

Sanatorium "Tsiolkovsky", photo of which is beautifultransfer the beauty of this picturesque place, invites guests to visit them at any time of the year. In summer you can enjoy swimming in the river or fishing, and in the winter - skiing or sledging among the mighty pines.

In fact, "Tsiolkovsky" is an entirea country complex on the territory of which you can not only improve your health, but also just have a good rest with your family or friends. In addition to residential buildings, there are banquet halls and a restaurant, special areas for recreation and outdoor games, gazebos, a concert hall and a conference room. A variety of treatment methods that are offered at the local medical center, will certainly help those who came here to improve their health.

sanatorium tsiolkovsky r samara

Number of sanatoriums

"Tsiolkovsky" - sanatorium, housing stock of whichis represented by seven three-story buildings and one five-story building, which can accommodate up to 800 guests at the same time. The 232 rooms located in these buildings of the country complex have the following categories:

  • Economy improved, consisting of two or one room. The rooms are equipped with one-and-a-half beds, a bathroom with a shower and the necessary shower accessories, a TV and a fridge. Accommodates from two to six guests.
  • Standardconsists of one room and accommodates 2-3 people. In addition to the standard set of furniture and appliances, there is a kettle and tea utensils.
  • Standard +. These rooms are equipped with either a double bed and two single beds or four single beds, and there is also a balcony. It can accommodate from one to six people.
  • Category numberscomfortandcomfort +are designed for accommodation from one to four guests and offer them one or two rooms with double beds. There is all the necessary equipment and amenities, as well as a hairdryer.

sanatorium tsiolkovsky in Samara

  • Roomssuiteunder the names Romantic, "High Tech" and "Eclectic"Large apartments, which include one room and a bathroom with shower. There is a double bed with a sofa and a plasma TV. These rooms are designed for accommodation from one to four people.
  • Wedding Room- Special theme room for the newlyweds with a large double bed.

For health in "Tsiolkovsky"

Very many come to the sanatorium "Tsiolkovsky"(Samara) to receive medical treatment. The medical base of this health resort is excellent for those who suffer from diabetes, diseases of the nervous system and respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract and spine. Specialists of high qualification will be happy to observe the course of pregnancy or will assist in rehabilitation after various operations.

The sanatorium offers a number of complexprograms of different focus, which will promote the recovery and recovery of the body of any guest. Among them, for example, there are programs aimed at combating smoking, treating vegetative-vascular dystonia and allergies.

Entertainment for holidaymakers in a sanatorium

In order for the treatment to take place in a friendlyand a positive environment, and ordinary holidaymakers could always take care of something, "Tsiolkovsky" (sanatorium) offers its guests a lot of various ideas for fascinating leisure.

health resort циоiolkovskiy address

Here constantly arrange entertainingPrograms in which artists of different genres take part. Animators and a presenter who work in the sanatorium, do not let the guests get bored during the whole day, coming up with contests, master classes and all kinds of interactive activities for them.

For those who do not represent their life withoutsports, in the country complex there are gyms and sports halls, rental of various sports equipment, sports grounds on the territory and even a horse yard where you can chat with horses and even ride on them.

Tsiolkovsky for children

Sanatorium "Tsiolkovsky" - a great place notonly for adults, but also for children. For younger guests, special treatment programs, a special children's menu, and lots of entertainment are provided here.

In summer in the territory of the health complexthere is a children's camp. Also there are special programs designed for students staying in the health center during the day. They include various thematic events for children.

Carrying out of various actions

The country complex "Tsiolkovsky" invites toto visit those who want to celebrate an unforgettable holiday. Here you can celebrate a wedding and an anniversary or arrange a fiery corporate for your company.


There is a banquet hall andother areas of the country complex, where you can have a great time with the company, as well as all the necessary attributes for events. And thanks to the presence of a confectionery, guests have the opportunity to decorate their holiday with fresh pastries and cakes, which can be ordered on the spot.

Reviews about the sanatorium "Tsiolkovsky"

For those who want to have a good rest and improve theirhealth, certainly worth visiting the sanatorium "Tsiolkovsky." Reviews about this place most often praise the beautiful territory and magnificent pine forest. A large number of recreational areas also like those guests who came here just for leisure. Sometimes in the reviews of the health-improving complex there are statements that it very much resembles a sanatorium of the Soviet era as part of the room fund, and the canteen. However, in general, everyone likes everything.

health resort tsolkovsky reviews

Since the sanatorium "Tsiolkovsky" is designed forchildren's rest, he, most likely, can not approach people who want to spend time in silence and seclusion. Young visitors here are almost always, and from their rampant energy it is difficult to hide. But for families with children there are excellent conditions.

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