Trendy haircuts for medium hair with bangs and without bangs

All women know that you can win a man’s heart with one glance, the main thing is to look beautiful to get his attention. This rule is also suitable for men who also want to look stylish. Beauty is not only in the right outfit or laconic makeup, but also in stylish hair styling, which, undoubtedly, will be able to make the look memorable and elegant.

The hairstyle is one of the most difficult details of any image. Its shape, haircut is very difficult to choose in accordance with the oval of the face, the structure of the hair or the color, because it is worth considering all the existing haircuts for medium hair to choose the appropriate option.

Medium length hair for women - practical and comfortable

When it comes to changes in appearance, a lot of attention is paid to haircut. It can change a person beyond recognition, but the complexity of this whole process is that it is very difficult to choose the right type of hairstyle. Girls are increasingly leaving hair of medium length due to convenience and practicality.The advantages of this length are obvious:

  • curls do not require a lot of care, rather than long hair;
  • they are easier to stack;
  • for medium hair, the largest number of hairstyles and hair styling is invented.

Due to the large variety of styling options and hairstyles, all women can choose fashionable haircuts for medium hair. It remains only to understand what options there are, what shape a haircut can be, what oval of the face it fits, and choose one of them.

Bangs - a bright element in any hairstyle

If a girl decides that she definitely needs to leave the front strands short, then it is worth considering fashion haircuts for medium hair with bangs. This part of the hairstyle can take different forms, and the most popular are such options as:

  • straight, geometrically even;
  • slanting;
  • on the side;
  • torn;
  • mixed

In addition, each of the options presented is easily combined with the other. For example, the fringe on the side can be torn or smoothly flow into the oblique. Straight bangs with a flat horizontal line can also be filleted, resulting in a combination of straight bangs with a ragged effect.Each girl chooses for herself an individual form depending on the type of haircut, because bangs can not only complement the hairstyle, make the image complete, but also spoil it if it is chosen incorrectly.

Trendy haircuts for medium hair length

Trendy haircuts for medium hair

One of the most popular haircuts is considered a "cascade" for medium hair. The hairstyle won its popularity for a long time due to the original performance and versatility. Indeed, the shape of the "cascade" can be varied and is chosen individually for any face oval, therefore women choose it with a round face oval, and with an elongated or even rectangular face.

A distinctive feature of the "cascade" is the presence of clearly expressed levels along the length. For example, one strand of hair is ten centimeters (borders are clearly visible), the second level is longer by 5 cm, the third one is even longer by several centimeters. As a result, the structure of the "cascade" can be from 3 to 6 or 7 levels. At the same time, cut hair at each length has a smooth border - a straight line, so it is impossible to confuse such a hairstyle with any other. "Cascade" is ideal for hair with bangs or without it, because there are so many variations of haircuts.For it, the direct form of bangs is suitable, where the tips are not processed and not made in a “torn” type.

This is not just the most popular hairstyle, but also a fashionable haircut for women with medium hair. Photos of many famous women from show business prove the fact that the “cascade” is a modern look of hairstyle, and even eminent singers and actresses prefer it.

"Ladder" - feminine, bright and stylish

Choosing fashionable haircuts for medium hair, you can not go past the "ladder". This form of hair - one of the most versatile. Girls do not need to say goodbye to their length of hair, and at the same time after a trip to the salon they will have to wait for big changes. This haircut is ideal for girls with round and rectangular outlines of the face, because in this case, framing hair softens all the lines, making the transitions smooth, and the image - more feminine.

"Ladder" is perfectly combined with bangs and looks great without it. If a girl chooses the shape of a bang for the “ladder”, then special attention should be paid to the oblique shape with torn edges. Depending on the size of the forehead and the length of the bangs. If it is large, then you should not open it much, it is better to choose a smoother transition from one length to another, thanks to this you get a harmonious combination of "ladders" and bangs.

Fashion haircuts for medium hair photo

"Ladder": features

A key feature of such a haircut is the gradual elongation of the strands. If the “cascade” variant discussed above had clear boundaries for the entire length of hair, then in the case of the “ladder” the opposite is true. This gradual transition completely eliminates the possibility of allocating strands of the same length. They will still be different.

In this case there are several varieties of this hairstyle. "Ladder" can be made only on the extreme strands that frame the face, which looks very nice and elegant, or around the perimeter of all hair. The second option is very popular with stylists, because with the right styling and minimal curling of the tips, the effect is “in feathers” - a flying and romantic image.

Fashionable haircuts for summer with medium hair

Asymmetric haircuts - bright and stylish options

When you want to choose something original and memorable, you should pay attention to the trendy haircuts on the average length of hair in asymmetric terms. Any chosen haircut, be it a four of a kind, “cascade”, “ladder” with or without a bang, can be asymmetric.

The peculiarity of such hairstyles consists precisely in the length of the strands, for example, all the hair on the right of the head will be longer than the curls on the left.In this case, there is always a smooth transition from one length to another in order for the haircut to look beautiful and elegant. Very often, this kind of hairstyles are complemented by bright color combinations: on the one hand - a dark chestnut color, on the other - a platinum blond. Well-known ladies from show business, who need to promote their appearance and do public relations, are often decided on such cardinal changes.

haircuts for medium hair with bangs

Asymmetrical haircut. What is its feature?

Asymmetrical haircuts are also distinguished by the presence of parting: it can be anywhere and in absolutely any shape. For asymmetrical hairstyles easy to pick up bangs. Most often these are options for bangs to the side or oblique, "torn". Often in such haircuts are used and mixed variants of bangs: complex, multi-level, combining elements of the "ladder" and "torn" form. That is why this type of hair can be called universal, it can be selected to each face oval individually.

Asymmetrical fashionable haircuts for medium hair length are suitable for the majority, therefore, choosing something original for yourself, you should pay attention to this particular hairstyle.

Long caret for medium-length hair

There are many other haircuts that girls especially like. Kare - haircut is the most popular among women. In the classic version, it is more suitable for short hair, but hairdressers do not stand with folded arms, and have come up with an elongated square on medium hair. As you know, a distinctive feature of this hairstyle are clear boundaries, smooth geometric lines of the tips of the hair.

haircuts for medium hair

All variations of the elongated square are categorized as “trendy haircuts for medium hair”. Photos of many examples of show business stars allow you to clearly understand the distinctive feature of an elongated haircut. In this case, the front strands have a maximum length, but the closer to the back of the head, the shorter the hair length. The extended caret allows girls to maintain the desired length, so a similar haircut can be easily attributed to hairstyles for medium hair. The classic version of the square is usually presented without a bang, but if it is present, then it is desirable to leave a thick, straight and even shape.

Fashionable women's haircuts for medium hair exist in a huge variety. When choosing a hairstyle, the main thing is to understand one key feature of haircuts for medium hair: the minimum length of the strands should not be less than the shoulder level or not be below the line of the shoulder blades.

Haircuts for medium hair for men

Not bypassed the world of stylists and fashionable men's haircuts for medium hair. They have undergone significant changes, and even in comparison with the previous year. In order to clearly understand what kind of hair you are talking about, you need to know that the category of “medium hair” for men is in the range of 3 to 10 cm. It’s not worth talking about the general features of such haircuts for men and women what is fashionable haircuts for the summer. For medium hair men offer a lot of options, but the most popular are asymmetrical.

Fashionable haircut for women for medium hair photo

"Hipster" haircut - a new trend of the season

The popular “hipster” trend among young people literally overwhelmed the fashion with their trends. Hairstyles of this style have become real trends. So, for example, haircut for medium hair in a “hipster” style is unmanageable chaos. In this case, the front strands are long, the temples are practically shaved (but not bald). The hair at the back of the head is short, but there is a smooth transition of the length at the crown. This haircut is very simple, just a couple of minutes.

Since the “hipster” style is characterized by controlled chaos,To create a stylish styling on such a haircut, you need to slightly moisten the hair, arm yourself with a hair dryer and dry the strands, directing the air flow upwards. The resulting volume should be slightly softened using a comb with rare partings, or with the help of hands to send all the strands forward. Here, the main thing is to fix the effect in order to get a disheveled bulk styling.

Fashionable women's haircuts for medium hair

Bangs in a man's haircut

Stylists, making men hairstyles, pay special attention to bangs. The most fashionable haircuts for medium hair usually do not distinguish bangs as a separate element of the hairstyle. If it is, then it necessarily fits, like most hair: combed back or, as in the example described above, fits into controlled chaos forward.

If there is a bang, then its shape can be different, starting with an asymmetrical one, laid on its side, and ending with a straight short one. It is very difficult to pick a man's bang, but not in the case of medium-length hair, because you can make an asymmetrical haircut on them, where the hair on one side will be longer than on the other.

Ragged bangs are now considered fashionable. Milled strands before laying it is desirable to separate, isolate with the help of mousses or varnishes. This will make the image more rigid and brutal.

Both a woman and a man can choose a beautiful haircut for medium hair, the main thing is to understand: can the owner of the chosen haircut be able to style their hair on their own. If you have the desire and time, then you should use the original, bright and unusual hairstyles, which immediately allocate the owner from the crowd. Viewing photos of various haircuts, as well as tips from stylists will help determine which styling will work best. Work on the hair should be trusted exclusively to professional hairdressers.

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