Trendy haircuts 2017 for men and women

Hair of medium length and short is more popular than long, a huge number of hairstyles can be made of them, and styling takes less time. But the length of hair below the shoulder blades looks very romantic and does not require constant visits to the beauty salon. In this article we will talk about what kind of fashionable haircuts 2017 are most relevant.

Fashionable women's haircuts for short hair 2017

Neatly laid haircuts this season give way to careless styling. The most fashionable short women's haircuts in 2017 are the ladder, cascade, bob and square.

The trend of the season can be called uneven edges, asymmetry, torn strands.

Pixie haircut for short hair

Already, which year in a row pixie does not go out of fashion, and next year she is also at the peak of popularity. Pixie is very easy to fit in at home. Pixie perfectly harmonizes with almost any face shape.

Pixie haircut for short hairPixie haircut visually adds volume to thin hair.If it is not necessary, then you can thin the hair. The most fashionable pixie variants of 2017 will be an asymmetric pixie, pixie with a shaved temple, characteristic strands of different lengths.

Bob for short hair

This season haircut bob again becomes relevant. The masters of their business improved it a little, made it more modern due to the graduation, torn bangs, strands of different lengths.

Kare with shaved temple

This type of caret at the peak of popularity in 2017. This haircut is not recommended for girls with curly hair. Because the installation will take a lot of time and effort. Also, such a haircut for women in the body will not work, it will only emphasize the flaws of the figure.

Trendy haircuts for medium hair length

Girls with medium hair length will be popular. Masters of their craft decided that for 2017 is the ideal option curls of medium length.

Hair of this length is a practical option, easily fit in the home. Strands of this length are universal for most hairstyles: from business style to romantic.

Bob elongated

Bob elongated

Suitable option for girls with medium hair length.The elongated bob is distinguished by a ragged bang, edges of different lengths. Well in harmony with oblique bangs, which will smooth out all the imperfections. The elongated bob also looks good with straight bangs.

Bob on medium hair with a shaved nape or temple

Universal haircut suitable for any face shape. Long strands and shaved nape or temple make the hair a little more voluminous.

Kare on the average length of hair

Fashionable hairstyle square in 2017 is ideal for a girl with a round face shape. Kare on the average length of hair pulls a little face shape. It is very easy to make medium-long hair out of a car. A professional will cope with this without any problems.

Cascade haircut for medium length hair

Cascade which year remains at the peak of popularity. Cascading haircut quickly fit with a mousse and hair dryer.

Cascading haircut for long hairWith the help of a hair dryer with nozzles, the basal volume and the laid hair are very quickly created. This does not require a high temperature, it will be enough to have a warm air flow, which means that the harm to hair with this styling is minimal.

Haircut is ideal for girls with weak hair.Also, with this haircut, the eyes appear more expressive, the shape of the face becomes more tender.

Owners of round face shape, such a haircut will not work, it will only highlight your shortcomings.

Trendy haircuts for long hair 2017

Cascading haircuts with long hair are still popular. Multilayer graduations are popular.

Cascading haircut for long hair

In 2017, cascading haircut for long hair is popular. Haircut is a little different from the usual version.

Popular in 2017, cascading haircut with a shaved temple, body waves, the effect of disheveled hair. For women who are not ready for such experiments, professionals recommend a cascading haircut with torn bangs.

Fashion haircuts with bangs in 2017

This season is again popular smooth thick bangs, torn smooth bangs. Welcome to the front strands of the original form. The most fashionable styling bang 2017 this season on the side.

Asymmetrical bangs return in 2017. For girls with an oval face shape, a smooth bang in combination with long hair is well suited.

Fashionable men's haircuts 2017

Modern men watch their appearance no less than girls.We invite you to familiarize yourself with fashionable men's haircuts of different lengths of 2017.

In 2017, both classic versions and more modern models are popular.

Fashionable men's haircuts

Fashionable men's haircuts medium length 2017

The choice of men's haircuts on the average length is greatest. It is easier for masters to create new ideas for a given length. This haircut is well suited as a young boy and a man in age. The new trend of this season is a shaved parting from the side.

In 2017, at the peak of popularity shaved whiskey. Haircut with shaved temples came to us from last year. The back of the head is short, the bangs are of medium length. At the temples, you can shave some patterns. This hairstyle is suitable only for owners of obedient hair.

Hitler-Jugend haircut features smooth transitions. Whiskey and neck as short as possible, bangs remains of medium length.

Trendy haircuts for short hair 2017

Military style for a long time remains popular. Short haircuts like men, they do not require much care. Men with short hair look a bit more brutal.

Haircut "hedgehog" is still popular among the male population. But not every shape of the face will suit this option hairstyles.

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