Tours to North Korea: reviews

For a long time, the Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea pursued a policy of isolation, therefore tourism in the country began its development late. Only since the 2000s, Korea began to host foreign guests.

North Korea

This is the most closed state. In the cities there are no traffic lights, money terminals. Previously, it was forbidden to bring in cell phones and take pictures. The ban was lifted in 2013.

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The architecture here is similar to the buildings in our country during the reign of Stalin. Multi-storey buildings and small-sized apartments, the so-called Stalin, built up the whole city. Upon arrival in Korea, many people note an interesting feeling that they are in the past.

The only tourists who are allowed to enter the country without permission are residents of China. All other visitors to Korea get access exclusively through travel agencies. Theoretically, US citizens are forbidden to enter the country, but in fact no one observes this rule.

Features of tourism

As already mentioned, you can get here only by purchasing a ticket. North Korea is a very peculiar country where there is no Internet, restaurants close as early as 9 pm, and tours take place strictly in whole groups. Upon arrival in the DPRK, two guides are attached to the group of tourists, who accompany the visitors everywhere. All souvenirs and food products can be purchased only in special stores for foreigners. Here are some more features:

  1. In addition to excursions around the country and sightseeing, it is possible to rest on the sea. North Korea provides an opportunity for tourists to visit the best beach in the country.
  2. Take a camera with you, but not everyone is allowed to take pictures. It is impossible to remove monumental buildings, military facilities and military personnel themselves. Ordinary residents are allowed to photograph with their permission.
  3. Transport in the country is poorly developed, so people use the subway, bicycles and walk.
  4. Foreign tourists are only two hotels, both have the same level of service.
  5. The cost of the tour from Moscow to North Korea varies depending on the number of days of stay and the amount of excursions.On average, the price is about 50 thousand rubles. The price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, which means you do not have to look for a source of food on your own.

tours to north korea from moscow

Such restrictions scare foreign tourists, so tourism is poorly developed in the country. However, travel agencies in Moscow offer many interesting tours to North Korea.

Residents of the DPRK, according to numerous reviews, are endowed with sincerity and good nature: do not be afraid to see a group of locals singing in the street. All national holidays are imbued with a deep sense of pride in their country and genuine joy.

Tours from Russia: Moscow - Pyongyang

For the Russians to travel to Korea, the same rules remain - entry into the composition of the tourist group.

For a journey of seven days will have to pay about 70 thousand rubles per adult. On Sunday (the first day of the tour to North Korea) from Moscow, the group takes off by plane. Flight time will be no more than 13 hours. In Pyongyang, you will be met by the team leader, and you will go to get acquainted with the main sights.

These include the Arc de Triomphe, made entirely of granite.It is dedicated to the resilience of the Koreans against the Japanese conquerors in the middle of the twentieth century. This is a huge structure that will notice anyone arriving in the city. Its height is about 50 m. Tourists are invited to climb the observation deck, from which you can contemplate the panorama of Pyongyang.

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On the third day, a visit to the city on the Yellow Sea - Nampho is scheduled. You can reach it by the dam where the railway, highway and pedestrian roads were built. The dam provided the unsinkability of the small port town of Nampho, on the territory of which there is a historic lighthouse museum.

Then the group goes to the hotel for lunch, after which it is waiting for a city tour: two huge statues of the Mansude rulers, Kim Il Sung's house and a visit to the most beautiful metro in the world.

The next day, tourists will travel to the Mehan Mountains, at the foot of which the Palace of Friendship of Peoples is located. Surrounded by a beautiful decorative park, the museum, according to reviews, resembles a prison from the outside - it is a multi-storey building with no windows. Many gifts are kept in the palace, which were brought by representatives of foreign countries to the first ruler of North Korea - Kim Il Sung.In the twenty exhibition halls there are several executive cars, a limousine with bulletproof glass, a passenger train carriage, as well as such masterpieces of art, like a picture of butterflies or freshwater mollusk shells.

On the fifth day, the group will go to the city of Kaesong, which is located 120 km from the capital of Korea. A real relic has been preserved here - the ancient Sonjuk Bridge, built at the beginning of the 13th century.

On Friday, a trip to Korea comes to an end, the tourists will go to Vladivostok, make a city tour and go to Moscow next morning.

Tour Vladivostok - Pyongyang

There is another tour to North Korea with visits to other attractions. On the first day, the guests arrive in Pyongyang, on the way to the hotel they get acquainted with the main attraction of the capital - the Triumphal Gate. The next day, they go to the city of Kaesong, visit the historical museum with a Buddhist relic, the burial of King Wangon and the Museum of the Korean War.

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The third day, judging by the reviews, surprises guests with a visit to the colorful mountains of Mehyan and easy climbing.Then the group goes to inspect the Kymsuansky memorial palace, which in honor of the Korean leader Kim Jong Il is called the “House of the Sun”. Previously, the palace was a hall for meeting with leaders of other countries, and today it has become a mausoleum. By the way, you can get inside only as part of a tourist group.

The next day, guests will enjoy a trip to the historic town of Wonsan and to Belgymsan, a village at the foot of the mountains. This tour will cost 60 thousand rubles per person.

Ski tours

In 2014, the first North Korean ski resort opened. It is located three hours from Pyongyang. According to reviews, this is a first-class hotel with 120 modern rooms. There are saunas, pools, restaurants and bars. They attract tourists from all over the world for the third year.

The highest point of the resort is more than 3000 m, to which high-speed lifts will deliver you. In total, the resort has eleven trails over 100 m long.
The cost of the tour includes insurance, equipment rental, accommodation, meals and transfer to North Korea. The price of the tour is about forty thousand rubles.

Spa tours

North Korea is washed by the warm waters of the Sea of ​​Japan and the Yellow Sea.The country has several small rivers and the sacred lake Cheongji. In summer, the water temperature is heated to 26 ° C.

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According to reviews of holidays in North Korea, the “Sandowon” beach can compete for the title of the best not only in Asia. The dream of the current ruler of the country is to turn the local beach into a world-class resort. On the territory of the city there is a popular children's pioneer camp. Price is negotiated separately at the travel agency.

Express tour to North Korea

These tours are offered to Russians for their favorite weekend in early May. They are very popular with tourists, since May 1 is a special holiday in Korea: residents of the country dress in national costumes, lay flowers to monuments, sing patriotic songs, and are chosen by families for picnics.

The price of such a tour varies from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. On the day of arrival, the group will go to the foot of Mekhyan Mountain, with a tour of all the attractions nearby. The next day, tourists will go on a tour of the city and go down to the metropolitan metro. On the final fourth day, guests will travel to Kaeson, and then they will be expected to transfer to the airport.

Souvenirs from North Korea

If you plan to buy souvenirs home, then, as travelers say, all tourists are taken only to specialty stores, where prices are too high. In the same store for local residents do not serve foreigners.

What can be brought as a gift from North Korea:

  1. Stamps. For several years in a row, Koreans have won international exhibitions, as the design and quality of drawing cause complete delight.ticket to north korea
  2. Hand-made embroidery made with silk thread on silk canvas. Each of them is a whole art, long months of painstaking work. However, the cost of such a gift is very high.
  3. Porcelain. In Korea, it has a specific appearance. It is made from raw materials, which in the composition contains iron. It is very durable and at the same time allows you to create beautiful objects.

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