Top Russian TV series 2016

In 2016, the viewer met with many interesting TV shows of different genres. But only seven of them were included in the list of the “Top Russian TV series 2016”. These pictures adorned the best domestic actors of our time: Pavel Priluchny, Alexander Petrov, Elena Ksenofontov, Yana Troyanova, Ilya Glinnikov.

Rating of Russian TV series 2016. Top 7

Funny, courageous, kind, cunning - the heroes of the new series immerse the viewer into their world, open their hearts and share their everyday experience. The top of the best Russian TV series released in 2016 includes seven films:

  1. "Major" (Season 2).
  2. “Policeman from Rublyovka”.
  3. Olga.
  4. "Poor people."
  5. Eleon Hotel.
  6. "Roof of the world".
  7. "Island".


Not surprisingly, the second season of “Major” is the highest in the category “Top of the best Russian TV series 2016”. He was waited impatiently, and he returned. After serving only half of his term in prison, Igor went out for reasons that were incomprehensible to him. The young man returns to his former place of work and at the same time begins to engage in business. His goal is to avenge the death of his father.Igor turns out to be very tricky and takes the right steps at first glance. But one secret person is one step ahead of him. The love relationship of the protagonist is moving into a new plane. Now it is torn on two fronts. Igor cannot understand whether the real feelings originated in his heart towards the daughter of the main enemy, Katya, and whether his love for the investigator Victoria is really so strong.

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Non-standard methods of investigation, the loss of a beloved hero, the return from the dead, the search for truth - it is thanks to this that Major has easily entered the top Russian TV series. And the actor Pavel Priluchny, who masterfully played the main character, became a real favorite of the public and an example for admiration and imitation.

"Policeman from Rublyovka"

In 2016, the Russian police were very fond of the viewer. Top-rated most honored paintings and visited the "Police with a ruble." The role of the policeman, following the calm on the ruble, went to Alexander Petrov. The main character is investigating the affairs of very rich people, and at the same time he is not afraid to exceed his authority.Grisha often resorts to the help of his girlfriend, an elite prostitute Christina, who feeds him warm feelings. Grigory himself is in love with the owner of the fitness center Alain. He is handsome, rich, charming and incredibly witty. Especially fun he gets to play his head, Captain Yakovlev. The dramatic moment in the series is the fact that Gregory and his sister are orphans, their parents died in a car accident. Rublevsky policeman is trying to take care of his sister, who creates him a lot of problems. The role of Grisha in “The Policeman from Rublevka” once again proved that Alexander Petrov is one of the most promising actors of Russian cinema.

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Heavy female share always attracts the viewer. Olga is a single mother raising two children from different men. On her way there are always unworthy men. The first turned out to be a thug and a crook, and the second left her for the sake of a second family in Azerbaijan. In addition to children, Olga needs to deal with the problems of her sister and an alcoholic father. Olga's sister, Lena, dreams of finding a wealthy man and living a comfortable life, but so far she has managed to capture only the trucker and the jailer. The father, in pursuit of an extra glass, then beggars nasolit, then the counter to the collectors will fall.And the daughter is dumbfounded by the news of pregnancy. And only the good Ryazan guy Grisha shows care and love towards the main character. He is the driver of the ritual gazelki, and he is much younger than Olga. But for his feelings there are no barriers. The young youth will teach Olga to believe in love and will make her feel like a defenseless woman. The picture is rightfully included in the rating of Russian TV series "Top Best".

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"Poor people"

This story about people of different views, goals and ideals is one of the main breakthroughs in the category “Top Russian TV series”. In one communal apartment there live a loser-writer, a stripper teacher, a surrogate mother and a former dealer. Each of them is far from reality and prefers to remain in its own world. The writer Veniamin is working on writing a book on behalf of the famous TV presenter Olga Buzova. He considers this work unworthy of his great talent. The striptease dancer Marina came to conquer the cultural capital with her professionalism in performing folk dances and pedagogy for children. But she had to start from the bottom. She behaves like an alien creature, the viewer calls her nothing but blissful.Max, having tied up with the dealership past after a certain setup, simply sits out his life hiding from the mafia in a communal apartment. He is charming, charismatic and very loving. Yulia is a frustrated designer frustrated in life. To earn extra money, she decides on surrogate motherhood, but the clinic, in which she undergoes artificial insemination, turns out to be a fiction. Where, then, is a real pregnancy?

Top Russian TV Series 2016

"Eleon Hotel"

The top Russian TV series also includes a spin-off of the “Kitchen” series called “Eleon Hotel”. The story shows how the life of the hotel changed after Viktor Petrovich Baronov retired, and Eleonora Andreyevna met the love of her life. For calm and order in the walls of the hotel, as before, is responsible Michael Jekovic. Senya is becoming the chef of a restaurant. The increase also falls on Nastya’s share, but, unfortunately, for Kostya this becomes a reason for grief. It would have been nice if the non-profit nephew of the former mistress Pavel had not been appointed as the chief at the hotel. In order to surely fulfill a difficult aunty’s condition, he lures into his team a super-professional manager, Sofia Tolstoy, who previously worked in Brussels.The new management forces to work under the new rules, which means that the hotel and its staff are not waiting for the best changes in life.

Top of the best Russian TV series 2016

"Roof of the world"

Youth and ambition - the main advantages of the main characters of the series. One casual acquaintance unites Misha, Yarik and Olya into a business team. A clever and enterprising Misha learns that Yarik from his grandmother got a luxurious apartment in the city center with access to the roof. The guy immediately realizes that this can be earned, and proposes to create here a budget hostel. Olya as a novice designer takes on the design and furnishings of the newly-built guest house. Will the guys succeed in realizing their idea, only time will tell. Watching the youth in the series put neighbor Yarik, Uncle Valera. He didn’t like the idea of ​​stirring up a business in a neighboring apartment. In this connection, the former warrant officer is fixing all sorts of obstacles. It is the character of Alexander Robak who fills the series with the main portion of humor. The viewer believes that for Robacus this is really a suitable role, which helped him to open up and show his talent in all its glory.

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The story of an attempt to create a film crew of a reality show on a desert island. Ideally, participants must pass various tests, fight among themselves and with natural conditions, thus accumulating bonus points, which will eventually turn into a cash prize. Everything would be fine, but the yacht, on which there was a film crew, explodes in the middle of the ocean, and no one knows where the participants of the show are. Olya, Mila, Herman, El, Margot, Nadya, Lesha and Kostya do not realize what happened and, thinking that they are being removed, they perform various tasks. Not all participants are satisfied with the established company, but everyone wants to win, and therefore tries to substitute his colleague. What a surprise guys when they find out about the disaster that happened. Panic, tears, nerves, misunderstanding - feelings overwhelm the guys. Now they are just trying to survive, but do not forget about love, friendship and human relations.

rating of Russian TV shows top best

The story of the show, which is impossible to win, because it does not exist, adequately completes the top Russian TV series.

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