Tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: reviews. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: specifications, tests

Choosing a winter tire for your car,each driver tries to find the one that would correspond to his ideas about quality and reliability. To do this, a large number of thematic resources are re-read, but often they can only find out official information and test results conducted by various news media. In order to add an objective idea of ​​a particular model, this may simply not be enough. Here, other drivers can come to the rescue, or rather, their feedback. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000 will become the hero of today's review. First, we will analyze the official data about this rubber, and then turn to the reviews of drivers who have already tested it. Find them will be easy, because the model is already quite old, and it was able to test a large number of motorists.

Briefly about the model

Designed and released to the market already almost10 years ago, the model of tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000 is still relevant, because at one time this rubber was produced using the latest technology. This is evidenced by the fact that its production does not stop, and so demand is still present.

As can be seen from the very name of the model range,rubber is designed for the winter season. At its designing the special emphasis was made on operation in severe conditions like the Russian winters. As far as the Japanese have managed to achieve good results, we can learn by analyzing the feedback. And now we will consider in detail all the features. Let's start with the structure of the elements of the protector and its pattern.

reviews bridgestone ice cruiser 5000

Central tread band and its function

If you look at the tire "Bridgestone" in the firstOnce, the tread band around the entire surface surrounding the surface will immediately rush into the eyes, located in the very center of the picture. Its purpose is to fight immediately with several problems.

So, it is one inseparable block. This approach allowed to increase the strength of the entire tire design and to reduce the level of its abrasive wear. At the moment of movement or when the obstacle is hit, the load is evenly distributed over its entire surface due to the central rib. Thus, it is possible to avoid damage to individual blocks and increase the service life of the tire.

However, it is not devoid of working edges, educatedshort, but wide lamellas, made in the "Christmas tree" structure. They provide an increase in the dynamic characteristics of the tire. So, each of the slats on the central strip forms additional edges that can show themselves well at the start and acceleration on the surface with loose snow or mud.

 bridgestone ice cruiser 5000

Lateral tread parts

Shoulder areas «Bridgestone Ice Crozier 5000»separated by two longitudinal lamellae, which run parallel to the axial protector element. Each of the lateral individual elements represents a kind of continuation of the overall pattern. Their separation from the center allows efficient removal of water from the contact spot. Closer to the lateral surface, the lamellas become almost perpendicular to the direction of motion. This allows you to use the edges formed on the blocks effectively not only during the acceleration of the car, but also during its braking.

The location of the spines and their structure

As practice shows, the Japanese manufactureris famous for its high-quality fastening of spikes, which avoids the additional costs of installing permanently dropped elements. Their location is carefully thought out. There is a feeling that they are scattered chaotically over the surface of the Bridgestone rubber, but this is only at first glance. In fact, all the spikes individually form six working rows on the entire surface, which can significantly increase the quality of adhesion to the road surface when driving on such slippery coatings as pure ice or densely rolled snow.

In this case, the extreme rows of spines are practicallyalready on the side of the tire. What is it done for? This arrangement allows the tire to confidently take the car out of the rut when maneuvering, for example, overtaking, and in the same way to return it back. This property will be useful if you like to drive in all weather conditions fast enough. The main thing at the same time is not to forget about professionalism and safety and not to overestimate your driving skills.

bridgestone rubber

Increasing the width of the tread

In order to use it as profitable as possibleall available surface, it was decided to make the shoulder blocks slightly protruding. This allowed to increase the width of the Bridgestone bus itself, or rather, its working surface. As a result, the area of ​​the contact spot increased by 16 percent compared to the previous model series. This, of course, positively affected primarily the dynamic and coupling characteristics of the tire.

In addition, this approach has reduced the level ofabrasive wear, since the load distribution became even more uniform, which ultimately resulted in financial savings, since now it is not so often necessary to change tires even with their intensive use.

Features of the tread pattern relative to the lamellas

In order to create the maximum possiblenumber of working edges, when developing the design of the tread pattern, large lamellas with a three-dimensional structure were laid in it. This had a positive effect, allowing to increase the rowing characteristics. However, the main task of the slats is to remove moisture from the contact patch.

With their work they do well, according tomostly due to a rather large width. In addition to it, the role plays an important role. So, if you look at the tire Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000 R16, you can see that all the grooves are directed to the side parts of the tire, which allows you to quickly push the water out of the working surface.

Due to the large width of the lamellae, the tirealso a good passability. This property is useful when you have to go on loose or freshly fallen snow. It is simply pressed into lamellas, and after that it is quickly pushed out of them. Constant cleansing from the accumulated snow allows the rubber to repeat this process again and again, providing stability and maneuverability. The same scheme works when driving on dirt, for example, on a country road during a thaw.

bridgestone tires

Application of two different rubber compounds

In order to increase the strength of the tire"Bridgestone Ice Crozer 5000" and its durability, it was decided to use for the main body and sides a single type of rubber, which has high rigidity and resistance to damage, such as punctures and cuts. Having supplemented this aspect with a good cord, the manufacturer managed to make a reliable tire that is able to cope with obstacles encountered on the road without getting any damages due to which it had to be repaired. Also, this approach reduced the likelihood of the appearance of a hernia on the surface.

The very protector, on the contrary, is made of softer rubber, so that even in conditions of severe frosts, it can maintain its elasticity and not lose coupling characteristics with the road surface.

Available assortment of sizes

Despite the fact that the model of rubber Bridgestone IceCruiser 5000 is quite old, it can still be purchased at dealerships and tire shops. The manufacturer positioned it as a good option for passenger cars. Because of this, internal diameters of only 13 to 18 inches are available. This means that to install such a rubber on a large SUV, a crossover or minivan simply does not work.

But for the presented diameters of the wheelThere is a large choice of dimensions regarding the profile height and tire width. Thus, the model range includes more than 60 standard sizes. Therefore, to find the option that is required for your car, it will not be difficult. At the same time, the price for Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000 is relatively low. The smallest sizes can be purchased already for 2000 rubles.

bridgestone ice cruiser 5000 price

Positive feedback about the bus from drivers

It's time to compare official data,given above, with information contained in reviews written by real drivers who had the opportunity to exploit this rubber for a while. So, among the main positive points, according to reviews of the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000, we can distinguish the following:

  1. High strength of the tire.Thanks to the use of a reinforced rubber compoundtires have been resistant to external influences and are able to cope with sharp objects found on winter roads, whether it is ice fragments or broken glass.
  2. Low cost. This model can be called budgetary, especially if we take into account that over time, its value is reduced, since newer versions appear.
  3. Resistance to wear. Due to the fact that the rubber is rubbed off slowly,It is perfect for those drivers whose cars are rarely idle in garages. Therefore, if you work in a taxi or a delivery service, you can think about purchasing exactly this option. The Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000 test, carried out by more than one driver, confirmed this data.
  4. Competent arrangement of spikes. Despite the fact that their comparativea little, they are doing their job perfectly. That's why rubber allows you to feel confident on any road surface, whether it's ice or rolled snow.
  5. Strong studs. Another plus that concerns these metal elements - they are securely fixed on the seats and do not fly out, if the rubber has passed the proper break-in at the very beginning of its operation.
  6. Good adhesion to the surface. Thanks to the increased contact spot, the rubber confidently keeps the machine under all weather conditions.
  7. Well-thought spider web. Proper layout of the slots allowedonly to increase the rowing characteristics of "Bridgestone" tires when driving on snow, but also to reduce the effect of aquaplaning when you have to travel during a thaw. The chance to go into the skid is minimal even if there is ice under the layer of water, because in this situation the already named spikes come into play.

As can be seen from the above listthe manufacturer has fulfilled its promises regarding strength and stability. However, this model is still not perfect, and has its drawbacks, which should also be taken into account before buying.

bridgestone ice cruiser 5000 tires

Negative points in reviews

Among the negative reviews can be found opinionthat this rubber is quite noisy. Especially this effect is manifested when moving on clean surfaces, such as refined asphalt or solid ice. The noise is caused by the presence of spikes, and from it, unfortunately, it will not be possible to get rid of.

The second disadvantage noted by some driversin reviews of Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000, is the property of rubber to harden at very low temperatures. Therefore, if you plan to purchase it for your car, then take into account the fact that with serious frosts you will have to drive the car more carefully due to a partial loss of rubber properties.

bridgestone ice cruiser 5000 r16


As can be seen from the analysis of the reviews, the Japanese triedto glory, introducing a model of rubber, suitable for operation in the harsh Russian winter. Of course, no rubber can be perfect, but the quality of this model is difficult to overestimate.

If you are willing to put up with a fewminuses listed in the reviews of the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000, then its purchase for the car will be an excellent solution that will not only ease the load on the purse, but also to secure the ride during the winter season.

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Tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: reviews. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: specifications, tests Tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: reviews. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: specifications, tests Tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: reviews. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: specifications, tests Tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: reviews. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: specifications, tests Tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: reviews. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: specifications, tests Tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: reviews. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: specifications, tests Tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: reviews. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: specifications, tests Tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: reviews. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: specifications, tests Tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: reviews. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: specifications, tests Tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: reviews. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000: specifications, tests