Tiptronic - what is it in a car?

Many drivers have heard of a system such as tiptronic. Among motorists it is believed that this is one of the types of automatic boxes. This is not entirely true, since this system is a separate unit. Let's find out what it is - tiptronic, how it works and what gives the driver.

How come

For the first time talked about this concept in the 90th year. The patent for this system belongs to the well-known automobile brand Porsche. So called a 4-speed automatic transmission, which had the function of manual shift driver. This development made it possible to implement the idea of ​​imitating the control of a manual transmission machine, but in a simpler form. The management process does not require the driver to work with manual transmission.tiptronic what is itGerman engineers have created a real masterpiece. He allowed to combine the maximum comfort, which provided hydromechanical automatic transmission with the speed and sensitivity of manual transmission. On cars participating in sports competitions.sequential gearboxes without synchronizers were installed. However, units were able to cope with such units. This is what made the German engineers to make such a system with which even a person far from cars could manage in manual mode. At the same time, it should also have softness, smoothness and work without the participation of the driver.

This system was called tiptronic. You need to understand that this is not a separate type of gearbox, but only a shift control system, a trademark and no more.

Tiptronic - what is it?

Robots and variators do not fall under the definition of "tiptronic", even if the process of changing gear ratios manually is completely similar. This needs to be understood. And though over time similar functions began to appear on other cars, it was tiptronic that became the nominal name among motorists.

If today you ask any modern driver what tiptronic is in a car, he will answer that this is an intellectual imitation of manual gear shifting on automatic transmissions. At the same time, the automatic transmission mechanism itself can be any - hydrotransformer, variable-speed or robotized.what is tiptronic in the carTiptornik - what is it? This is not just an automatic transmission, but an intelligent automatic.It allows you to switch gears not only in automatic mode, but also manually by the driver himself. This system allows you to switch between five available programs without jerks, kicks and as quickly as possible. If the driver selects the automatic mode of the box, then it will work on the principle of a conventional machine, but with DSP.

This system was developed to save fractions of seconds, instant switching without the need to squeeze the clutch. However, in actual operation, the system showed itself so well that it began to be installed in production models of Porsche cars. All those who ride the "Cayenne" and "Panamerah", can boast - they have a real tiptronic. What is it, the owners of such machines do not always know, but it does not matter.engine tiptronicAfter developing this system, she lived for 8 years without any changes. And only then went around the world in a slightly modernized form. First of all, they were interested in this solution in VAG, then their version was presented by the company BMW, but with a different name. There is a tiptronic and in the "Mercedes", as well as on Japanese cars "Lexus".

How the system works

How the system is arranged, only its creators know - this information is a commercial secret. The box has a selector with which you can use the gear shift manually. On the more expensive cars there are so-called stalk petals.Mercedes tiptronicThe mechanism is controlled by a special software package, which is located in the automatic transmission control unit. On some boxes, in addition to the selector and the petals, there are other switches, as well as levers - they can have different purposes. So, with the help of one control, you can go to the lowest gear, the other will allow you to switch to high. In the case of petals, it is enough to pull the lever towards you - the box will go into manual mode and will be ready for controlling the person. When the need for manual control disappears, the automatic transmission will again work as a classic automatic.

Naturally, even in the manual mode, all driver actions are strictly controlled by the control unit so that the driver does not make any critical errors, does not damage the automatic transmission, engine and other systems. Even if the driver stopped the car completely, and at the same time in the manual mode the first gear was turned on, the system will not allow to stop the engine. If the driver slows down, the transmissions go down themselves.The box will start from the first gear.

The difference between multi- and tiptronic

We already understood what tiptronic and gearbox are. At that moment, when the design came to VAG, they created a series of successful A4 models in Audi. German experts have taught the system to work as ideally as possible. In addition, the version from the "Audi" has an automatic sports mode. In comfort mode, the box goes into overdrive at a speed of 4,000. At the same time, the switching itself is as gentle as possible - without jerks and jolts. In sports mode, the box goes on increased by 5 thousand revolutions. And in manual mode, the process of controlling the machine is practically no different from manual transmission.what is tiptronic gearboxElectronics allowed tiptronik to become a variator from VAG the best seller of the automobile market. The variator did not differ in humanity and worked with the engine all that he pleases. The motor could drive at 5 thousand revolutions, while the speed was 50-60 kilometers per hour. Then the German engineers decided to use tiptronic with a variator - this is how the multitronic appeared. It is used to this day.

Distinctive features

We know how tiptronic works and now you can familiarize yourself with its features. When the car is driving on asphalt, the automatic mode in this case is the most convenient. But when driving on the rise or in a slippery area, the automation may fail. In this case, saves the transition to manual mode.Toyota TiptronicWhen overtaking tiptronic "Toyota" will solve the problem as efficiently as possible. At first, mechanics were used for this, as automatic transmissions have weak accelerating dynamics. With these systems, the driver gets more options. Another feature is engine braking. With automatic transmission does not work. In winter, slip is completely eliminated - you can move in second gear, and not in first gear. Simplifies the unit movement and off-road. This system is especially useful for beginners - the system will protect the engine when the gear is not properly engaged.

The advantages of the system

In case of critical situations, the driver can independently make decisions and drive the car. In the case of overtaking speed will not fall when switching to another gear. You can abruptly stop the engine. Also, unlike the conventional machine, fuel consumption is less.


The disadvantages of this system is only a few. Having an idea about tiptronic (what is this, we already know), you need to remember that it is still automatic.how tiptronic worksIn terms of maintenance, it will be more expensive than a conventional torque converter. In this case, all the features and benefits of a traditional manual transmission will not be available here. For the rest - this is a traditional machine with all the flaws of the automatic transmission.

Automatic transmission or automatic?

If you choose between a conventional automatic transmission and this system, then many people choose tiptronic. Still, the driver gets more opportunities. But it is important to consider driving style. For example, if a person drives mostly moderately, without sudden acceleration and no extra maneuvers, then you should not overpay for these decisions - they will not be repaid.

For lovers of mechanics - this is a good option for automation. There is a manual mode, you can independently control the engine speed in the process of acceleration and braking. In this case, you can relax and give control of the car to the will of the automatic transmission - such a mechanic does not. You found out what tiptronic is and what features it has.

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