Thrust on straight legs: technique of execution

Static traction on straight legs is a wonderfulAn effective exercise that forms beautiful and tight buttocks. Exercise is quite easy, but it has many nuances. Therefore, before you perform it, you need to find out all the information.


Thrust on straight legs is a great exercise,training buttocks, biceps and back. However, bad technique and a wrong approach to business not only do not benefit, but also will harm your body. In no case do not chase after the big scales, after all the most important in this exercise is a technique. To begin with, practice at all without weighting. Learn to control your own body. Of course, weight should be added, but very smoothly and gradually.

thrust on straight legs

Thrust on straight legs will be correctly obtainedOnly if you have well stretched legs. If you have a poor stretch, then first give it a few weeks, and only then start the exercise.

Watch your back

Watch your spine. The back should always be very even. Despite the fact that the exercise is called "traction on straight legs", the technique of its implementation implies slightly bent lower limbs. It is better to do incomplete amplitude, but do not round your back. This phenomenon is noticeable with insufficient stretching and very heavy burdening. Believe me, even an incomplete amplitude will work well for your glutes.

rod rod on straight legs

Grip the neck with your hands a little wideryour pelvis. Hands in elbows do not bend during the entire exercise. Put your feet on the width of your hips, while they should be at the same distance from the neck.

Static traction on straight legs: technique of execution

When doing the exercise, keep your legs slightly bentIn the knees (except the top point). The lower you lower the bar, the more you can bend your knees. By pulling the pelvis back in this way, you will take care of a perfectly straight back.

Taking the bar in your hands, start to lower ityour body. Let it slip over the hips, and lower to the shins. This should be done to maintain balance and remove excess load from the waist. Note that the center of gravity is on the heels throughout the exercise.

deadlift on the straight legs

When making an approach, keep concentration. You must be extremely tense. Only in this way you can see the real results of your work. You need to feel how your muscles work throughout the entire workout.

The course of the exercise "deadlift on straight legs"

The technique of implementation consists in the compulsory observance of the five rules:

  1. Align the back, forming a deflection in the spine. Put your feet on the width of your hips, while the feet should be parallel to each other.
  2. Grasp the neck with your hands at shoulder width. It is best to use the upper grip. This position is considered the most convenient. Keep the vulture very close to the body, until it touches its surface. This will relieve the excess burden from the spine, as well as help maintain balance and concentration.
  3. Now, keeping the straight back, leanforward and down, as low as you can do it. But strongly zealous, too, is not worth it. The exercise is considered to be performed perfectly, when you can bend to the level of the housing parallel with the floor
  4. Now just as slowly return to the starting position, moving the reef along a precisely defined trajectory
  5. In the upper position, exhale. This will mean that you did the exercise once.

If you can do the exercise "pull rod atstraight legs "with a lot of weight, then insure yourself with a belt or wrist straps. Of course, in this case it is better to ask the coach or partner to hedge you.

If during the training you noticed that you can not keep your back flat, stop immediately. The bent back can lead to the displacement of the intervertebral discs.

Important Tips

thrust on straight legs technique

Exercise "deadlift with a barbell" is betterstart doing with minimal load. First, work out the technique, and only then increase the burden. Add weight very slowly. It is advisable not more than two kilograms per week. When you reach the peak that you perform a set it becomes very difficult, increase the load even more slowly.

To begin with, the exercise "traction on straight legs" can be done twice a week. But when you start working with large weights, it will be sufficient once.

Do not train to failure. Excessive strain on the spine will not end with anything good.

Technology comes first

Thrust rod on straight legs is an occupation that requires strict adherence to technology. It is the key to success and preservation of your health.

Do not learn to do this exercise, just by looking at how others do it. You need to get as deeply into all the nuances, and only then start trying.


Have enough patience. If before you did the wrong approaches, but decided to improve the technical, do not do it with great burdens. Most likely, you injure your back. Begin gradually, otherwise there is a risk not only of getting injured, but simply returning to the wrong technique.


Correctly doing this exercise, you canmarkedly transformed. You will notice how strong and prominent the back muscles, muscles of the thigh and buttocks will be. The deadlift perfectly strengthens the back of the thighs, no other exercise can match it. But, in any case, do not chase after weight weights. Do not forget that in the first place is the correct technique of the exercise, and only then weights.

This exercise is perfect for both men and women. Athletes with moderate and high level of preparation can make deadlift.

On average, you need to do three approaches ten to fifteen times. But these indications are relative, because they depend on your goals.

If you dream of beautiful legs, elasticbuttocks and a good stretch - do not ignore the deadlift on straight legs. Regular training can make your body perfect and perfectly raise your spirits.

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