Theocratic monarchy. Main features

The theocratic monarchy of the country is one of the varieties of monarchies preserved in the modern world. In some states of today's Europe, so-called traditional monarchies have been preserved, or, as they are also called, constitutional. Examples of such can be England and Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain. However, the power of royal families has long been not absolute, as in former times. Thus, in England, the royal family became rather a tribute to traditions, a symbol of the state and nation (along with the British Commonwealth, which is the shadow of the majesty of the former British Empire).theocratic monarchyHowever, in some modern states of this type, the monarch has real levers of power. Within democracy and the current constitution, of course. So, in Denmark, the king is the head of state, he has the ability to exercise state power together with the parliament. The King of Spain is also the head of state and has functions comparable to the presidential power in Russia.

Theocratic Monarchy

However, in many states, due to the peculiarities of historical development, very special types of monarchies took shape. In many countries of the Muslim world today there is such a type of government as the theocratic monarchy. Here, vivid examples are Brunei, Saudi Arabia and many Muslim countries, where certain elements of such power are observed.

theocratic monarchy of the country

A theocratic monarchy is a type of government where a cleric, religious leader or church organization becomes the head of the country. The reason for the creation of such formations is primarily a strong commitment of the population to traditional Islam, as well as the rejection of secularism in the state apparatus. That is, the main authority in personal and public life are the Sharia law and the clergy (imams), who interpret the Koran. Thus, while capitalism and a secular state developed in the West, giving rise to fundamentally new social concepts such as democracy, minority rights, freedom of speech, in the East, in many of its corners, commitment to the word of Islam, which exalted the authority of spiritual leaders and made them full-blown rulers.Cultural, technical, and military dominance in the Western world led to the fact that in many eastern countries, religious leaders retained their power only partially, sharing it with secular ranks.

Theocratic Monarchy in the Western Worldtheocratic monarchy is

By the way, the Papal State, the Vatican, is also a theocratic monarchy, created by Europeans in the Middle Ages. The main reason for the formation of the Vatican was a compromise between European rulers. The creation for the church head, the Pope of Rome, a state independent of anyone, equalized the possibilities of European kings and reduced the likelihood of royal pressure on the spiritual.

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