The value of playing cards for divination by 36 cards

Guessing on playing cards is a fairly popular way to know your future. And for this, besides the presence of the deck itself, you also need to know their meaning. Playing cards consist of 4 suits (spades, cross, hearts and diamonds), and each of them has 9 cards (6-10, jack, queen, king, ace). When divination takes into account not only the cards themselves, but also their combinations. In addition, interpretations may be quite different in different layouts. There are several varieties of them, and with them we will begin to get acquainted with the playing deck of cards.

Common dealings

As a rule, this method of divination determines the fate of a person, his past, present and future. Such layouts do not require special questions. In the center of the card is placed, which means the identity of the questioner. To her left, the three cards are the past, from above — the present, to the right — the near future, and from below — the inner experiences of the querent. The first thing to do is to see which suit prevails in the scenario. It will set the general mood for interpretation.In order to better understand the value of playing cards, consider each suit separately.


This is the hardest and hardest suit in the deck. The predominance of it in the scenario says that people are waiting for difficulties and trials. The element of this suit is Air, which means that it personifies rational thinking, opposition, the desire for leadership. In tarot divinations, it corresponds to Swords. In playing cards the value of this suit is as follows:

  • 6 - the solution of unpleasant problems, perhaps the late road, tears.
  • 7 - quarrels and conflicts.
  • 8 - illness, depression, but can mean drinking and guests.
  • 9 - emotional experiences, sadness, longing.
  • 10 - deceived hopes, illusions.
  • Jack - a fraud or a trick, most likely from a man or a guy.
  • A lady is one of the most negative cards in the deck; she can mean enemies, a rival, envious people.
  • The king is an official, maybe a boss or a person who is taller than you by status.
  • Ace - one of the few cards that has a lot of values. If the point of the peak is directed upwards - trouble, bad news, and if downward - a holiday and fun.
The value of playing cards

Clubs (Cresti)

The value of playing cards is difficult to explain without this suit.Her element is Fire, and in the Tarot it corresponds to the Wands. Skitters symbolize fame, deeds, careers, relationships with people. As a characteristic of personality, a suit may indicate that a person is a careerist. The predominance of the Tref in the scenario may indicate that a person is concerned about the business sphere. In addition, in some combinations the suit can also mean feelings, emotions, financial sphere. When divination on playing cards (36 pcs.), The value has the following:

  • 6 - business trip, long road, unexpected guests.
  • 7 - meetings, conversations, conversations, empty efforts.
  • 8 - a fateful meeting, possibly related to career growth.
  • 9 - the purchase of real estate, inheritance, changes (which will depend on the neighboring cards).
  • 10 - receiving a large financial sum, possible salary, remuneration for works.
  • Jack - not too good news, the guy-brunet.
  • The lady is a relative, a middle-aged woman, possibly wealthy.
  • The king is male, brunet or brown-haired, loyal friend.
  • Ace - the house, money chores, with worm - tender love.


Since the element of this suit is the Earth, it is responsible for the financial condition of a person and symbolizes the sphere of sensual pleasures. In the tarot deck, tambourines correspond to denarii.If, in general, this suit prevails, then the immediate future of the querent is connected with the financial sphere. When fortune-telling on playing cards (36 pcs.), The value of the tambourine is as follows:

  • 6 - positive changes, nice road.
  • 7 - financial assistance from a loved one.
  • 8 - minor problems, possibly monetary.
  • 9 - familiarity with the person who will have a significant impact on your life.
  • 10 - the best card that can fall in the scenario. Means good luck and luck.
  • Jack - financial fraud, losses and damages.
  • The lady is a frivolous girl, quarrelsome and envious.
  • The king is a blond man, an influential person.
  • Ace - important news, letter, message.
The value and combination of playing cards for divination


This suit is the most positive. It symbolizes feelings, love, emotions. Her element is Water, and in the Tarot cards it corresponds to the suit of the Cups. Falling out in the scenario, she says that a person is most concerned about love and relationships. As a characteristic of the person, the suit can mean a thin, sensual nature. Consider the card data, meaning and interpretation of playing cards in general:

  • 6 - a pleasant road, a date, an unforgettable meeting.
  • 7 - you will receive an unexpected invitation.
  • 8 - declaration of love, joy, fun.
  • 9 - conversation with your loved one. From adjacent cards will depend on how it will end. If the peak or the club - a quarrel, and if diamonds or hearts - you will find a compromise solution.
  • 10 - plans, dreams for the near future.
  • Jack - a stranger who is not indifferent to you.
  • The lady is a fair-haired woman, usually a friend of the querent.
  • The king is a married, blond man.
  • Ace - home, love, next to the figure cards can mean the strong feelings of this person to you. If, on the contrary, the card is near yours, then it is your love for someone.

The most popular deals

There are many different ways to know your fate and the answers to various questions. Of course, for each situation, choose a separate alignment. The values ​​of fortune-telling on playing cards will largely depend on what the querent asks. So, there are the following types of layouts:

  • are common,
  • on love
  • on fate,
  • for a period of time
  • on desire.

The latter is the simplest and most common form. With the help of such layouts, you can quickly get an answer to your question. For example, consider the “Yes or No” divination.There are two types of his hand: with three and with five cards. The second method gives a more detailed answer - what is against and what needs to be changed. The value and combination of 36 playing cards in this situation will have a slightly different meaning. So, 5 cards are successively drawn from the deck.

Guessing "Yes or No"

1, 2 and 3 - answer the question: “Yes or no?” This takes into account only the suit of the drawn cards:

  • a heart suit - yes,
  • crucifix - extremely unlikely
  • peak - no,
  • diamonds - there are some obstacles.

For example, in the image above, we see 2 crosses and one heart. This means that the wish will come true, but with a very low probability.

4 - indicates that it is against, 5 - that needs to be changed.

The fourth and fifth cards must be interpreted, as in general hands. So, the cross king - most likely, your friend will hinder you. And the last card - 8 peak - means that the arrival of guests will help change the situation.

Value in the scenario of love

As already mentioned, the interpretation of cards with different divinations may differ. The most popular layouts for love include:

  • "Your love".
  • "Attitudes of the partner".
  • "On love and relationships."
  • "What is loved one thinking about."
  • "He and she".
  • "Allegiance."
  • "Mirror".
  • "New Relations".
  • "Attitude to the Querent".
  • "Your relationship."
  • "Eyes to eyes".
  • "4 Aces 4 tens."
  • "What a man."
  • "You and me."
  • "What is in the heart."

For each of them, the meaning and combination of playing cards practically does not change during divination. Except for the fact that in the “eyes to eyes” scenario, a fuller interpretation is given. Each of the cards answers one very important question:

  • For what you like partner.
  • Secret thoughts and motives on your account.
  • What kind of reaction does your partner expect from you?
  • What does the partner count on?
  • What happens if you reciprocate.
  • What should you do.

For example, the first question is a card of nine hearts. Of course, its main and main meaning is love and sympathy. This card means that the partner in you sees the perfect pair. His heart is filled with love and tenderness. He likes you for his openness, honesty and ability to make surprises.

The value of the combinations of 36 playing cards does not change for the fortune of the hearts and the cross color when divining love. But for diamonds and spades, there are some changes:

  • 8 tambourine - unsuccessful date, a quarrel with a loved one.
  • Jack of Diamonds is a lover, a pleasant guest.
  • A lady of diamonds can mean a betrayal or a mistress, especially if she is standing next to the partner’s card.
  • Peak 6 - separation, quarrel.
  • Peak 7 - tears, sadness.
  • 8 peak - your feelings fade away, cool down.
  • Ace of spades can mean a love spell, betrayal, breakup.

The value of the scenario on the fate

This kind of divination is performed extremely rarely. This is due to the fact that it does not make sense to very often carry out the layouts on fate, because a lot of time is required for significant changes in a person’s life. They are recommended to be performed once a month. Consider the fortune-telling on playing cards, the values ​​and the layouts on fate:

  • "Rings".
  • "Present and Future."
  • "Horseshoe".
  • "Magical Solitaire".
  • "Butterfly".
  • "Card Oracle".
  • "Four Fortune".
  • "Palm".
  • "Divination by Brown."
  • “Pending event”.
  • "Next step".
  • "Ladle of fate."
  • "Characteristics of the individual."
  • "All about me".
  • "Like a spirit."
  • "Flower".
  • "Patter".
  • "On fate."
  • "Problems and fate."
  • "What is happiness."
  • "Grandma alignment."
  • "Card Soliter".
  • "Predictive Cross."
  • "Analysis of man."
  • "Print".
  • “Destiny-fate”.
  • "Clock".

As a rule, fortune telling includes a large amount of cards and thus complicates their interpretation. In general, the values ​​used are the same as in general hands. The exceptions are some combinations:

  • 4 aces and 4 dozens in one scenario - a lucky sign.
  • 4 ladies - you are surrounded by gossips and enemies.
  • 10 and 9 tambourines - getting a large amount of money.
  • The Queen of Spades and 9 worms are an unexpected event.
  • 8 and 7 tambourine symbolizes impermanence.
  • Ace and 9 clubs - strong love.
  • 10 worms and 7 clubs promise pregnancy for women, and for men - tears, sadness.
  • King of Hearts and 6 rush - financial difficulties, losses, losses.

In order to better understand the meaning of fortune telling on playing cards in the layouts on fate, consider an example.

Guessing "Flower"

In the fortune-telling "Flower" cards are laid out in the manner indicated in the image.

  • 1 - denotes the essence of the situation itself - the root of the problem.
  • 2-3 are obstacles that will have to be overcome by the querent.
  • 4 - subtotal, the course of events.
  • 5.6 and 7 - the outcome of the situation.

The value and combination of playing cards in fortune-telling "Flower" will be as follows. The root of the problem is that, most likely, the querent is depressed (peak 8).This happened because of a blow from a close person (ace of spades and 10 tambourines). A stranger who is not indifferent to you can help in this situation (jack of hearts). Most likely, the situation will end up in that this secret lover will cheer you up, lift your spirits and, perhaps, reveal your feelings (8 tambourines, 7 and 8 hearts).

The value at hand for the period

This is another very important type of divination, which is used to find out what awaits a person in a certain period of time. Alignments are made only for the future. The most popular are:

  • "For the day."
  • "For tomorrow".
  • "For a week."
  • "For a month".
  • "For a year."

The methods of layouts and the values ​​of 36 playing cards in this case do not practically differ from the general layouts. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the map. Consider an example.

Divination "For the day"

In this fortune-telling, the first map shows the thoughts that will disturb the querent today. 6 hearts will mean that you will think about some kind of trip.

The second card shows the feelings and emotions that fill the heart on this day. The club lady indicates that the querent thinks about a woman. It probably has something to do with the upcoming trip.

The third map shows the events that will occur with a guessing, on this day.8 Tref denotes a momentous and very important meeting. But considering the fact that the next card is 7 peaks, most likely, such a meeting will bring tears, disappointment, perhaps a quarrel. Although, in fact, the fourth card represents desires, dreams and hopes in the scenario, but in this case it should be considered together with the previous one.

The fifth point is far-reaching plans. In this case, the king of diamonds indicates that a blond man, possibly an official, will have a significant effect on the situation. For girls, such a card can symbolize a lover.

The last item shows the result of the event or what should be avoided. In this case, 6 peaks - quite a negative map. Like the first, it also reflects the road or journey, but the alignment indicates that the trip will not be as good as we would like. Perhaps it will happen at night. In addition, the peak cards that fall at the end of divination, indicate that it is best to abandon the plan. The value of playing cards for the future is easy to interpret. It should follow some rules:

  • If there are a lot of figure cards in the layout, it means that important events are waiting for the querent.
  • Some items can be combined. This applies to those cases where the cards do not carry a deep meaning (6,7,8).
  • If you cannot understand the meaning of any item, you need to ask what is incomprehensible to you. After that, draw another card from the deck and place it next to it.

Four cards

Earlier, we mentioned that some cards should be interpreted in pairs. But besides this, there are some combinations that are always an exception. In some cases it doesn't even matter where they are located (side by side or separately). In various hands, the value of playing card combinations are much more important than it might seem. This applies to those cases when all jacks, queens, kings, and aces fall in the same fortune telling. It is absolutely unimportant what positions are occupied by cards, but if they fall together, then:

  • Jacks in the scenario means that a person is waiting for big and important things.
  • Ladies are gossip about querent.
  • Kings denote unexpected efforts, promotion of the career.
  • Aces in a deal are a good sign, a symbol of happiness and good luck, especially when combined with 10 Tref.

Other combinations

The values ​​of 36 playing cards largely depend on what is located next to them. In some cases, they give good hints or tips. This is especially true in situations where there are several cards per item. Consider an example:

Divination "On love"

This alignment is as follows:

The deck must be shuffled and laid out all 36 cards. Next, you need to find "your" card by the following principle:

  • for blonde girls - Lady Worms,
  • for dark hairs - Lady Tref,
  • for fair-haired men - the King of Hearts or the King of Bubna,
  • for dark-haired - King Tref.

The values ​​of playing cards "On Love" must be viewed side by side. In this case, around the club ladies, there are: the king of diamonds, queen, 6, and above the 7th peak. If you do not take into account the combination, we can conclude that the querent has a young man, he comes to her, but he also has another girl (the lady of the tambourine). 7 peak means that a couple may have quarrels and conflicts. But in this particular case, there is a queen of spades and an ace of spades near the top card. And this is a very bad combination.

Peaks: 7, ace and queen mean curse, deface, slander.So the cards suggest guessing that, most likely, her opponent is quite active.

Thus, the value of playing cards in the layouts for love should be interpreted very carefully. The most famous combinations:

  • Ace of clubs with 7 clubs - a victory.
  • Ace tambourine with 9 peak - a lie of close people.
  • Ace of Hearts and Ace of Spades are bad news.
  • King of clubs and 8 peak - treason.
  • The King of Hearts and 6 worms are a gift.

Rules of fortune telling

Of course, when interpreting layouts, it is very important to take into account the meaning of playing card suits and their combinations. But no less important is the observance of divination techniques. There are certain rules that will help get reliable and accurate answers to your questions:

  • you can not ask one question more than once;
  • if the cards show impossible events, put off divination, now is not the best time;
  • so that the cards do not lie, they should not be given to anyone in their hands, thrown, put in a visible place;
  • never guess in a bad mood, especially irritated and angry, cards like only positive emotions;
  • if cards fall out during shuffling, raise them and be sure to look at their values;
  • do not try to predict the result, while shuffling the cards, think only about the question that concerns you.
The value of playing card combinations

Of course, every person can learn how to play cards. In general, this is an easy task. In order to facilitate the ritual, get a special notebook. Write in it all the values ​​and combinations of cards. Then, after each fortune-telling, it is possible to record the results, compare them with what is happening in life, and analyze. The most important thing is to remember that the cards are an assistant who can give advice and clarify the situation, but you only need to act relying on yourself and your strengths.

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