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Restaurant "Pashmir" in Kazan appeared one of the first, providing visitors with true oriental hospitality with impeccable cuisine. Appearing 10 years ago, he immediately caused a sensation. After all, it was a completely new trend in the restaurant business. Today we had the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of grace, high-level cuisine and quality service. So, to your attention - the restaurant "Pashmir".

Kazan pashmir restaurant

Restaurant in Kazan

Restaurant "Pashmir" was opened in 2007 and instantly caused a huge resonance in society: one of the first institutions of Oriental high-class cuisine. At its opening, it was rumored that the famous restaurateur Alexander Novikov had put his hand to it. In fact, a fairly well-known chef Evgeny Demin from the Novikov Group project (joined by 3 years after the opening of Pashmir) worked here.

The interior of the institution is thought out to the smallest detail: a colorful mosaic, a huge wall built of a large number of clay pots, rattan furniture and a stunning two-story fireplace - this is really impressive!

Pashmir Kazan restaurant address

Each guest is greeted with a smile, here is high quality service. An atmosphere of comfort and a festive mood has been created for visitors to the Pashmir restaurant in Kazan.

The parking zone accommodates a large number of cars, so absolutely no guest will have any reason to think about parking a personal car. You are unlikely to meet middle-priced cars, as many visitors to the Pashmir restaurant in Kazan are successful businessmen, politicians, officials and famous personalities.

Menu for visitors

The restaurant allows guests to enjoy the masterpieces of Uzbek dishes with elements of European cuisine. Only selected high-class products and drinks of famous brands are the basis for the preparation of dishes, cocktails, aperitifs and digestives. Not without a local flavor - the best dishes of Tatar cuisine adorn the menu of the restaurant "Pashmir" in Kazan. Separately there is a section with fruit dishes.

Uzbek plov is a specialty dish that is presented not by the waiter, but by the cook who prepared it. He takes out a cast-iron cauldron in the hall to the guests and personally puts a freshly prepared dish on the plate to the ordered visitor.Adds fresh vegetables, pre-sliced ​​- tomato and cucumber. Perhaps many guests come to Pashmir for the sake of this magnificent dish.

Pashmir Kazan Restaurant Menu

After all, it is cooked every 2 hours. Every Friday in the institution they roast a lamb on a spit. And on Sunday, a discount of 30% is provided for all menus. Isn't it a reason to go with your whole family for a Sunday lunch or dinner for the magnificent delights of "Pashmir"?

For lovers of lighter dishes - fish (trout, sea bass, dorado) steamed or grilled. And for lovers of sweets - a wide range of desserts, which can not leave indifferent any sweet tooth.

The average bill per visitor ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 rubles.

Absolutely every guest who arrives can be sure that everything ordered from or outside the menu will be prepared and served for 5 stars!

Restaurant Contact Details

The institution is located in the central part of the city, but far from the city bustle and noisy road. A certain solitude with nature and a magnificent view of the Boar Lake create a pleasant feeling of comfort and relaxation. In the building you can contemplate a stunning two-story fireplace - its flame is viewed from all sides. There is also a summer terrace where you can enjoy your favorite dishes in the fresh air.

restaurant pashmir reviews

The address of the Pashmir restaurant in Kazan is Hadi Taktash Street, 30. You can get all the information of interest and book a table using the phone numbers that are available on the organization’s website.

Reviews of "Pashmir"

Perhaps there is no such person who, having visited Pashmir even once, did not mention the interior of the establishment and the beautiful view from the window to the lake. Everything is rated at the highest possible score. Even what the guests agree on is a high-quality and good-natured service, orders are executed with surprising speed. This applies not only to the kitchen, but also to the bar and the work of the hookah house.

Based on all of the above, it becomes obvious that the reviews about the restaurant "Pashmir" are mostly laudatory. As for the kitchen, then here are mostly enthusiastic reviews, but there are also disappointments, as some expected more.

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