The tube of the gallbladder. How to do the gallbladder tubage at home

With the stagnation of bile is tubal gallbladder. Often the cause of stagnation is a decrease in the motility of the smooth muscles of the gallbladder and bile ducts, and the digestive process is disturbed, and the liver fails. In such a situation, the gallbladder tubage will be effective and will bring substantial relief.gall bladder tubage

What it is?

The tube is a medical procedure which consists in stimulating the secretion of bile in order to empty the organs in which congestion is observed. During tyubazh, the circular muscles of the gallbladder and the common duct, locking the opening of hollow organs (sphincters), relax, and at the same time the smooth muscles of the walls of these organs are reduced. As a result, bile begins to enter the duodenum and is involved in the digestive process.

The effect of the procedures

Before we talk about how to gall bladder, we will talk about the consequences of the course of procedures. The patient improves the process of digestion, eliminates such unpleasant manifestations as constipation / diarrhea, bloating, intestinal colic, etc. In addition, bile stasis in the biliary tract is eliminated, inflammatory processes such as cholangitis, cholecystitis are prevented, and the formation of stones is prevented.tubage at home

Types of tuba

Tubage of the gallbladder can be of two types.

  1. Probe - when stimulation of biliary excretion is carried out using a duodenal probe (special rubber tube) inserted through the mouth.
  2. Tubeless - when stimulation of biliary excretion is performed only by means of choleretic means (you can do this tubage at home).

Indications for the procedure

The tube is designed to help with the following pathological conditions:

  • inflammations of the gallbladder and bile ducts: cholecystitis, cholangitis, cholangioholecystitis, having a chronic form;
  • chronic diseases of other organs involved in the digestive process: pancreatitis, duodenitis (inflammation of the pancreas and duodenum);
  • digestive disorders, which consist in increased gas formation, improper digestion of food, diarrhea / constipation, intestinal colic, etc.


Tuba of the gallbladder is forbidden to carry out in the period of exacerbation of any acute or chronic diseases of the digestive system. Also, the procedure is contraindicated for those who have gallstones or bile ducts. The probe tube is not carried out also in cases of organic pathologies of the esophagus and nasopharynx (in the presence of strictures, tumors, etc.), esophageal veins (for example, in the presence of portal cirrhosis of the liver), severe forms of hypertension and ischemia of the to make a tubage

Tube tube: procedure

This type of tubage is done only in a medical institution. The technique of duodenal sounding is used, which allows to unload the biliary tract, as well as conduct a study of the contents of the duodenum and find out the location or the greatest severity of the inflammatory process.

During the procedure, there are three portions of fluid contained in the duodenum:

  • portion A - a light brown mixture of bile, pancreatic juice and intestinal juice;
  • batch - dark brown, and in some cases, green fluid contained in the gallbladder and appearing after a choleretic agent is injected into the body through a probe (for example, olive oil, twenty-five percent magnesium sulphate, etc.);
  • portion C - light brown liquid contained in the bile ducts.

When all portions are received, the gallbladder is washed with low-mineralized non-carbonated water, heated to 35-40 degrees, or with saline in a volume of 250-500 to make a gallbladder tubage

How to do the tubage at home

Carrying out the procedure at home implies the ingestion of certain choleretic and diuretic compositions according to the established scheme. Before you carry out the tubage, you must drink some antispasmodic, because during the procedure, the appearance of painful sensations, including cuttings, is possible.

Diet before tubage

Three days before the procedure, you need to switch to plant foods, that is, consume only vegetables and fruits.They can be eaten fresh or cooked. On the day when the tubing will be carried out at home, you need to drink plenty of warm or hot liquid.

Breakfast before the procedure should also consist of liquid products, but always those that produce a choleretic effect. This may be grape juice, olive oil, honey dissolved in water. The consumed liquid should have a temperature of about forty degrees. It is necessary not to forget to take antispasmodic for half an hour before to conduct tubage

Carrying out the procedure

After breakfast, should be an hour and a half to go to bed under a blanket. It is desirable to place a heating pad on the area of ​​the right hypochondrium for additional heating. After this time, you need to deliberately take a couple of deep breaths. After that, you should feel relaxed. During the day, then there will be frequent stools.

Mineral Water Tubing

This procedure allows you to eliminate the stagnation of bile and thereby prevent the formation of stones in the gallbladder and ducts. Tubing with mineral water should be done on an empty stomach in the morning. First, drink 250-500 milliliters of mineral water without gas (for example, Borjomi or Essentuki). Do not forget that the water should be heated to forty degrees.After that, you need to go to bed, turning on your right side, put a heating pad under the hypochondrium on the right side and take shelter with a warm blanket. Mineral water tubing must be repeated at least fifteen times with a frequency of 1 procedure per week. Only in this case, you can achieve the desired result.mineral water tub

Magnesia tube

Stimulation of biliary excretion can be produced by drinking a mixture of mineral water and magnesia sulphate. To prepare the mixture, it is necessary to heat 250 milliliters of mineral water without gas to a high temperature and carefully stir one tablespoon of magnesia in it. The resulting liquid should be consumed in the morning, and then go to bed, turning on the right side, and put a heating pad to the liver area. After an hour and a half, the urge to defecate should begin. If fecal masses will have a greenish tint, it means that the tubage at home is a success. If constipation occurs, you need to repeat the procedure on another day, but already use a larger amount of magnesia. And if, on the contrary, diarrhea is observed, this is an indication that you have gone too far with the dosage.

Sorbitol Tubing

This procedure is also quite popular and is carried out everywhere. Tubing with sorbitol must be done in the morning, preferably immediately after waking up. To prepare the solution, 150 milliliters of non-carbonated mineral water should be heated to 40-45 degrees and one tablespoon of sorbitol should be dissolved in it. After drinking the resulting mixture, you should still drink a glass of plain mineral water without gas or infusion of choleretic herbs. Then, as in the previous procedures, you need to go to bed under a blanket, putting a heating pad on the hypochondrium area on the right side. It is necessary to lie in this position for about an hour and a half, until the urge to the toilet begins.sorbitol tubage

Egg Yolk Tubing

This is another popular procedure to clean the gallbladder. First you should eat two raw egg yolks, and after fifteen minutes drink half a liter of mineral water without gas. After another twenty minutes you need to drink the same amount of mineral water again. Further, the tubage is carried out in the same way as in the previous descriptions.


Ideally, a total of 16-25 procedures should be done at intervals of two times or once a week. The best effect is achieved by combining a tube tube, which is held once a month, with a tubeless tube, which is done twice a week.If chronic cholecystitis or a significant decrease in the motor activity of biliary smooth muscle occurs, the gallbladder tubing can be indicated for a long period of time. Some people perform the procedure for several years to ensure constant discharge of the gallbladder.

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