The salary of the train driver

The machinist is a responsible profession. A person should be very careful at this job. The income level for all differs, because it depends on various nuances. But the driver's salary is worthy, besides, it constantly rises.

driver's salary

Conditions at work

The driver is constantly responsible for lifeof people. When you work it, nothing should be distracting. The driver needs to have excellent health. Women can not claim a position, because they are inclined to change their mood, and this in the profession is unacceptable. The working conditions of the driver are as follows:

  1. The cabin is allowed to smoke.
  2. The drivers of the last trains at night are in the depot, where there are special rooms. You can spend the night in the apartments located near the stations.
  3. At work the driver carries out about 55 instructions.
  4. In 55 years you can retire.
  5. On open railways during heavy snowfalls, trains are in traffic jams.
  6. Dine employees when driving along the route.
  7. Doors need to be closed after the phrase "Be careful, the doors are closed."
  8. During the exit from the tunnel there are sharp flashes, which negatively affects the machinist.
  9. At work, you should come in a good mood, rested.
  10. About 9 thousand people are transported for a shift (8-9 hours).

Such rules apply to all drivers. In this work, attention is important, since the employee is responsible for much. Safety of transportation of people depends on it.

assistant's salary

What does the salary depend on?

The level of income affects:

  • number of hours;
  • processing;
  • work in night shifts;
  • length of service;
  • qualification.


To find out the salary of the train driver,it is enough to visit the website of Russian Railways. In Moscow, such employees receive up to 80 thousand rubles. And the work of an assistant is estimated at 20 thousand less. The salary of the driver differs depending on the region:

  1. Ufa - 40,000.
  2. Ulan-Ude - 45 000.
  3. Makhachkala - 38 000.
  4. Nalchik - 50 000.
  5. Volgograd - 30 thousand.
  6. Murmansk - 45 000.
  7. Penza - 31 000.
  8. Perm - 35,000.
  9. Saratov - 22 thousand.

driver's salary

The information is indicated for 2016. The salary of the driver is higher in those cities where there are always a lot of trains and a lot of passengers. In many regions, the incomes of these workers do not change over a long period. Based on the data, the average salary of a train driver is about 35,000 rubles.

The driver of the metro

What is the salary of the subway mechanic? The level of income depends on the place of work. In Moscow, such employees receive about 50,000 rubles, and in small towns - from 20 thousand. The last figure is the minimum wage, and the maximum is 100 thousand. The salary of the subway engineer in St. Petersburg is about 50 thousand rubles, although the working conditions there is no easier than in Moscow.

It is difficult to find a job as a subway engineer,As applicants undergo rigorous qualification selection. In addition, the working conditions in this post are not simple. Work is associated with severe labor factors, because of which a person risks receiving various diseases. The work of a machinist is complex because of the great responsibility for the people being transported.


The salary of the driver depends on his length of service. It is also determined by the view of the controlled train. The length of service is as follows:

  1. The third class can be obtained 2 years afterstudy. During this time it is necessary to drive a locomotive or an electric train. Usually graduates of high schools are trusted by small freight trains for small distances.
  2. The second class is issued 2 years afterassignment of the third. But this requires a constant practice. With this qualification, the employee drives passenger trains, but not long distances.
  3. The first class is given 2 years after work with the second. Then the employee will drive passenger and other trains for long distances.

salaried driver's salary

It depends on the qualification of the driver's salary of the locomotive. In almost every region of the Russian Federation, the driver of any railway transport can have an income of up to 100 thousand rubles.

The driver of the train

Such a machinist is also in demandprofession. In addition, it is as harmful and dangerous as the driver of transport in the subway. People in this profession can complain about chronic fatigue, since the distance between points often exceeds the work shift.

Train on the train driver is possible ineducational and production establishment. This will take approximately 6.5 months. What is the salary of the train driver? The average income level in the country is 45,000 rubles, and in Moscow it reaches 80,000 rubles.

How to become a machinist?

To get a job you need education. Candidates pass the medical examination and pass the exam, after which they can pass an internship. It lasts four months. Based on its results, a recommendation will be made, or a person may be recruited. Only then will the employee be given a qualification.

what is the salary of the driver

Before driving a locomotive, you need to workassistant. The salary of such an employee is lower, but the responsibilities are less. In addition to higher education, there are other requirements. Men need to get service in the army. And women are rarely taken to such positions. They retire at 55 years of age.

Who is an assistant?

This is an employee who must be present in thethe cabin. He is a full member of the locomotive team. The assistant is considered a backup engineer, as many activities are carried out. His duties include:

  • control of locomotive serviceability before departure;
  • serviceable grip;
  • control of light signals;
  • communication of the dispatcher with the driver;
  • speed control;
  • the observation of the instruments.

This work allows you to learn how to manage the composition yourself. Although the salary of an employee is less, but this creates the desire to increase it.

What qualities are needed?

For work you need knowledge, skills, skills. It takes discipline that is required in different situations on the road. The driver and assistant need:

  • fast reaction;
  • care, caution;
  • stamina, circumspection;
  • excellent visual memory, delicate hearing;
  • stress resistance.

driver's salary

Without these qualities, the work is difficult to perform, onlyif they are available, the activity will be qualitative and effective. All knowledge received during training is regularly checked. This is a work where theory and practice are important.


The profession of a machinist and an assistant is always in demand. Since the amount of knowledge is great, the prospects are almost unlimited. The train remains a reliable transport for the transportation of people and goods.

Perfection of skills has a positive effect onerudition of the crew. Employees who work on locomotives, understand the latest innovations in technological progress. Workers usually do not have chronic ailments, as their health is constantly checked.


The income of workers is quite high,that you have to work in difficult conditions. Specialists face constant stress and responsibility for people's lives. Employees spend a lot of time outside the house.

Fatigue appears because of:

  • closed space;
  • tension of sight;
  • noise effects;
  • vibration of the locomotive;
  • road dust.

The salary of the assistant driver is about 50thousand rubles. Higher income level in Moscow, in the same place and more vacancies in this specialty. The salary of the assistant to the machinist in Petersburg is equal to 40-45 thousand rubles. In the North, employees receive surcharges because of the climate.

Salary in other countries

In other countries, the income of the drivers is much higherin comparison with Russia. For example, in Germany receive 3 thousand euros, and this is about 210 thousand rubles. In the US, the income is 3,5 thousand dollars, which is 220,000 rubles. But in the nearest countries, drivers earn less. For example, in Ukraine receive 10 thousand hryvnia, which is 24 thousand rubles. In Belarus, the figure is 10-15 million Belarusian rubles (32-46 thousand rubles).

locomotive operator

Where to study?

In the subway and RZD they train in their owneducational and production establishments. It is important to match by age, strong physical and psychological health. You can study for young people under 35 years who served in the armed forces. The advantage is the availability of a technical specialty.

In the metro train 6.5 months. Half of the time is occupied by the study of theory, and then practice comes. At the end of the exams. A scholarship is paid during the training. To study in the Russian Railways invite people who have been trained at the universities of the railways. On the basis of the acquired knowledge it is possible to continue education (2 years) in a training and production institution.

You can apply for studies after a physical examination. He also regularly goes through the work. If there are any deviations in health, then you will not be allowed to study. After training, there is an opportunity for employment with further promotion. With experience and experience, the level of income will also increase.

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