The norm of weight and height for women: the ideal ratio

As is known, there is no limit to perfection. Especially it concerns standards of female beauty. Especially many young ladies are worried about the question of what should be the ideal ratio of height and weight. To approach the ideal, girls torture themselves with a variety of diets and spend many hours in the gyms.

norm of weight and height for women

Nevertheless, not every young lady is able to immediately answer the question about what should be the weight with the growth of 170 or 158 centimeters. Here it is necessary to make some calculations. Techniques exist different.

What should be the ratio of height and weight

Honestly, the norm of weight and height for women -the indicator is very individual, because there are many additional parameters. For example, someone has a so-called wide bone, and someone has a strong muscle mass. To find out the ideal weight for growth, all these data must be taken into account. Also, the measurements will be quite approximate for those who have not yet finished growing (adolescents), as well as for women in an "interesting position". In these cases, it is not necessary to speak about ideals at all.

How to correctly determine your growth

The first step is to correctly measure your own growth. To do this, stand with your back against a sheer wall and lean against it. You must have at least five touch points:

  • the back of the head;
  • protruding parts of blades;
  • buttocks;
  • calf muscles;
  • heels.

If at least one of these points does not touch the wall, then it's wrong. In this case, the measurements can not be considered completely correct.

what should be the weight with growth

Put on the top of the smooth plate, ruler orbook and ask someone to draw a line at the point of contact of the object with the wall. Now use a centimeter tape to measure the distance from the floor to the mark. The result can be estimated as follows:

  • 150 cm or less - low growth;
  • 151-156 cm - below the average;
  • 157-167 cm - medium height;
  • 168-175 cm - high;
  • 176 cm - very high growth for a woman.

What should be the weight with the growth corresponding tomeasured, you can learn special tables. However, such a result can not be considered quite correct. The fact is that not every table takes into account all the necessary parameters.

Types of physique: what they are

The proportions of weight and height in women depend on many parameters, for example, on the type of physique. There are three types:

  • Asthenic. Another name is thin-boned. People of this type have very thin, long and fragile limbs. Their growth is usually above average. They also have a fairly long neck, narrow hips and shoulders, as well as a small chest thorax. Asthenics often have accelerated metabolism, so they are rather thin. If people of this type begin to eat a lot, then the weight will increase very slowly. About these people say: "boyish figure."
  • Normostenichesky - normal. These young ladies were most fortunate, as everything in their body is proportional: medium-thick bones, shoulders and hips are quite wide, and the waist is much narrower in comparison with them. The metabolism of this type of women is moderate. With a normal diet, all kilocalories are fully consumed, but there is no need to overeat, because there is a risk to quickly spoil the figure.

ideal weight for growth

  • Hypersthenic is a broad bone. In this type of people, the bones are rather wide and massive. Outwardly it is clearly visible: wide hips and shoulders, short neck and legs, massive chest. This type of unlucky most. The metabolism of these people is slowed down, and with incorrect nutrition, the mass will be dialed at lightning speed.

Since the norm of weight and height for women dependsfirst of all on the type of physique, then you need to determine it correctly. It is quite easy to do this. To do this, you just need to measure the circumference of your wrist. Since this is the only part of the body on which fat is practically not delayed, it is quite possible to believe such measurements. So:

  • 16 cm or less - you are an asthenic;
  • 16-18.5 cm - you have quite a normal type of addition;
  • 18.5 cm or more - you have a wide bone.

Length of legs

In addition to the correct ratio of weight and height, forIt is also important to have a beautiful figure in good proportions. Since the growth mainly depends on the length of the legs, this parameter is also important. Of course, the length of the legs is quite difficult to fix, will have to be content with what nature has given.

Long legs usually come from young ladies-asthenics or women of normal type. The feet should be measured from the floor to the protruding thighbone (if there are no problems with the weight, then it is clearly visible).normal weight and height table for women

That the figure was considered proportional, the length of the legs of the girl should be at least half the height. Beautiful considered to be the parameters under which the length of the legs is more than 1/2 growth by a few centimeters:

  • 2-4 cm for hypersthenics;
  • 4-6 cm - for a normal build;
  • 6-9 cm - for asthenics.

If you do not spoil nature with long legs, then this defect can be corrected by the presence of high heels.

Age should also be taken into account

In addition to the above factors, it is also necessarytake into account the age of the woman. The fact is that the norm of weight with a height of 175 in women who celebrated their fiftieth birthday, and the twenty-year-old girls will differ. This is due to the level of metabolism. The younger the girl, the higher. In accordance with this, the norms differ.

How to determine the correct ratio of your weight and height

There are many differentformulas and tables that take into account different factors. Which one to choose is up to you. To determine your ideal weight for growth yourself, you can use, for example, Brock's formula. The calculation will be quick, but rather approximate. To do this, you only need to measure your own growth correctly and take 100 cm from the result obtained in centimeters. This will be the desired weight.

ideal ratio of height and weight

As you understand, the rule calculated in this wayweight and height for women is very approximate, because the calculation does not take into account the type of physique, or, in fact, the age of a person. Therefore, to adjust the result, you can safely take another 7-10%.

The Quetelet formula

Those who are interested in the norm of weight and height for womenof a certain age, can use, for example, the Quetelet formula, which takes into account all the necessary parameters. The formula is not too complicated, anyone can apply it:

  • M = 0.75 x (P-150) + 50 + (B-20): 4.

All the letters here are intuitively clear: M is the mass of the body; B - age; P is the height of a person.

To make an additional check, you can also calculate BMI (in the English version of BMI), which stands for Body Mass Index, or otherwise the Quetelet Index. This is very simple:

IR = B: P2.

proportions of weight and height in womenThe letters, of course, denote weight and height respectively, only in this case the growth should be measured in meters. Depending on how many you got, we evaluate the results:

  • 18,5 and less - you have a clear deficit in weight, you need to urgently gain a few pounds;
  • 18,6-24,9 - your weight can be considered normal, there is no medical indication for weight loss;
  • 25-29,9 - sad, but your weight can not be called normal, so for a good feeling and a beautiful figure a couple of kilograms must still be discarded;
  • 30-34,9 - you have obvious signs of obesity of the first degree; if you do not want to have a lot of health problems, then urgently go to the gym;
  • above 35 - obesity of the second degree; most likely, in the near future you will need the help of a doctor, since with this weight the health deteriorates significantly;
  • above 40 - you just need the help of a nutritionist, you can hardly lose weight yourself.

Norm of weight and height: a table for women

Since all the relations of the parametershuman body has long been counted by nutritionists and just caring enthusiasts, then you can determine your personal ideal weight by using one of the many ready-made tables. To get the most accurate result, select the tables that take into account the largest number of parameters. When using them, it is worth remembering that for men and women the data is often different, so be careful.

a weight gain rate of 175 for women

There is another very simple and affordableway to determine if it's time for you to lose weight. You need to measure the volume of your waist, measured in centimeters, divided by the volume of your hips. If the result is less than 0.8 - everything is in order, you do not need a diet. Those with a range of values ​​ranging from 0.81 to 0.84, you should think about your diet. Well, for those who have this figure greater than or equal to 0.85, it's time to dietician - you have obesity.

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