The miracle of nature - sea cucumbers

One of the rather strange invertebrates issea ​​cucumbers. Why are the "marine", of course, their habitat - the Pacific bottom, but why cucumbers? These creatures are more like brown, centimeters twenty to forty in length, a sausage covered with warts and outgrowths, which slowly creeps (among other things, for some reason on its side) over a sandy bottom or hides under rocks in the low tide.sea ​​cucumbers

To whom is the cucumber a relative?

By the way, there is an opinion that the Latin nameHolothuridae translates as "extremely disgusting." This is similar to the truth: outwardly holothuria (the name of the class to which the sea cucumber belongs) is very similar to a slug or a leather pouch filled with internal organs.

And it belongs to the class of echinoderms, and the nearestHer relatives are sea urchins and starfish. With the same manner move on the legs-tubules, which sets in motion the water pumped through the body. Although in one sea cucumbers are extremely original: they breathe through the backside, drawing water into the anus.sea ​​cucumber

Cucumber freeloaders

Such an incredibly functional rear endholothurians use all sorts of marine trifles: both crabs, and tiny fish-carpuses, and worms, like tiny eels. They wait for the moment of opening, they dive into there, as in an excellent shelter, and spend the whole day examining cucumber guts. And if you really need to get out, then knock, and the owner releases them.

However, some impudent people also start to eatthe innards of our hero. Well, who can bear this? And sea cucumbers invented a magnificent way: they just blow their guts out through the anus and, thus freeing themselves from freeloaders, grow new ones.

How can you be saved from danger?protection of sea cucumber

All types of holothuria, living on the ocean floor,there is an incredible stock of ways to protect yourself from dangers. Sea cucumber, a photo of which you can consider in this article, has the ability to change the state of your body from solid to fluid. He, escaping from a predator, can simply "join" in any gap and harden again there, so that no one can pull it out.

And some sea cucumbers release thin sticky threads, quickly hardening in water and turning into a real network that can glue the attacker for several hours.

By the way, devoid of viscera, genitals and part of the body, the sea cucumber grows them for a couple of months. And each part of the invertebrate cut in half will turn into a new cucumber.

Edible sea cucumber - trepangsea ​​cucumber trepang

More than 30 types of holothurians are used for food. Since ancient times, these creatures were considered a delicacy. Especially among the inhabitants of China, Japan, Malaysia and India. They are salted, dried, boiled and even smoked.

In addition, sea cucumbers are excellentaphrodisiac and analgesic, their meat helps to strengthen immunity and lower blood pressure, normalizes the work of the heart muscle. And for the elderly it is generally the elixir of longevity.

By the way, the body of trepanga consists of sterile cells that do not even have a hint of viruses and bacteria. And although this invertebrate looks not very attractive, it is worthwhile to include it in your diet.

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The miracle of nature - sea cucumbers The miracle of nature - sea cucumbers The miracle of nature - sea cucumbers The miracle of nature - sea cucumbers The miracle of nature - sea cucumbers The miracle of nature - sea cucumbers The miracle of nature - sea cucumbers