"The Last Man on Earth": film actors

You like post-apocalypse movies, buttheir subjects seem bland and repetitive? We suggest that you look at the new vision of the decline of humanity - the series "The Last Man on Earth", whose actors will tell about the global catastrophe with humor. To date, two seasons of this series have already appeared and a third is expected. This series reflects a new view of the end of humanity - without unnecessary heroism, but with a great deal of humor.

A little about the film

the last person on earthA multi-part comedy about a man who survivedApocalypse, was released on Fox in 2015. It caused a lot of controversy among critics, since the title does not fully correspond to the content. In the series "The Last Man on Earth" actors are not involved in order to show what was before the defeat of the planet by a virus, but to tell about life after. The word "actors" we used is not accidental, as it was not only the protagonist who managed to survive. It is on this discrepancy that most of the reviews are built.
The script for the series was written by Will Forte, whoand became the protagonist of the picture. The pilot episode aroused interest among ordinary viewers, and, thanks to a good response, the comedy was extended first to the second and then to the third season.

Will Forte

the last man on earthIn the series "The Last Man on Earth", actorsOnly those who have experience working with comedy projects are involved. Will Forte is one of the most popular American screenwriters, participation in this project helped him to translate his ideas into life just as he did in the sketch show. This actor and screenwriter participated in the scoring of many animated films and starred in several comedies.
To his character, Will gave the name Phil Miller, whois formed from the names of the main directors of this series. "The Last Man on Earth" is a television series, the actors of which tell us about the life of not the most successful people, and the main character in it is a typical loser with boring work and a share of infantilism. It is this turn of the plot that makes the series comedic, not dramatic. According to Forte, his comedy is for those who know how to sneer. After all, almost everyone, if left alone, will do something stupid.

Why there are a lot of actors in the series

the last person on earth actors and rolesLooking at the cast, the thought creeps in -did the creators decide to use banal cliches and include aliens or zombies in the film? Let us hasten to reassure you, this film is absolutely devoid of mysticism. Fiction in it is found only in the form of a story about the virus that killed humanity. In the series, several actors, as the writer Will Forte seemed uninteresting from the series in the series to describe the life of a lonely person, especially since this topic is already exhausted in the cinematograph. Phil Miller with his appearance reminds Tom Hanks in the movie "Outcast". Part of the situations from the pilot series echoes this cultic ribbon of Zemeckis.
In the series "The Last Man on Earth" actors androles for them are chosen so that you could see the life of ordinary people, far from heroism and not thinking about tomorrow. At the end of the pilot episode in the series appears a woman, which completely rebuilds the entire storyline and adds to it the theme of the relationship. Moreover, the reaction of the characters to each other is very ambiguous. In the reviews it is noted that it is difficult for the protagonist to confuse the audience alone, but after the appearance of other characters, the sitcom becomes interesting.

Kristen Shaal

the last person on earth is the TV series actorsOne of the last women of the Earth plays a brilliantcomedienne actress Shaal Kristen, which you could see in American romantic comedies and episodes of serials. For example, she is famous for the movie "Kate and Leo", from which her career began. In addition, this actress is engaged in scoring cartoons and participated in major projects of the studio "Pixar".
It was Kristen who proved that after participating in thethe television series "The Last Man on Earth", actors can build their careers. Her role in this series was appreciated by critics, after which she was invited as a supporting actress in a new Hollywood film that was released in late April 2016. Together with her in the new film the most popular comedians were shot - Melissa McCarthy and Peter Dinklage, the latter became famous after another series - "The Game of Thrones".

The perfect acting duo

According to critics, as the author, Will Forte createdsomewhat weak scenario. Most viewers who tuned in to watch the life of the only hero were disappointed that new heroes began to appear in the final part of the pilot episode. However, the actors of the series "The Last Man on Earth" played wonderful and revived the show, turning it into an entertaining show.
Most critics felt that rejectionmen and women, bright dialogues and pieces made the series really memorable and interesting. The acting duet of Forte and Shaal was able to make the sitcom ratings high enough that it could be extended for at least two more seasons. At the same time, the series remained a comedy and did not look like other works popular with the audience in this genre, such as "Lost" or "Dome".

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