The drug "Brufen": instructions for use, composition, analogs, reviews

A rather popular non-steroid can be considered “Brufen”. Apply it for a long time. True, this trade name is not always used. Citizens are more likely to come across a drug synonym - “Ibuprofen”, a drug containing the main active ingredient with the same name. Instructions for use "Brufen" indicates that the drug belongs to a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory group. After all, his composition is the same as that of Ibuprofen.brufen instruction PriceVarious pharmacological companies produce non-steroids under various names, in which people are often confused. Unlike "Ibuprofen" of domestic production, which is always available in pharmacy chains, Brufen is also produced abroad. It has various dosage forms - syrup, powder, soluble granules, tablets.

Drug release form

It is an anti-inflammatory drug from the nonsteroidal drug group. In the "Brufen" has ibuprofen.

This drug is produced in the form of tablets that are coated, available in packs of 100, 50 and 30 pieces. Also pills weighing 0.25 g are available for sale. There is a third variant of packaging - capsules with a mass of 0.4 g each.

In addition, release retard tablets prolonged (long) action; There is a drug "Brufen" in the candles (rectal). We can not say about another type of drug. This is a cream that comes in small tubes.

All available forms of the drug must be stored in a place that is protected from light rays and moisture, as well as with a sufficiently low temperature.Brufen composition

How does the drug work?

Instructions for use "Brufen" indicates that the agent is an analgesic, acts as an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drug. Therefore, it allows for the shortest possible time to stop the pain, as well as to stop the inflammatory process.

The algorithm of action of the drug "Brufen" is manifested in the inhibition of the biosynthesis of prostaglandins, which are biologically active substances that are of great importance in the human body.Brufen instructions for use

Indications for use

For the preparation "Brufen" instructions for use confirms that the above forms are used in the manifestation of the following diseases:

  • Articular syndrome.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Arthrosis
  • Injuries to tendons and soft tissues, which may be accompanied by inflammatory processes.
  • Painful menstruation, headache and postoperative pain, migraine, toothache.
  • Polymyositis
  • Manifestations of rheumatic joints.
  • Feverish conditions.
  • Tendonitis.
  • Lumbago.
  • Tendovaginitis.
  • Sprains.
  • Sports injuries.
  • Myalgia
  • Bursitis.

Also to the drug "Brufen" instructions for use indicates that in the form of a cream it is used in the following cases:

  • Tendon dystrophy.
  • Polymyositis is a lesion of muscle tissue, which is accompanied by a change in motor function, as well as skin integuments - in the form of edema and redness.
  • Muscle and lumbar pain.

Before using the drug "Brufen" the patient must consult with a specialist who prescribes the desired dosage form of the drug.


According to the instructions for use, "Brufen" (400 mg) may not be used for treatment with the following indications:

  • Peptic ulcer in history, as well as the phase of acute ulcers.
  • Asthma caused by drugs from the group of NSAIDs.

Brufen 400

  • A history of bronchospasm, urticaria or rhinitis, which may be caused by taking Aspirin or other NSAID drugs.

Do not take medicine for children who weigh less than 7 kg.

During pregnancy, you can not use "Brufen".

When kidney disease, liver, as well as heart failure, it is prescribed with caution. In patients with these diseases, it is necessary to periodically monitor the kidney function during treatment.

The use of "Brufen" and dosage

The daily dosage of adults - from 1.2 to 1.8 g (3-4 times per day). The highest dose of the drug per day is 2.4 g. Pills and tablets and capsules should be taken with clean water. But you can not get through them.

"Brufen-cream" must be applied to the painful area externally, in the form of a strip (4 to 10 cm long). Then you need to rub the medicine in light movements. It is recommended to do this 3-4 times a day.

Applying the cream to the affected areas of the body, the patient should always wash his hands thoroughly. This is necessary so that the medicine does not fall into the area of ​​the eye or mucous membranes.The course of treatment "Brufen" - 2-3 weeks. The period of use of the drug is determined by the specialist, based on the seriousness of the manifestation of the disease.

Side effects

When taking the drug "Brufen" the following side effects may occur: disorder of the digestive system, which is expressed by nausea, pain in the epigastrium, there is a violation of intestinal motility, may cause skin rash, in rare cases, bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract.

The drug "Brufen" can cause nephrotoxic action, which is accompanied by damage to the renal tissue, interstitial nephritis develops, in addition, nephrotic syndrome develops with a damaging effect on the tubules of the kidneys, and the appearance of renal failure is also possible.

In addition to the side effects listed by us, the patient may experience the following deterioration: thrombocytopenia develops, the addition of allergic reactions, which are expressed in redness of the skin, there is a burning sensation of the skin or tingling at the place of application of the drug in the form of a cream.

This is confirmed by the instruction attached to the Brufen facility.The price will be indicated below.
Brufen analogues

If side effects appear, the patient should finish taking the medication and consult a specialist in time. Otherwise, complications may occur.


When using the drug "Brufen" there are no cases of overdose.

It should be noted that before taking it is necessary to carefully examine the official paper annotation, which is attached to the medication.

Analogs "Brufen"

All similar preparations have ibuprofen substance in their composition. Analogues of the drug "Brufen" are:

  • "Advil."
  • "MOMENT".
  • "Ibuprofen-Verte."
  • "Long-cream".
  • "Nurofen".
  • Ibutop gel.
  • "Ibuprofen" pills.

brufen reviews

  • Ibuprofen gel.
  • "Ibuklin".
  • Nurofen Express.
  • "Nurofen active" and many other drugs.


Many factors influence the cost of Brufen: manufacturer, dosage form, simple or retard dosage. The average price of the drug is 500-600 rubles, which is very expensive for most citizens.

For example, for Ibuprofen (tablets made in Belarus) with a dosage of 200 mg in Moscow you can pay only 29 rubles, for a similar product of Serbian production (dosage 400 mg) - 75 rubles.The Russian “Ibuprofen” in the form of a gel is very inexpensive, manufacturers ask for only 80 rubles per tube. And for the same amount of cream "Dolgit" (made in Germany) will have to pay 140-150 rubles. Finnish tablets "Buran" are sold in pharmacies at a price of 80 rubles for 10 pieces (for comparison, in the Belarusian package of tablets there are 50 pieces). English and German suspensions "Nurofen" for kids cost about 200 rubles per bottle.ibuprofen tablets

Reviews of "Brufen"

About this drug reviews a bit. It is not very common, unlike Ibuprofen, Ibuklin and Nurofen. Even the relatively new drug "Mig" managed to become popular thanks to advertising. But those who have tried Brufen have a good analgesic and antipyretic effect. Acting begins almost immediately. Side effects are extremely rare. Of the negative reviews - a very high price. Those people who understand that as part of ibuprofen, will prefer to buy a cheap version of the drug. To overpay almost ten times for a foreign equivalent is not very reasonable.

The use of the drug "Brufen" is allowed only after the appointment of a qualified specialist.The instruction of this medicinal product is studied independently. Be healthy!

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