The dirtiest river in the world. The dirtiest rivers in Russia

If you look at our planet from space, it is mostly blue. The predominance of this color over others means the presence of a large water space dominating all the others. Water is the source of life necessary for every living creature on Earth. Without food, a person can manage for a long time, but without water - a very limited time. That's why nature has so generously taken care of everyone who inhabits our planet, creating so much fluid. However, as you know, people become enemies to themselves, destroying the surrounding primordiality and causing irreparable harm to the Earth's natural resources. This is especially true for water bodies, rivers and lakes.

the world's rivers

Are there many polluted rivers

Everyone, of course, knows that in Russia there are many rivers where it is forbidden to swim and where it is forbidden to use water for drinking and cooking. However, this situation is not only in our country, but all over the world. Very many rivers of the world, which constitute an impressive percentage of the total number of water bodies, are in a very catastrophic state. This condition is difficult even to imagine, it is so depressing, and having looked at the pictures, it is impossible not to shudder, just imagining bathing in such a pond. But in such rivers, not only bathing is impossible, and even a walk on the boat will not bring pleasure.

For example, the dirtiest river in the world Tsitarum causes only a bitter regret about the once so beautiful and majestic river, which was the riches and adornment of its land. Now it has become a shame for the entire Indonesian people. However, such polluted rivers can be found all over the world, but the Tsitarum River is a topic for a separate conversation.

Why is the pollution of rivers

Sources of pollution of rivers are natural and man-made. The first - irreversible, but not causing a serious damage to the reservoir. Natural sources of pollution of water resources arise from the cycle of water in nature. Water, passing from one aggregate state to another, irreversibly carries with itself impurities of minerals, chemical compounds, rocks, bacteria and various microorganisms. Reservoirs have the property of self-cleaning, which is successful and occurs with natural sources of pollution.

sources of contamination

As for man-made sources of pollution, the situation here is that the situation just gets out of control. Settlements, various industrial enterprises "supply" to the water source the entire composition of the periodic table, which is characterized by toxic, hardly decomposable chemical compounds and radionuclides. Due to the water cycle in nature, all this is spread all over the world, replenishing underground water supplies.

The dirtiest river in the world

Not far from the capital of Indonesia, Jakar is the Tsitarum River. Its length is about 300 km, and on its shores was built around 500 industrial enterprises. Waste from all enterprises, including almost nine million megapolis, and to this day merge into this river. Today, the dirtiest river in the world is a huge dump of garbage, where any manifestation of flora and fauna has long been absent. This river is not a spectacle for the faint-hearted, so its appearance provokes rejection and even a feeling of disgust. But water from this river is still used for agricultural purposes and many people continue to recruit water from it for their needs!

Tsitarum River

Tsitarum can no longer be called a river in the correct sense of the word. Every day, hundreds of people come here below the poverty line to choose from that mountain of garbage, which is a river, waste, recyclable. The dirtiest river in the world is a mute reproach to mankind and proof of what man can do without caring about the consequences of his actions. Even the efforts of the international community, which allocates large sums of money to the Indonesian authorities for cleaning the river, are unable to reverse the situation, everything has gone too far.

The dirtiest rivers in Asia

In Asia, there are many countries with a low standard of living, and this is one of the main reasons for such a wild and careless attitude to water. As a rule, in these countries there is no money for waste processing, so they simply merge into the nearest body of water to the enterprise.

the dirtiest river in the world

So, which rivers in Asia are in distress?

First of all, it is the Ganges River, which is considered sacred in India. More than 500 million people, as well as various industrial enterprises, daily pour tons of waste and waste products into this river. Nevertheless, this does not stop the religious Hindus, they every year commit in this river ritual ablutions, prescribed by religion. As a consequence of this ritual, hundreds of people, especially children, are killed.

Next on the contaminated river is the sleeve of the Ganges - this is Buriganga, it is located near Bangladesh. Officially this river has long been recognized as dead, but people continue to use water from it for their own needs.

The famous Yellow River in China also has not avoided the fate of polluted rivers. Its water is also found unfit for use, the reason for this - the daily emissions of waste chemicals and refineries.

The dirtiest rivers in Russia

Unfortunately, in Russia there are also a lot of reservoirs in distress. The reason for this is similar to the rivers in Asia - these are industrial enterprises. One of the most polluted rivers is the Volga, which from time immemorial has been the source of life for many Russian people. Now it is in a critical condition and even the ability to self-purification does not help.

the dirtiest rivers in Russia

The Moscow River is also polluted to the extreme, although many reckless city dwellers still swim in it and fish. Despite the efforts of the government, which allocates large sums to clean up the reservoir, the situation does not improve.


Polluting the world's rivers, a man is cutting a branch, sitting on himself. After all, he is also a part of nature, which apart from other parts can not exist, although he desperately hopes for it. Lack of respect for nature and a sense of responsibility for their actions sooner or later lead to an ecological catastrophe, for the consequences of which everyone will have to answer.

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