The cause of death of Alexei Balabanov. Biography of the director

The reason for the death of Alexei Balabanov worries all of his many admirers. The director died suddenly for many in the prime of his career. He died in 2013 at the age of 54. The reason for the death of Alexei Balabanov, a photo of which is in this article, was discussed for a long time by his acquaintances and admirers of talent. This is one of the most famous modern Russian cinema masters, who was glorified by the tapes “About freaks and people”, “Brother”, “War”.

Biography of the director

Director Alexei Balabanov

The reason for the death of Alexei Balabanov, you will learn from this article. The director was born in Sverdlovsk in 1959.

Interestingly, among peers Balabanov since childhood stood out for its burden to foreign languages. This was due to the desire to travel a lot in the future, which decided with the choice of his profession. He graduated from the local school, entered the Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages ​​in Gorky.

While serving in the army, visited Asia and Africa, took part in the war in Afghanistan. He finished his service in the navy, since then the sea vest was his favorite clothing.

He began his creative career as an assistant director at a film studio in Sverdlovsk. He received film education at the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors, which he graduated in 1990.

In Sverdlovsk, he was greatly influenced by the underground culture, which was developing rapidly at that time. Despite the fact that the city was far from Moscow and Leningrad, a school of rock music was born here, from which many famous bands came out. Balabanov closely communicated with the musicians of the "Nautilus Pompilius" group, used their songs in several of his films.

Balabanov was married twice. From the first wife of Irina he left a son, Peter. With Nadezhda Vasilyeva, his second wife, he met while filming the painting "The Castle". She worked as a costume designer. In 1994, Peter was born.

Vasilyeva was next to the director until the very end.

Creative debut

Cause of death of Alexei Balabanov

His first film was the musical film "It used to be another time,"which was dedicated to the group "Nautilus Pompilius". Balabanov took it off in a restaurant, the role of extras was performed by ordinary visitors to the establishment. Since then, the hero of our article in every film has shot non-professional actors, striving for maximum naturalism.

Also at the beginning of his career, Balabanov shot a short film “I have no friend, or One step beyond,” which featured the Sverdlovsk rock party, the Urfin Jus, the Nastya, the Trek, and the Nautilus Pompilius. As well as the documentary feature film "Nastya and Egor" about Yegor Belkin and Nastya Polevu.

In 1990, Balabanov moved to St. Petersburg.

Work with full meter

Biography of Alexei Balabanov

His first full-length film was the social drama "Happy Days", which was released in 1991. She took part in the non-competition program of the Cannes Film Festival and was based on the dramatic and absurd works of Samuel Beckett.

In 1994, the screen version of Franz Kafka’s novel “The Castle” was released. Already in them, Balabanov was able to demonstrate innovative cinematographic techniques, to create in the viewer a sense of claustrophobia and a sense of absurdity, also incorporated in literary sources.


Brother movie

The first dramatic success of Balabanova was the crime drama "Brother", released in 1997. This is a story about Danilo Bagrov, who returned from the army (played by Sergey Bodrov Jr.), who comes to his native provincial town.

The boring life does not suit the hero of this tape, so he goes to St. Petersburg to his older brother, who, according to rumors, has become a big man during this time. When he finds it, everything is not so simple. His brother works as a hitman. Danila will have to face the criminal world of the 90s, not for a minute, without forgetting about his principles, heightened sense of justice. Bagrov became the hero of a whole generation, and Bodrov became one of the most popular actors of the 90s.

The film received the Grand Prix of the festival "Kinotavr" and many other awards.

"About freaks and people"

About freaks and people

In 1998, another loud film by Balabanov was released - the drama "About Freaks and People."

The action of this picture takes place at the very beginning of the XX century. In the center are two prosperous families, as well as the mysterious owner of the photographic studio Johann, who in the basement creates his own photographic theater, the Marquis de Sade.

Johann takes pictures that cause lust, arouse the most base feelings in man. With his work he destroys wealthy families, turning ordinary people into freaks who are mired in vices. The picture got into the program of the Cannes festival, won the award "Nika" in the nomination "Best Film".


Film War

In 2000, a sequel to the film "Brother" appeared on the screens, which had a serious success. This time the action took place in Russia and the United States. The film has been repeatedly accused of political incorrectness. The same picture was awarded to the “War”, which tells about the events in Chechnya.

In the picture, the narration is in the first person, the story is told by the defendant Ivan Yermakov, who gives an interview to a journalist. He talks about the events in Chechnya in 2001, when he was captured by the militant commander as a home slave. Ivan himself is also used as a communications specialist.

Soon an English actor with a bride is brought to the Chechen commander. The gunman releases the Russians because they are conscripts, not contract soldiers, and an Englishman, so that he can bring a ransom for his bride. The Englishman fails to collect money in two months and find understanding from the authorities.Then he turns for help to Ivan, together they are going to free Margaret and the Russian officer Medvedev, who remain in captivity.

In 2007, the hero of our article filmed the drama "Cargo 200", in which he eerily realistically demonstrated the wrong side of late Soviet reality. The tape came out so cruel that many famous actors refused to act in it, and in a number of Russian cities the film was removed from cinemas.

An important milestone in the work of Balabanov was the drama "The Fireman" about the Yakut war veteran in Afghanistan. The film was about revenge, which even small people are capable of.

His last work was the film "I also want," in which the director tried to comprehend the essence of parting with life. A possible cause of death, the biography of Alexei Balabanov then began to be actively discussed.

Many noted that after shooting this film, he began to hint at his demise in many interviews, arguing that this picture was his last. So it really happened.

Death wizard

The reason for the death of Alexei Balabanov initially was little known. The tragedy occurred on May 18, 2013.At that moment, the director worked on the script for his next project. He was in Sestroretsk, Leningrad Region, and died at around 4 pm in the sanatorium "Dunes". The cause of the death of Alexei Balabanov was a heart attack. He was only 54 years old.

According to his will, the civil funeral was held at Mosfilm, the director was otpili, buried in the Smolensk cemetery. The reason for the death of actor Alexei Balabanov has long been discussed by his friends and acquaintances.

At first there were even doubts. But as a result, experts have named the exact cause of death of Alexei Balabanov. According to doctors, he worked a lot, his heart just could not stand such serious loads. So the official cause of the death of Alexei Balabanov is acute heart failure.

The report of forensic experts noted that recently he often felt unwell. As a result, there was a fatal heart attack, which caused the death of director Alexei Balabanov.

In total, during his career, he shot 14 feature films. There were also documentary, short and amateur projects.

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