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Ally of the first deputy head of the AP Sergey Kiriyenko Alexander Kharichev may head the Kremlin’s State Council administration.
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This was reported by RBC with reference to sources close to the presidential administration. Two interlocutors of Vedomosti, close to the administration, also confirmed that Kharichev could take this position.
Currently, the President’s Office for the State Council’s activities is headed by Mikhail Bryukhanov. The department is engaged in information-analytical and organizational support for the activities of the State Council and its presidium, prepares materials for the development of state policy in the field of socio-economic development of regions and proposals on political planning issues, and is engaged in working trips of the president to the regions.
Alexander Kharichev in the presidential administration oversees the work of the Expert Institute of Social Studies (EISI), close to the Kremlin, which is engaged in analytics and the distribution of experts in pre-election regions. According to RBC, Olga Alliluyeva, an administrative officer in charge of monitoring the socio-economic status of the regions, can go along with him to the Office of the State Council.
Kharichev and Alliluyeva are longtime members of the Kiriyenko team. From November 2013, Alexander Kharichev held the position of head of the department for work with the regions in Rosatom, who was then head of Kiriyenko, and came to the Kremlin as deputy head of the OOU three months after he became the curator of the domestic political bloc. Olga Alliluyeva worked with Sergey Kiriyenko back in the 1990s in Nizhny Novgorod. When Kiriyenko became prime minister, she was given the post of his adviser.
In April 2018, the candidature of Alexander Kharichev was discussed for the post of head of the presidential department for domestic policy instead of Andrey Yarin. Allegedly, Sergei Kiriyenko even led him to the "bride" to the president. It was reported that he may take this post after the inauguration of Vladimir Putin.
As reported by Davydov.Indeks, on June 14, Vladimir Putin signed decrees on optimizing the structure of the presidential administration, expanding it, and also distributing powers between its departments. In particular, the Department for the Support of the State Council was reorganized. He was entrusted with the functions of interaction with expert organizations, as well as monitoring and analysis of social processes.
The appointment of Kharicheva as the head of the Department for the State Council’s activities may entail the transfer of supervision to this structure of the supervised regions, sources say. According to their information, such a construction is being discussed, but there is no final decision yet.
"In fact, there was a partial restoration of the territorial office of the president, which was in the early 2000s," says a source in Vedomosti. He also noted that it was necessary to dissolve Yarin and Kharicheva in such a way that both of them remained in the administration and did not compete in the same department, therefore Yarin was left the head of the OHR and Harichev was entrusted with the new functionality.
Experts also note that the appointment of Kharicheva speaks of Sergei Kiriyenko’s hardware amplification: previously, none of the deputy heads of the presidential administration of Russia had supervised four directorates at once.
Political analyst Kirill Nikolenko shares his opinion on the permutations taking place in the AP: “The beginning of Putin’s fourth presidential term has given rise to the version that the announced“ breakthrough policy ”will lead to the reformatting of the team, namely the presidential administration as its think tank and headquarters.The published decrees of the head of state at the same time suggest the opposite: there is no deep reform of the AP, there is a rearrangement of figures that represent different groups of influence. In my opinion, the goal of making this body something working in a new way is not set. <...> In this regard, it remains to consider only strengthening or weakening of various clans within the Russian elite. <...>
I consider rumors that Kharichev, as a protégé of Kiriyenko, will be curator of the State Council, and I consider the functions related to election campaigns to be subordinate to him, I think that is not unreasonable. The dead construction of the State Council requires explanation and justification, and Kiriyenko wants to bring some concept to the promotion of his person. "
Political strategist Rustam Abdullin reacted positively to the information about Kharichev’s possible appointment: “As a result of the ongoing and continuing appointments in the AP, it’s clear that, despite the continued balance of power, the team of Sergey Kiriyenko is gaining in strength. a few years - Russia and the government after Putin, or rather, after President Putin.As a politician of the last century would say, for the authorities this task is extremely important and daunting, therefore the team that will solve this task needs the broadest possible powers. <...> The pinnacle of future transformations is the concentration in the State Council of Russia of the mechanism for making decisions on state tasks.
The future appointment of Kharicheva is positive news, as a person with extensive experience working with the regions comes to the regional site of the Administration. "
Well, something like this.
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