Tea with milk: the benefits and harm to the body, properties and contraindications

Tea with milk has a mild taste and a pleasant aroma. The drink has many combinations: milk green, black, Ivan-tea. What are the beneficial properties of each of them?

A bit of history

The popularity of black tea with milk, the benefits and harm of which will be discussed further, acquired in the XVII century. His ancestors are considered the British. They began to use it not because of its beneficial properties, but for practical reasons: the English aristocracy used fragile, delicate, refined and expensive Chinese porcelain. He often cracked hot tea, the walls lost their refined whiteness. Therefore, milk was first poured into the container, then hot tea was added. An ardent opponent of this method was the world famous British writer George Orwell. In the essay "A Cup of Excellent Tea" Orwell speaks about the priority of "chicken or egg", more precisely, "milk or tea", arguing that the original English tradition spoils the taste.Nowadays, according to statistics, more than 85% of Britons continue to love tea with milk, regardless of the priority of mixing the ingredients.

milk tea

According to another version, the drink was invented by nomads in Mongolia. Tea based on milk has long gone beyond Albion and nomadic steppes, has connoisseurs around the world.

Useful properties of milk tea


  • helps to cleanse the body - removes toxins and speeds up metabolism;
  • tones up;
  • improves the bowels;
  • does not cause fermentation - milk with tea is better absorbed than without it;
  • calms the nervous system;
  • caries prevention;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • prevention of urolithiasis;
  • reduces toxicosis;
  • restores power after colds and poisoning;
  • diuretic effect to combat puffiness.

Useful properties due to the chemical composition, the main components of which are:

  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • sodium;
  • magnesium;
  • iron;
  • vitamins C, B2, B1.

milk tea benefit and harm

Contraindications and possible harm

Some experts believe that excessive and uncontrolled use can be harmful to the body:

  • Part of the casein can reduce the number of catechins that block the development of cardiovascular diseases, prevent aging;
  • milk interferes with the ability of tea to lower blood pressure, expand blood vessels.

Opponents of such tea claim that the mixture reduces the elasticity of capillaries, and abuse leads to a slower metabolism, weakness, migraine, and urolithiasis. However, studies on this topic have not been conducted, there is no proven information about the harm.

In this regard, tea with milk has contraindications to the use of:

  • hypertension- in the presence of this disease it is worthwhile to limit the consumption of black tea based on milk, since it contributes to an increase in pressure;
  • hypotension- avoid milk-based green tea;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • age- Milk green tea should not be given to children under 2 years old, black tea - up to 3;
  • idiosyncrasy- allergic to milk or cow protein.

Use with caution in pregnant and lactating women, in order to avoid a reaction from the child.

Reviews of tea with milk, the benefit and harm of which we consider, mostly positive.Many say that the drink is delicious, fragrant. After its regular consumption, many have noted an improvement in the overall condition of the body, strengthening the immune system. Women say that after they drank the drink a month or more, they improved their complexion, hair and nails. Many got rid of heaviness in the stomach, lost extra pounds.

benefits of slimming tea

How to use

Since the drink has tonic properties, it is better to use it in the first half of the day, 15 minutes before a meal (it will help improve digestion, reduce appetite) or 40 minutes after (for better digestion and control of sediment). For the same reason, it is not recommended to drink tea with milk before bedtime. The exception is a drink based on willow-tea or with honey. Those who want to lose weight can replace them with one meal. Use should start with small amounts - 1 cup per day. Observe the response of the body. It is important to use a freshly brewed product.

How to choose the ingredients for cooking

Choosing the right tea is the basis of a successful drink. For brewing tea is used strong varieties with a bright, tart taste, for example, Indian, Georgian,Ceylon It is forbidden to use tea products that have non-natural ingredients. When choosing should:

  • pay attention to the appearance - few cuttings and broken leaves, the color should be green;
  • rub in the hands - the leaves should not turn into powder;
  • check the flavor.

Milk is selected for fat content, based on the goals of drinking. In the presence of allergies may be replaced by lactose free options. When choosing spices, also pay attention to their appearance, storage conditions.

milk tea benefit and harm reviews

Tea with milk when breastfeeding

It is known that a warm drink a few minutes before breastfeeding can improve milk flow. If there are problems with lactation or for the purpose of their prevention, folk recipes recommend using tea with milk. For cooking it is better to use a good quality black variety. Many generations of women recommend the use of Kalmyk tea with milk and butter. Breast-fed milk tea benefits the following:

  • Saturation with vitamins and minerals - a nursing woman needs additional sources of nutrition with nutrients.Milk contains calcium, which helps strengthen and grow nails and hair. Partially passes into breast milk.
  • Thirst quenching and water balance replenishment.
  • The invigorating effect is achieved due to the presence of caffeine in the composition of black tea. Its quantity is small and is not capable of harming the mother or the baby, but such a volume is enough to replenish energy.
  • An antidepressant is an excellent solution for those women who suffer from postpartum depression. Easy sedation reduces the level of stress hormone - cortisol.
  • Reduces toxemia.

The drink should be consumed 15 - 20 minutes before the start of feeding, in the form of heat. In order to avoid allergic reactions in a child, it is necessary to start with small dosages and observe the reaction.

tea with milk and honey

Slimming Milk Tea

The benefits of tea with milk for weight loss has long been open. Women are actively using it, wanting to bring their figure in order. Milk-based tea is often used not only for weight reduction, but also as a discharging beverage. To make a weight-reducing drink, you need to use one of the recipes:

1. Green tea with milk.One of the best combinations, complement and reveal the best properties of each other. Milk is better to choose low-fat or low-fat. To prepare a drink, 1.5 liters of milk should be brought to a boil. Cool, add 3 tsp. tea without additives and flavors. Insist 20 minutes, strain.

2. Black tea with milk.At 1.5 liters of low-fat milk will need 50 grams of tea. The principle of cooking is similar to the first recipe. It is allowed to add:

  • vanilla;
  • mint;
  • cinnamon

Fasting days based on tea with milk are very popular. Benefit for weight loss confirmed by many women. If the goal is to maintain the current weight or slightly lose it, one such day per month is enough, and if the task is to significantly reduce the weight - 5-6 times per month. The method of unloading is simple: on this day, nothing is used except the prepared beverage. The body, not receiving food, uses fats from stocks. It is not recommended to use this method of losing weight for longer than one day, as this may harm the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Between approaches must take breaks. It's worth understandingthat the use of a weight reduction drink on fasting days will not bring much effect if the rest of the time does not follow the principles of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

ivan milk tea benefits

Tea with milk and honey: the benefits

The combination of tea with milk and honey is an excellent tool for:

  • immunity strengthening;
  • prevention of colds;
  • cough treatments;
  • reduce the temperature during colds.

Tea can be used black or green, to taste. To prepare should:

  1. Brew strong tea, insist 5-7 minutes;
  2. Fill half a cup with ready-made tea and top up with as much hot milk;
  3. Add honey to taste and mix until dissolved.

Second cooking method:

  1. Bring the milk (400 ml) to a boil.
  2. Pour the prepared brew (4 tsp.) Hot milk.
  3. Insist 15-20 minutes.
  4. Add 1 tsp. honey, mix.

The benefits of tea with milk and salt

The history of milk tea began in Mongolia and Tibet. According to one version, he was thought up by a monk to maintain strength and energy during fasting. The drink was popular among the nomadic peoples due to the possibility of saturation with poor nutrition.Also, this combination not only perfectly warms, but also cools in hot weather, causing profuse sweating, quenches thirst. The drink is also called Kalmyk tea. Many generations of lactating women recommend it to improve lactation. To cook it, you will need:

  • 500 ml of milk;
  • 500 ml of water;
  • 50 g of leaf green tea;
  • 7 g of salt;
  • Bay leaf;
  • seasonings: black pepper, cloves, nutmeg.

Crushed tea leaves are poured with water and brought to a boil. Brew a mixture of 4-5 minutes. Milk is used a high degree of liquid, after adding boil for 2-3 minutes. over high fire. Cook over low heat for another 5-6 minutes. Add salt, add a couple of bay leaves. Spices are added in individual proportions, according to taste preferences. Boil for 8-10 minutes, cover and insist 25 minutes. Stir and decant. Before use, add butter, if there is no goal to reduce weight.

the benefits of tea with milk and salt

Ivan tea with milk: what is useful

Koporsky, Russian, Ivan-tea - the names of the same grass - heavy-leaved fireweed. The benefits of Ivan-tea with milk brings during treatment:

  • prostatitis;
  • diabetes;
  • colds;
  • insomnia;
  • cystitis;
  • neurosis;
  • ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.

Brewing willow tea with milk is one of the oldest recipes. Their combination has the following benefits:

  • it soothes - the oil does not contain caffeine, and in combination with warm milk it is able to calm the nerves after stressful situations;
  • nourishes with vitamins - Ivan-tea is saturated with vitamins C, group B, amino acids.

Together with minerals, milk is indispensable for colds and for improving immunity:

  • gives energy - the drink is rich in easily digestible protein;
  • possesses the enveloping property.

Brewing method that preserves the useful properties of willow-tea: boil water, let cool to 80-90 degrees. Add grass, insist half an hour. Add milk. When used, it is worth remembering that the herb is a medicinal herb, and to observe the dosage, not to get carried away.

black milk tea benefits

Tips and tricks

For greater benefit and safe use, it is recommended to follow the tips:

  • do not add sugar;
  • prepare immediately before use, do not store the finished product;
  • do not abuse - no more than 3 cups per day;
  • choose natural varieties of tea - large-leaf or small-leaf, without additives;
  • if you are allergic to cow protein, you can use goat, sheep or soy milk.

The decision on the use of tea based on milk should be taken only on the basis of their own feelings and body reactions. With all the beneficial properties and medicinal qualities, the effect will be opposite or absent with individual intolerance to the components of the drink.

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