Tattoo ornament - ancient style of tattoos

Ornaments have become known to people since ancient times. Therefore, tattoo ornament is one of the first directions, and, after all, such an image in the hands of an experienced master carries a secret meaning, which is understandable only to a select few. It is believed that the style of the tattoo ornament combines such directions as Linework and Dotwork, which create such fascinating and sometimes fantastic images directly dependent on the professionalism and talent of the master.

Types of tattoo ornament

Many people compare the style of tattoo ornament with wood carving. During his work, the tattoo master in the form of a drawing depicts real objects, adding to his sketch skillful, twisted bends and patterns. Most often, tattoo images are symmetrical, but if asymmetry is sometimes observed, it does not spoil the overall impression of the ornament.

Modern tattoo styles do not have such a semantic meaning as in ancient times, therefore the carriers of the image themselves determine the meaning of the ornament applied to the skin.Also now there are no differences between female and male tattoo designs.

The most common types of ornaments:

  1. Slavic - this is one of the most popular types of tattoo, which is based on the runes, interconnected by complex patterns.
  2. Celtic - it is based on spirals, loops, runes, knots. The male ornament is applied on the chest, shoulders and back, and the female ornament on the hands, legs, forearms.
  3. Scandinavian - this style is very similar to the Celtic ornament, but in addition to the patterns in the picture you can see the images of animals, Vikings, combat boats. The main difference is that instead of runes, images of bBogs are used here.

Also, the types of tattoo designs include other styles, each of which is distinguished by its uniqueness, they are also used in different styles of tattoos.

Celtic ornament - who should choose it

As mentioned above, one of the most popular styles is the Celtic tattoo ornament; however, it is often applied thoughtlessly. Therefore, before applying it, it is worthwhile to find out who Celtic tattoos are suitable for.

Tattoo ornamentThe Celts are a very strong, brave and mysterious people, who are still remembered.And all the images that are used in Celtic tattoos, have a special meaning.

Basically, the Celtic ornament is suitable for strong, courageous and independent men who are confident and always have their own opinion. Female representatives who choose the Celtic tattoo ornament also have a strong character.

How to choose a picture and a place for its application

Before applying the tattoo, you need to think about the meaning of the selected image. Also, be sure to contact an experienced craftsman, because a poorly applied Celtic pattern has a nondescript look.

If the tattoo is large, it is best to place it on the back or shoulder, while small images will look good on the calf, wrist or forearm.

celtic tattoo ornament

All Celtic images applied to the body have a deep meaning, in which the following main points can be distinguished:

  • the unity of the body and soul of man;
  • the difficulties of life's journey, which are reflected in the maze and interweaving patterns;
  • the relationship of all phenomena occurring in the universe;
  • the intersection of earthly life and existence in heaven.

Quite often, the Celtic tattoo designs lack the beginning and end, which personifies the infinity of human existence, that is, the continuation of his life after the onset of death.

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