System requirements Mass Effect: Andromeda: game review

The trilogy Mass Effect to date isone of the most successful space role-playing games ever created. Captain Shepard and his gallant partners have already become for many gamers native, so no one wanted the series to end. However, the developers emphatically made it clear that the trilogy will be an integral story, and you can not expect its continuation. Many gamers perceived this as the full end of the ME series, but it was too early to get upset - it turns out the developers decided not to close the series, but simply completed the storyline. And you can expect the release of a new, fourth part of the game. In this article you will find all available information about the new project at the moment, including that which cares very many people - the alleged system requirements. Mass Effect: Andromeda is the name that the upcoming game received, and, apparently, this is not a working title, but the final title, that is, under it the project will be released for gold. It was assumed that this will happen in late 2016, but the developers have already reported that the release is postponed for 2017. And while all the fans are looking forward to the release of the project, you can study the system requirements of Mass Effect: Andromeda, as well as learn some details about what you expect from it as a whole.


system requirements mass effect andromeda

Before you know the expected systemMass Effect requirements: Andromeda, it's worth taking a look at some interesting aspects of this project. The first thing to note is the new main character. As already mentioned above, in all three parts the protagonist was Captain Shepard, whom the user completely created and customized on his own. Now the main character will be a completely different person, who by profession is an explorer. The game's events will occur completely in another part of the cosmos, with other characters (although it is assumed that some of the minor characters of the original trilogy may also appear, but this information is not confirmed). The new protagonist will be the leader of the operation to find a new planet that people could populate - and this is for today almost everything that is known about the plot of the game.


mass effect andromeda system requirements

As for the gameplay of the project, the plannedfor the next year, even less is known here. Firstly, gamers can expect the return of an all-terrain vehicle from the first part of the game - naturally, it will differ from the original one, it will have a variety of interesting functions, but it will not be able to fire, so expect its appointment in a new project will be completely different. Secondly, the developers reported on the complete processing of the combat system - it will be much more complex and interesting, which promises a much more impressive gameplay and exciting pastime. And thirdly, you can not miss the fact that the E3 show showed the use of jet pack, or jet pack - so far only known the fact that the backpack will be present in the game. How to use it, why, and also how effective it is - this is all in question.

Main character

mass effect andromeda system requirements for pc

It has already been said above that Captain Shepard remainedin the past, and in the new game there will be a completely new main character. Immediately it is worth noting that if you saw a trailer for a new game, then it can lead you astray. There is shown a man whom many have mistaken for a new protagonist, but this is not so - this person has nothing to do with the character for whom you will play. As a matter of fact, little is known about him either - it has already been said above that he will be an explorer who is in search of a new home for people. It is also known that he has training N7, as well as that of Captain Shepard, but only he does not have the glory that the former protagonist had. You start out as absolutely unknown to anybody, and you will need to earn your fame from scratch. Well, this is all the data that is known about the upcoming game, now it's time to consider the alleged system requirements of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

operating system

mass effect andromeda system requirements for pc

At this point in the case of Mass Effect: Andromeda system requirements are not subdivided into minimal and recommended for the reason that they are not accurate. The game is in the initial stage of development, so that over time, the requirements are likely to change, will become more accurate. In this article, you will learn the data that the game developers reported, but do not think that this is the final information - ahead, there may be a lot of changes. But for now you can consider the data that is already available. So, as for the operating system that should be installed on your computer, the developers state that you will need the latest version, that is, at least 64-bit Windows 10. It is to be hoped that the support of the "seven" in the game will still be, but given that Microsoft is rapidly moving towards universalization, there is a possibility that the user will not be given the choice. As with other games, Mass Effect: Andromeda system requirements on the PC are not limited only to the operating system.


mass effect andromeda pc system requirements

The processor on your computer must bequite powerful - it must have at least four cores, the performance of each of which must be at least three gigahertz. In the case of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the system requirements on the PC at the moment may look pretty awesome, but you do not need to despair - wait some more time. While you can only look at the aspects in which your computer is the most inferior to the requirements - and think about optimization. Direct optimization for the computer game will be needed after the official announcement of the final data for Mass Effect: Andromeda PC. System requirements can be very different in the end, so do not hurry.


system requirements

RAM is, as everyone is fineknown, the main criterion for evaluating the computer when determining its compatibility with a particular game. That's why RAM should be given maximum attention when you view the system requirements of Mass Effect. Reviews about what the upcoming game looks like are currently extremely positive, so it's no surprise that the requirements now specify at least eight gigabytes of RAM. It is impossible to create an incredibly beautiful game with astounding physics and immense possibilities, so that it uses a couple of gigabytes of RAM. For a masterpiece you have to pay.

Video card

At the moment we know that the game will berun with a video card with at least two gigabytes of memory, and it's not as frightening as other items. However, as in the previous cases, you should not rely heavily on these indicators, as they may change in the future - and at this point the probability is as high as possible. The fact is that in the graphic plan the new game will be really amazing, and it is extremely unlikely that it will be run at the maximum settings with only two gigabytes of video memory.

Free place

Well, the last point of system requirements isfree space on the hard disk. You should have at least thirty-five gigabytes of it, which is also not particularly scary, given the fact that some modern computer games may require as much as a hundred gigabytes.

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