Stretching - what is it? What is useful stretching gymnastics

Now there are so many areas in the fitness industry that it is easy to get lost in their names. A person who is not familiar with the English language is hard at all to perceive the Russianized terms associated with the training process. Therefore, any newcomer to the gym can not find questions on the topic of gymnastics type stretching. What it is, we will now try to figure it out. The development of flexibility, stretching exercises of certain muscle groups can be called one, not quite clear, but succinct word.Stretching what is it

Separate flow

Not all areas of fitness are honored to stand apart in a separate current. And if earlier stretching usually completed any gymnastic complex, now everyone who aspires to achieve a flexible and slender body can choose for themselves stretching exercises of different intensity and orientation.

What results helps to achieve stretching

Naturally, if a person’s goal is to lose at least 2-3 sizes in a short time, then the flow in question is unlikely to help solve all the problems. However, to bring your body into a harmonious, flexible state, it is quite possible to acquire the grace of a panther and the posture of a royal person, while at the same time increasing your own self-esteem. Stretching and stretching will make you feel young and energetic, so you shouldn’t neglect it in your old age, especially since cardiovascular exercise for those who are “behind ...” usually comes down to walking in the fresh air.Stretching exercises

Can stretching act as a warm-up before running exercises?

As we have already noted, stretching was used to be used as a recovery exercise, so that the body, after intense loads, rested and came to tone. Modern aerobic movements use it both as a preparatory complex before strength exercises, and as a form of protecting muscles and joints from undesirable damage during exercise. Stretching exercises performed before intense forms of fitness work will help you feel more confident and expand the possible range of actions and movements.

What are the benefits for beginners

People who have been practicing fitness for a long time and regularly practice gymnastic stretching with special piety. However, newcomers to the gymnasiums are reluctant to listen to the recommendations of professionals and at home they often ignore stretching. What it is is not very clear, so I don’t want to spend precious time. And in vain. Performing stretching exercises, a person is energized, not only relieves stress from muscle fibers, but also psychologically relaxes, improves blood flow throughout the body (including the brain), increases bone mineralization, which prevents various age-related diseases.Game stretching

What you need to know before starting classes

  • It is not necessary to force events, and without the advice and recommendations of experienced instructors, begin to master intensive forms of stretching.
  • All tensile positions are fixed in the time interval of 10-30 seconds.
  • Fix the position to find the point of greatest resistance.
  • A slight discomfort may be present, but the pain cannot be tolerated. In case of severe pain, you should immediately consult a doctor for further clarification.
  • Stretching gymnastics, as well as the power load, involves the implementation of exercises in 3-5 approaches.Between them it is necessary to sustain a short pause.
  • Regularly monitor breathing, breathe slowly, inhaling at the beginning of the movement, and on exhalation complete.
  • Always listen to the sensations of the body, especially if the exercise is performed for the first time or some new reactions have appeared.
  • All exercises are performed only in stable postures, the body is fixed correctly in order to avoid damage to the ligaments, joints and muscles.
  • You can increase the load when at least a month has passed since the beginning of the training. A further increase in intensity should also occur in this time interval.
  • If a child has an impaired posture, then a game stretch that has a profound effect on the entire body will help eliminate such a defect.

Types of stretch marks

Stretching in the classical sense, in the very one in which it was propagandized over the last decades, is called static stretching. All exercises are designed specifically for the muscles to be able to achieve the right stretching. Static stretching is used after a power load for recovery.

Important! Static stretching before training is not alloweddue to the fact that the preliminary lengthening of the muscle fiber is able to degrade performance during the workout itself.Stretching

Is it possible to lose weight using static stretching

As we have said, muscle tightening exercises performed in a slow static mode do not practically contribute to weight loss and weight loss. They have a completely different function. However, the following information will be curious to newcomers who master the stretching of what it is, not knowing. If during training every minute to change the position, you can lose a total of 150 kilocalories per half hour.

Dynamic Stretching

This type of stretching simulates the movement of individual groups of joints and muscles and is carried out with increasing amplitude and frequency. It is possible to apply before power loading as the warming up complex. This type of stretching is good for losing weight. In a 30-minute workout, more than 200 calories are burned.

The most popular exercises of dynamic stretching are the following:

  • High knee elevation when running in place.
  • Circular swing hands with a good amplitude.
  • Different types of body bends.
  • Lunges, as well as walking with lunges.
  • Rolling from heel to toe and alternate lifts, training caviar.Stretching Stretching

Stretching with resistance, passive stretching

These types of stretch marks are performed in conjunction with a partner and are particularly effective in relieving muscle spasms. The partner acts not only in the role of resisting, but also serves as a kind of additional equipment. Also, with the help of a partner, maximum efficiency is achieved in stretching certain muscle groups.

Options for professional athletes

There are other types of stretch marks that are not recommended for beginners due to the fact that their body, muscles and joints are not yet sufficiently prepared for this type of load. These types include ballistic and isolated stretching. Ballistic stretching exercises are specifically designed to maximize the flexibility of an athlete. Isolated stretching increases the elasticity of muscle fibers and makes them work in an enhanced mode.Stretching gymnastics

Some helpful tips

If stretching is used as a warm-up before a power load, then in addition to stretching exercises, it is necessary to include general warming up exercises in the complex. To do this, jump jump and walking on a running simulator are quite suitable.

It is necessary to focus on stretching the lower back, thighs, calves, neck and shoulders, and not to overlook the abdominals.

The most effective exercises for stretching the back are sitting tilts, butterfly for hands and alternating hands behind the head, legs for swinging, lunges and cross rises, chest and press for bridge and cobra turning.

We hope our article has helped to remove questions about the direction of fitness, such as stretching. What it is now dear readers is very clear.

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