Step-by-step recipe for making kutia from wheat

All followers of the Christian faith necessarily know what kutya is. On the night before Christmas, on the last day, this dish is the first to be accepted after a long abstention from fast food by all believers. Each person eats exactly three spoons of kutia from wheat in honor of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as the Orthodox tradition demands. Read more about this dish.

What is kutya?

This is a traditional ceremonial dish, which is always prepared on Christmas Eve, for funerals, and sometimes for other Christian holidays. Traditionally, kutya is prepared from wheat, but in the last ten years, cases of simplifying the cooking process have become more frequent: they began to cook it from crushed grain (instead of whole, as in the classic recipe), bulgur and even rice. So do those who are not familiar with the symbolism of this dish, because in ancient times everything had a hidden, secret meaning and deep background, and Kutia was already known in the twelfth century, according to the Tale of Bygone Years.

Wheat kutia recipe

Kutya from wheat, or sochi, made from whole grains, with the addition of honey, nuts, dried fruits and poppy, was a symbol of the coming year, the more eagerly the hostess reacted to her cooking, the more generous she would be to cheer her on, the new harvest year. Wheat traditionally symbolized the birth of man and the obligatory resurrection, the poppy was a symbol of wealth (money, like poppy seeds in the head), and honey - a companion of health, a happy and easy fate.

Required Ingredients

To prepare wheat from the prescription of our ancestors, it is necessary to prepare the following products:

  • 2 cups whole grains of wheat;
  • 100 grams of poppy, raisins or other dried fruits, walnuts, shelled;
  • 3-4 Art. spoons of honey; the addition of this product to the finished dish is purely individual due to taste preferences, therefore the specified amount is average.
How to Cook Kutya from Wheat

Wheat must necessarily be whole, but purified from the husk. Now you can often find in stores a special variety of purified wheat, called “For Kutya”, but you can also ask about the markets or shops for vegans and eco-nutrition.

How to prepare wheat?

Many people do not know how to cook kutia from wheat, as well as all the subtleties of making a sweet dressing, so they initially reject wheat, replacing it with rice. In fact, the process of preparing the grain is quite simple: you just need to soak the wheat overnight in cold water. During this time it will swell, it will become much softer, it will cook in literally forty minutes. Soak should be in plenty of water, and in the morning, rinse under running water, pour clean (two or three fingers above the grain level) and put on fire. When the porridge boils, make the fire minimal, just wait, while simultaneously doing a sweet addition. If it turns out that all the water has boiled away, and the wheat is still hard, then you can pour in some heated water, mix and continue the heat treatment. Prepared wheat has a mild taste, easy to chew, although it is quite specific in taste.

Step by Step Cooking

Poppy plays an important role in wheat cakes, therefore it also requires special attention: pour some water and let it boil, and then let it stand in the same water for at least an hour. Poppy during this time, too, swell, and it will be easier to pound in a mortar, before this, filtering through a sieve.You can also try to grind it in a coffee grinder before the appearance of a whitish liquid - poppy milk, which will be an indicator of the quality grinding of the product.

How to cook kutyu

Chop walnuts, but do not crush into powder, lightly fry in a dry frying pan until a characteristic nut flavor appears. Raisin pour boiling water and insist for half an hour, then drain the water and mix the swollen berries with nuts. If dried apricots or prunes are used, they are also soaked briefly in water, and then cut into thin strips, mixing with other products.

When the grain is cooked to a soft state, we drain the rest of the water (if any), combine it with kutya: mix wheat, poppy, dried fruits and nuts, add honey and carefully knead with a spoon. It is necessary to do this with still hot wheat, so that under the influence of its heat, the other ingredients give up their taste and aroma. Give ochivu to stand for a while and then you can treat the guests.

A simple version of crushed cereals

How to cook kutia from wheat, if whole wheat is not available anywhere, but really want to follow the traditions of the ancestors? It does not matter, you can make it from crushed grain - this is ordinary wheat grain, but you should choose a coarse grinding product.

Christmas kutya from wheat

For 1 cup of such cereal, two and a half cups of water are taken and porridge is immediately boiled without soaking. Further, the process of making sweet dressing is the same as in the recipe above, with the same number of ingredients.

What is this dish usually served with?

Christmas kutia made of wheat is the main dish of the festive table on Christmas Eve, the first of twelve lenten dishes. Most often served with uzvara: compote of dried fruit, which is poured abundantly kutyu in a bowl. It is very simple to prepare uzvar: for every liter of water, two hundred grams of dried fruits (preferably pears) are used, 2 tbsp. spoons of honey or granulated sugar. All these ingredients are boiled for ten minutes, then the liquid is filtered and poured into a jug.

Christmas kutya from wheat

When serving kutya, everyone pours water on his table with a convenient amount of uzvara, asks the Lord heartily about the bounty of the next harvest, thanks for the past year and enjoys the taste of rich kutya, glorifying the birth of baby Christ.

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