Standard sizes of baths in the panel house

People living in Khrushchev, probably a little jealous of the happy owners of apartments in panel houses. Most of all it concerns the bathroom, because a small cramped room for a bathroom in such an apartment does not arouse admiration, and even vice versa. Previously, the standard size of the bath in Khrushchev did not exceed 5 square meters. In our time, the owners are trying to increase the total area of ​​this room and combine it with a bathroom. Thus, the bathroom becomes more spacious per square meter. As they say, a trifle, but nice.

Bathroom in Khrushchev. What to choose

As mentioned above, the bathroom in an apartment rarely exceeds 4 square meters. That is why the choice of bath should be given special attention.

In this case, a lot depends on the wishes and needs of the household. If in the bathroom, in addition to the sink and the reservoir, nothing is required, then the owner can purchase a large bath 1.7 meters long.But do not forget about the width of such structures, since these parameters are also different.standard bath sizes

If you plan to put a washing machine or some furniture in the bathroom, for example, a laundry basket or some locker, then you can save money and get by with a sitting bath. The length of such plumbing can reach only 0.9 m, therefore, the space saved in the room can be used for other necessary interior items. By the way, it is a mistake to believe that modern sit-down baths are inconvenient. Just the opposite. They are equipped with special handles, which will make the conduct of hygiene procedures very comfortable and convenient.

Do i need a shower

A small bathroom space will also perfectly complement the shower. Despite the fact that the standard size of a bath in a Khrushchev apartment is only 1.9x1.6 m, a shower stall would be an advantageous solution to save space. Modern shower cabins are equipped with various additional functions, such as radio, telephone, massage, etc., so its purchase will definitely not be a disappointment. In addition, many booths also have a full tank for the adoption of water procedures, which is also a big plus.

Baths in the panel house

Panel houses are initially considered budget housing, as they are built in a short time. Anyway, in the construction of such buildings, designers take into account only the basic needs of people in everyday life.

Many owners during the repair of the bathroom are limited to inexpensive tiles and sanitary ware, just to meet their needs for hygiene and other procedures. Spending a lot of money on the bathroom, which looks like a nesting box, really does not make sense.

The size of a standard bathroom in a panel house, as already mentioned, is very small. However, this does not mean that your shower room should be made in a primitive and boring style. Due to the large variety of finishing materials in stores, you can end up with a rather spectacular and interesting room, even if you use a standard size tile for a bathroom and do not use the help of an experienced designer.

It is worth noting that the bathroom in the panel house is still somewhat larger than in the Khrushchev. Therefore, the owners of panel apartments can afford to place a washing machine, an additional shower cabin or other bulky equipment with great need.

Bathroom with washing machine

First of all, before placing the washing machine in the bathroom, you should decide on its type. So, there are cars with top and side loading of linen. If you want to save a little and without that small space, it is better to give preference to the first type. These washing machines take up less space than side-loading machines, and even the size of a standard tub, so in this case they will work best. In addition, in non-working condition such equipment can be used as a small cosmetic table, and this, in turn, will eliminate the need to purchase additional furniture and clutter up the free space with its dimensions.

Bathroom with Jacuzzi

Nowadays, it is no longer surprising to place anyone in the bathroom with a jacuzzi, and in a panel house such a type of reservoirs is no longer a bourgeois excess and very rare. In this issue, the main role is played by the competent placement of such a subject.

standard bathroom sizes

When installing a Jacuzzi, you should maximize the space available. To do this, you have to sacrifice something: either remove the washing machine and other equipment from the bathroom and enjoy comfortable hygienic procedures every day,or leave the bathroom furniture and appliances, but at the same time forget about the jacuzzi and use the standard size baths. The choice, of course, remains only for the owner of the apartment.

It is likely that when installing a jacuzzi, residents will have to expand the room if the standard size of the baths does not suit them. This can be done by reducing the space in the hallway of the room, but here, again, you have to make sacrifices. If the role of the corridor is not so important for the tenants of the apartment, and the desire to purchase a jacuzzi is very large, then the option of reducing the area of ​​the hallway would be a good solution to this problem. Tip: when buying a jacuzzi, it is best to pay attention to models of pastel colors, so that, as a result, the reservoir does not look like an alien object in a modest-size bathroom.

Bathroom with shower

As mentioned earlier, the shower saves space in the bathroom. However, in a panel house, the area of ​​these rooms allows you to place in the same room not only a cabin, but even a standard-size bath at the same time. What should be taken into account in this case from the point of rationalism and comfort?

If you suddenly realize that, after all, a single bathroom will not be enough, then in this case the placement of a corner bath and a corner shower will be a good option (this can also be a small shower).standard bath size in Khrushchev

Two baths in the same room - plus or minus

Now there are many opinions about the placement of several shower tanks in the bathroom. Someone believes that the bathroom and shower should be located in different corners and be opposite each other, while others, on the contrary, argue that they should be placed in the corners that are adjacent to the same wall. In this matter, of course, a lot depends on the personal preferences of the owners and on the capacity of the premises, which is why only the apartment owner or designer can make a decision in this situation.

By the way, when installing several dimensional devices in one bathroom, you probably will have to give up the sink. After all, even the standard size sinks for the bathroom will be inappropriate and will not serve as a way out. But if you think logically, the presence of a sink in such a bathroom will not play a big role, since for all water treatments will be used shower and bath.

Combination rules

If you decided to place several baths at once, then it is very important to think about their design and color scheme. For example, it is best to buy a bath and shower in the same shades, so that they look harmonious and complement each other. Otherwise, the bathroom will most likely indicate the lack of taste of its owners. If, however, it is not possible to pick up something on your own, then you can purchase a large shower box that will combine a bath and a shower cabin. This option is more suitable for those who are willing to spend on a bathroom a large amount of money, since such boxes are not cheap, but they perfectly solve the problem of saving space.standard sizes bathroom sinks

Common standard bathroom sizes in panel houses: basic variations

If we talk about the size of bathrooms in panel apartments, it is worth noting that they are as follows: 1.5x1.35 and 1.7x1.7. So, we analyze them in more detail.

The first option is the well-known nine-story houses that are called “Brezhnev”. In such houses, the walls are made of plaster or flat slate.A very small place allotted for the bathroom is unlikely to let your imagination wander when designing the design of this room. In this case, the price of repairs in the bathroom can cost the apartment owners about 40 thousand rubles, and this is not taking into account the designer’s help.bath size standard

But in the P 44 series of houses, the situation with the bathroom space is somewhat different. In such apartments, the ceilings are much higher, and in general the rooms are more spacious, compared to the previous type. Their walls are also made of reinforced gypsum and slate, and the cost of finishing the bathroom is almost the same as the prices of “Brezhnev” nine-story buildings and averages 38-45 thousand rubles.

Bathroom dimensions for panel house

As for the sizes, the standard dimensions of the baths and their volume very often depends on non-standard elements and solutions. Not all baths look the same, because for every person the question of comfort and ease of use is very important. Someone will need only one handle on the bathroom, someone will want to have comfortable armrests, lights, telephone, etc. For some, a large role is played by the angles of inclination of the walls, notches and rounding.The volume of the bathroom is also a matter of taste. If it is too voluminous, then filling it up will have to spend a lot of time, which cannot be attributed to the positive sides. In addition, the total water consumption will also be more, which means that this option is not suitable for those who are used to save.the size of a standard bathroom in a panel house

Cast Iron Baths

Cast iron - this is perhaps the most famous and common material that is used in the manufacture of baths. However, this element of plumbing does not differ a large variety of sizes and types, as cast iron is very difficult to process. But it is worth noting that cast iron baths still have some differences and are divided into three main types.

The first type includes small (miniature) baths. They are intended mainly for a small space, but at the same time they will be an excellent option for spacious rooms, as due to their miniature size they will not take up much space and allow you to place any decor object in the bathroom. But it should be remembered that such baths are not good in all senses. The dimensions of such a tank are 120x70, so the convenience of its use is out of the question.standard cast iron bath

Other type of baths are medium.This standard bath size is 130x70, and, it would seem, here it is - the golden mean. Alas, such plumbing fixtures are rarely available today, so you may have to visit more than one city to find such a model.

The dimensions of the standard bath (cast iron) allow you to install it in almost all rooms. By the way, this type of plumbing is very popular among owners of rooms with non-standard sizes.

Acrylic baths

In addition to cast-iron models, in our time very actively gaining popularity of acrylic baths. Unlike the previous species, they have a variety of sizes, which does not affect the usability of their use. They are suitable even for rooms that have standard bath and toilet sizes. The depth of such plumbing objects, as well as their vertical angle of inclination of the walls, increases not only capacity, but even length. These baths are available in various forms, which gives the customer the opportunity to be distinguished by their originality and creativity in the design of the bathroom.

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