Spinning "Aiko": reviews of different models

Going to the pond, every fisherman seeks to pick up a reliable, strong tackle that will not fail at a crucial moment. However, domestic fishermen prefer to purchase inexpensive, average rods at cost. And among such products, high quality products of the Russian-Korean brand “Aiko” are distinguished.

Spinning "Aiko"increasingly can be found on the shelves of large fishing stores. This indicates the increasing popularity of this brand. And not in vain, because the company’s technologists have developed many lines of gear that are suitable for almost all existing types of fishing. Each fisherman will be interested to learn about them.

Spinning aiko


Aiko company began its activity in 2007. This is a Russian-Korean brand, whose production facilities are located at the largest specialized factories in Asia. The popularity of the company is increasing every year. The reason for this was a profitable advertising campaign,and creating high quality products at an affordable cost.

Spinning "Aiko"developed taking into account the conditions of domestic reservoirs. The named brand has a huge number of different lines, intended for almost all existing types of fishing.

One of the main slogans of the company has become customer care. Therefore, one year warranty is provided for certain product series. During this period, if the rod breaks, it can be returned to the manufacturer and purchase a new form.

Special features

Presented on sale todayspinning "Aiko", reviewsprovided by experienced anglers, have a lot of advantages. First of all, there is a wide range of forms for various baits and types of fishing.

Spinning aiko reviews

The model range is well developed by the company's technologists in the field of creating light and heavy spinning. Blanks with a small dough designed for jig fishing or bait with low weight. For example, they are used to catch perch and other small predators. Such products are distinguished by high sensitivity.Fishing brings in this case a lot of positive emotions when fishing prey from water.

Spinning, designed for baits with a large weight, also have a huge number of models. Such rods, according to buyers, are much more sensitive than the products of competitors. And this is one of the main advantages of spinning company.

Selecting the type of fishing

Depending on the style of fishing, you must select and tackle the company represented. So, for twitching, the rod should have a fast formation. This will allow for long-range casting, as well as high-quality cutting of prey. Such tackle, according to experts, should be from 2 to 2.4 m long.

Spinning "Aiko" for jigalso has several features. It withstands heavy loads. With it, you can throw twisters, weighing from 10 to 40 g. At the same time spinning for jig fishing should be very sensitive. Even the slightest bite should be felt fisherman. The length of the rod in this case is from 2.7 to 3.5 m.

Aiko spinning for jig

A line of gears from 1.8 to 2.4 m in length has been developed for micro-jig. The form of such spinning rods is hard, but the tip is soft. Lures for this style of fishing weigh 1-8 g.All models of the presented brand, judging by the reviews, have a competitive value, as well as good quality.

Reviews of popular models

Choosingspinning "Aiko"We should consider several models of different price categories that are popular in our country. The choice depends on the conditions, type of fishing, as well as the taste preferences of the owner of the gear.

Spinning aiko buch

Among the budget rods stand out such series as "Dixie", "Butch", "Lanzar". Their cost is 3-6 thousand rubles. For beginner anglers, this is the best option. At a fairly low price, the quality of the spinning presented is quite high. This, according to fishermen, is light, sensitive products, when used, the hand does not get tired. The comfort on fishing is provided.

Premium spinning made from more expensive and durable materials. This category includes such popular models as Arsenal and Tyrrel. The cost of such copies is in the range of 7 to 11 thousand rubles. Their equipment, according to experts, is of high quality. The balance of the rod, as well as its various parameters allow you to choose the best option for both professional and amateur.

Series "Butch"

Spinning "Aiko Buch"belongs to the class of budget products. This rod is designed for twitching and micro jig. The structure of this series is characterized as super-fast. Make them from high-strength carbon.

The design of the Buch series allows the fisherman to perform very accurate and long castings. The length of such spinning is 1.85 m. At the same time you can use bait weighing from 3 to 20 g.

For a relatively low cost, the buyer gets a modern, powerful type of rod. It is strong enough, but at the same time, as the fishermen confirm, it is light and sensitive. Due to such qualities, the presented series is very popular.

Series "Ranger"

Spinning "Aiko Ranger"it is used in jig fishing, as well as for spinners of average weight, wobblers and other similar baits. This is a versatile, well-balanced rod. The cost of this product is relatively small, so it is purchased by both professionals and novice fishermen.

Spinning Aiko Ranger

The test of the presented rods is 3-32 g. The length of the Ranger series spinning varies from 1.9 to 2.25 m. The test is selected depending on this indicator.This allows you to choose the best option for the existing conditions on the pond. Spinning weight is small. Therefore, they belong to the comfortable representatives of gear.

Stroy from the rods presented is average. They bend well. The rod is made of high strength materials. Many users were satisfied with their purchase.

Series "Oberon"

Lovers of heavy lures, which are used in jerk fishing, will suitspinning "Aiko Oberon". This rod is considered one of the hardiest. It withstands huge loads and can be used to catch trophy fish.

Stroy rods fast. Top spinning remains quite sensitive. This allows you to feel the wiring even lure with high resistance. This is a quality, durable spinning. It is characterized by high technical performance, as well as enviable performance properties.

Spinning Aiko Oberon

The balance of this model is good. Therefore, with a sufficiently large weight, the form is considered convenient. The balance point is at the end of the handle. This model has received a lot of positive feedback from fishermen.

Series "Nervous"

Another budget, but enough quality product isspinning "Aiko Nervus".It is characterized by fast build and light weight. Belongs to the category of universal spinning. The length of the rod varies from 2.15 to 2.7 m, and its weight is greater than that of other series. However, this compensates for a good balance.

Spinning Aiko Nervous

According to experienced fishermen, they are not only sensitive, but also have a good deterrent ability. Convenient handle increases comfort when fishing for prey. Depending on the length of the form and the conditions of the reservoir, the test can be in the range from 2 to 42 g, which provides ample opportunities for selection.

The presented series is considered one of the new ones. Therefore, the attention of experienced fishermen and experts to the "nerve" remains elevated. At relatively low cost, these spinning rods have proven their effectiveness and reliability, having received many positive reviews.

Having considered the basic qualities and characteristics that possessAiko spinning rods,Each fisherman will be able to choose the best option for their holiday. A huge number of models, as well as an acceptable cost make the presented brand popular.It is acquired by both experienced and novice fishermen in our country. With the help of such spinning, you can productively spend a day on the river and get a lot of positive impressions.

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