Sound toothbrush: reviews of dentists, contraindications

Today, a person who wants to fullycare for the oral cavity, is given a wide opportunity to do it. Even in the choice of a toothbrush, we are already relying not on the choice given, but on our needs and desires. This subject of hygiene undergoes constant modification. And now no one is surprised by the sound toothbrush. However, not everyone understands the principle of action, advantages and possible disadvantages. This is exactly what will be discussed in the article.

sound toothbrush

What are the brushes?

Those specimens to which we are all accustomed andwe use since childhood, are called manual brushes. They are of different rigidity. This gives the person the opportunity to pick up a brush, taking into account the peculiarities of his gums and teeth. The result of hygiene procedures in this case depends only on the efforts of the person. And, of course, special attention should be paid to the choice of pasta.

And here in 1939 electric brushes appear on the market. For many, this novelty was a wonder. And in 1992 we could already use an innovative product - a sound brush. The latest models will be discussed in more detail.

sound toothbrush reviews

Electric Toothbrush

Such an accessory today is not surprising. Many people have already had time to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages that the sound electric toothbrush combined. The feedback of those patients who used them, suggests that the procedure for oral hygiene does not require any effort from the person. By turning on the accessory, you set the working surface. Rotational and translational movements quickly cope with the plaque. However, the speed of rotation sometimes leads to the fact that soft soft tissues can be injured, and the plaque is driven under the edge of the gum. This can trigger the onset of an inflammatory process. Well, in general, electrical models are considered a good prevention in the formation of tartar.

Sound toothbrush

Such models are now popular withbuyers. Set on the fixed head are setae. They are driven by the sound frequency. It is this parameter that is the determining factor when a person chooses an accessory such as an audio toothbrush. The experts' feedback is confirmed by the fact that models with a vibrational frequency of from 17 000 to 35 000 per minute have proved very successful.

The difference between sound models and electric brushes

At the time when electric brushes onlyappeared, they made a splash in society. However, over time it became clear that, for all its uniqueness and effectiveness in the fight against tartar, electric brushes can be harmful. For example, experts noted that the prolonged use of such models led to the abrasion of the enamel. Also, excessive pressure could lead to gum injuries. Plaque, of course, as a wind blew off the surface of the teeth, but some of it literally swept over the edges of the gums. This led to various diseases. Such serious shortcomings of electric models forced scientists to improve the process. As we have already said, sound models do not adversely affect either enamel or soft tissues of the oral cavity. Everything is so balanced and provided that during the cleaning not only the plaque is removed, but also the gum is massaged. Ultrasound destroys the pathogenic microflora, and the oral cavity becomes practically sterile.

sound electric toothbrush reviews

Sound or ultrasonic toothbrush?

This is not the same, although the principle ofdevices is the same. Not so long ago, ultrasonic models appeared on the market. The difference between these specimens is that the frequency of the movements of the villi is 5-10 times higher than the speed of vibration in the sound brushes. In addition, scientists noted the positive effect of ultrasound. It allows you to destroy most of the pathogenic microflora. It turns out that under the influence of ultrasound, bacteria die even in hard-to-reach places. After all, no matter how hard you try, in the oral cavity there are still areas where the irrigator is not accessible. The sound toothbrush also performs these tasks, but it has a relatively lower power.sound or ultrasonic toothbrush

Advantages of sound models

So, why should we pay attention to an accessory such as an audio toothbrush? Let us consider the positive sides of the model.

  1. Increase the effectiveness of oral hygiene.
  2. Perfectly removes soft coating.
  3. Is prevention of stone formation.
  4. Does not require special cleaning skills.
  5. Many models are equipped with sound indicators that regulate the time of exposure to the lower and upper jaw. This allows you to achieve the maximum effect of the procedure.
  6. Do not injure soft tissues of the oral cavity.

best sound toothbrush

Negative moments

Even the best sound toothbrush has a number of contraindications. The fact that the models in question can be used by not all those who wish, suggests that the accessory is not so ideal.

The main disadvantage is thatSound models can not be used by people who have fillings or dentures in the mouth. The fact is that sound pulses have different effects on materials. In the event that the tooth is broken its integrity, the vibration of the tooth tissue and the filling (or crown) will be performed in different rhythms. Accordingly, this will sooner or later lead to a disruption of the connection between the filling and the tooth or crown. So this fact limits the ability of most of the population to use the novelty.

There is one more important point. Pregnancy is a limitation for the use of an accessory such as an audio toothbrush. Contraindications are based on the assumption that regular use of ultrasound may lead to the termination of pregnancy in the early stages. Of course, this is not yet proved. But for safety reasons, doctors are not advised to conduct experiments.

Various neoplasms in the oral cavity or the use of pacemakers also impose a ban on the use of an audio brush.

audio toothbrush contraindications

Expert Reviews

It will be interesting to know what experts say about such innovations. Are they effective? Or all the words of praise - another advertising move?

Audible toothbrush reviews of dentists collectedmore positive. Doctors say that the regular application of such models positively affects the condition of the oral cavity. Important is the fact that the sound brush does not allow the formation of solid deposits. But they are the provocateurs of many diseases of the oral cavity

Do not hide that many patients recognize,that with a manual brush they rarely reach the required level of cleansing of the tooth surface. Most often, patients simply hurry or are not even familiar with the rules of effective tooth cleaning. So dentists believe that innovative methods can solve the problem with insufficient cleaning of the cavity from soft plaque and food debris. Unfortunately, a huge number of people have seals or prostheses, which makes the use of sound models undesirable.

sound toothbrush reviews of dentists

Patient Reviews

Well, what do people who have time to assessuse of an innovative accessory? More often than not, we hear patients point out that hygiene procedures have become more pleasant for them. Within a few minutes a person, without any effort, achieves good results. Even with the naked eye, it becomes apparent that the raid is removed from all hard-to-reach places. Under the influence of vibration, it is detached from the surface of the tooth, so it is much easier to remove.

Some people say that they do not see a specialthe difference between the results after the hygiene procedure manual or audio brushes. As it turned out, people say that they are used to paying proper attention to brushing their teeth.

So, having studied the information presented in the article,we can determine the choice of an accessory, such as a toothbrush. Conducting hygienic procedures in the old-fashioned way or applying all sorts of innovative technologies is up to you. The main thing is that the result should be effective.

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