Singer Vladimir Devyatov: biography, creative activity and personal life

Our hero today is a true patriot,a large father and talented singer Vladimir Devyatov. Do you want to know when he was born and where he studied? Does it consist in a legal marriage? How many children does he have. All information about his person is contained in the article. We wish you pleasant reading!Vladimir Ninth Biography

Vladimir Devyatov: biography

He was born on March 15, 1955 in Moscow. However, the fate has developed so that the family of the Devyatovs had to leave for Vologda. Vladimir's father, Sergei Ivanovich, was a serviceman. And when he was sent to another city, he could not leave his son and wife in Moscow. The Ninth ones returned to the capital only in 1961. Mother, Ekaterina Stepanovna, received a higher economic education. For several years (during her stay in Vologda) she was a housewife. And upon her return to Moscow, a woman found a job in a state company.

Childhood and youth

Our hero attended school number 29, located inthe metro station "Voikovskaya". Teachers constantly put him in an example to other children. Vova was a diligent student. He was drawn to knowledge and took an active part in the life of the class. Several times a week the boy goes to music school. Devyatov Jr. learned to play the accordion.

After graduation from high school Vladimir fileddocuments in the Military Academy of Chemical Defense. Tymoshenko. Confident and purposeful guy enrolled in the university. Five years later, he was awarded a diploma of the end of the academy. There were no problems with finding employment with Vladimir Devyatov. Our hero was recruited to the Defense Research Institute of Moscow.Vladimir Ninth Song

Creative activity

Vladimir was not going to give up hislong-standing dream - to become a famous singer. His idols were such bands as Jethro Tull, Chicago, Deep Purple, Beatles and others. In the 70's and 80's, he himself acted as part of a musical collective called "Old Arsenal." Vladimir Sergeevich not only sang, but played percussion instruments.

In 1983, Devyatov entered the Musical Pedagogical Institute. Gnessins. Our hero was enrolled in the faculty of solo folk singing. In 1987, he completed his studies at the university.

His creative activity Devyatov began as a student of Gnesinka. In 1985, a talented guy created the ensemble "Russian tunes". The team performed at festivals held in Moscow, Tbilisi, Krasnodar and other cities. "Russian tunes" have repeatedly won prestigious awards.

In the period from 1985 to 1995, formation of professional and public recognition of V. Devyatov took place. This singer occupied a certain niche on the Russian stage. His person aroused increasing interest among listeners.

What is so unique about Vladimir Devyatov? The songs he performs were written dozens, and even hundreds of years ago. Each of his concerts is a kind of excursion into the past. Where else can you hear old romances and Russian folk songs? This is extremely rare.

At the present time, Vladimir Devyatova is known and loved in Russia and CIS countries. In his creative box hundreds of concerts, dozens of compositions and bright duets (including with daughter Marina).Vladimir Ninth

Personal life

Vladimir Devyatova never lacked female attention. In a nice guy with a strong torso and velvety voice it was impossible not to fall in love.

In the 1970s, our hero metcharming girl Irina. He gave her beautiful bouquets and compliments, drove to a cafe and walks in the park. A couple of months, a couple in love began to live under one roof. One day the girl told Vladimir about her "interesting situation". Devyatov was delighted with this. However, the couple continued to live in a civil marriage. In 1977, their common daughter Catherine appeared. Irina wrote it down to her last name - Lyakhova.

After some time Devyatov met a new love. He honestly confessed to this former bride. The singer packed up his things and left, promising to help Katya's daughter.Songs of the ninth and vladimir ninth

Soon Vladimir Sergeevich officially married. His chosen one is a professional choreographer. In December 1983, the wife gave birth to her daughter Marina. Vladimir was beside himself with joy. However, family happiness did not last long. When Marina was 5 years old, her parents divorced. All these years the father continues to communicate with his daughter. The songs of Devyatova and Vladimir Devyatova can be heard at various festivals and vocal competitions. The father and daughter have a lot in common - a cheerful disposition, a healthy lifestyle and a love of Russian folk songs.

In the mid-1990s, Devyatov startedstormy romance. The woman's name, family name and occupation are not disclosed. It is only known that the birth of his son Nikita (1995 p) was the fruit of their love.

Third marriage

A few years ago, Vladimir Devyatov metwith his current wife - ballet dancer. Elizaveta Goryshkina was 2 years younger than his daughter Marina. But this did not confuse the man in love. The girl conquered Vladimir with his grace, refinement and femininity. He managed to win her heart.

In 2008 Lisa gave birth to a son's son. The boy was called a beautiful Russian name - Ivan. And in June 2009, the couple formally formalized the relationship. The celebration was held in one of the best Moscow restaurants.

Today, V. Devyatov may well consider himself a happy person. After all, he has a favorite job, a caring wife, a cozy home and five children.

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Singer Vladimir Devyatov: biography, creative activity and personal life Singer Vladimir Devyatov: biography, creative activity and personal life Singer Vladimir Devyatov: biography, creative activity and personal life Singer Vladimir Devyatov: biography, creative activity and personal life Singer Vladimir Devyatov: biography, creative activity and personal life