Simple hairstyles for long hair: the easiest and most convenient styling options

Long, well-groomed hair not only decorates the girl, but also attracts everyone's attention. Any image will be more effective if you dissolve the curls on the shoulders or make an intricate styling for the evening out. Simple hairstyles for long hair will allow you to look at the office or walk relevant and elegant. In addition, their implementation does not require much time and effort. The most popular models - tail, braid and curling - have several varieties and features.

Fast tails

Thousands of new hairpins and elastics with rhinestones, sequins and velvet bows come up with companies for the production of hair accessories every year. Pulling off a beautiful rubber band tail, you can immediately achieve a stunning result, however, after conjuring over your hair, it is easy to get a fashionable hairstyle.


Step by step instructions for creating a stylish tail,as if assembled from harnesses is as follows.

  1. Hair gently comb back and pull tight at the base of a regular rubber band in a high tail.
  2. Divide them into two parts.
  3. Twist each piece into a bundle, then twist them together.
  4. At the bottom, secure the resulting tail with a second rubber band.
The hairstyle will look very bright if you add a few contrasting strands to the tail. It is desirable that their color echoed the outfit.

"Stepped tail"

Fast tails

Before you collect the "stepped" tail, you need to prepare the hair, combing the entire length. In this case, the required volume will be added.

For this hairstyle will require several identical narrow elastic bands. It will be more elegant if the gum is decorated with beads. First, the hair should be bonded at the base, and then, depending on the length of the hair, in two or three places at equal distance from each other. The airy tail perfectly combines with a cocktail dress or vintage costume.

Side tail

A little hooligan version will give the appearance of excitement and carelessness. The procedure is as follows.

  1. Comb the hair to the side and select from the total mass several upper strands.
  2. Cross them between themselves and stab stealth.
  3. Just below the hair to collect the rubber band in the tail.
This hairstyle is suitable for tattered jeans or overalls, because she returns to childhood.

Twisted tail

Quick hairstyle

A little complicated design, which will require two thin elastic bands close to the color of the hair shade.

  1. Comb and separate the hairs.
  2. Fasten it with a rubber band at a short distance from the back of the head.
  3. Turn the tail out over the rubber band from top to bottom.
  4. To comb hair and in the same way to fill the top side strands under the gum from above.
  5. The remaining hair loose divided into two parts and pull them with a rubber band under the upper tail.
  6. Just as before, pull them over the rubber band to get a harness.

Above the weave you can pin a beautiful hairpin or a small bow.

"Podium" horse tail

High tail, wrapped at the base of a strand of hair, is called "catwalk." The tips of the hair, hiding the gum, tucked inside and stabbed invisible.

At the latest fashion shows, designers proposed to modernize the hairstyle somewhat, dividing the hair into three parts and crossing the top strands once.

Quick braids

Braids keep longer tails, so if you want a hairstyle for long hair for the whole day, it is better to stop the choice on them. Carefully braid pigtails and fix them a little more difficult, so it’s best to ask your friend for help.

Braid Bezel

Beautiful and fast hairstyles

This option is easy to make yourself. Instructions for weaving a standard rim is as follows.

  1. Hair combed on one side.
  2. Comb to separate the strand close to the forehead with a width of approximately 5 cm.
  3. From the ear, start to weave a flat braid over her forehead, simultaneously grabbing all the strands of hair at the same level and consistently weaving them into her hair.
  4. Secure the pigtail with a barrette or a thin rubber band behind the other ear. Her end to comb and mix with the rest of the hair.
  5. Loose strands curled into curls or combed from above to make the styling became voluminous.
In order to immediately achieve a high hairstyle, a pigtail should be weaved loosely, grabbing wide strands of hair.

Pigtail off the forehead

This braid allows you to create an original hairstyle and avoid the appearance of loose hair. Its execution begins from the forehead itself. As weaving, new strands are taken from the sides and are consistently joined to those already involved.

When the braid is ready, it is clear that it is woven from dozens of individual strands.


“Spikelet” is a type of a braid plaited from its forehead, but it is easier to make it itself.

  1. Comb the hair and separate the middle part.
  2. Divide it into three strands.
  3. Start weaving a braid from the top of the head, alternately crossing the strands and each time adding side hairs to them as they grow.
  4. At the bottom of the braid secure with a rubber band

Hairstyles for every day

For a graduation party or celebration, a few small shiny hairpins are pinned to the braided hair.

Braid waterfall

The most whimsical braid, reminiscent of medieval mesh, worn by women on their hair. It will take several hands to make it even and symmetrical.

  1. From the left or right side of the head, weave a spikelet, with the first crossings letting the long strands down from it.
  2. When the spike reaches the end of the head, temporarily secure it with a barrette to loose hair.
  3. The strands extracted from it are braided into narrow pigtails.
  4. They, alternately crossing, weave in the continuation of the spikelet.
Similar constructions can be woven from two sides, dividing the hair into a straight parting, and below two spikelets pick up with a barrette or ribbon. As seen in the photo, a waterfall of braids creates an incredibly sophisticated and festive look.

Quick hairstyles with curls

If a girl does not have straight hair and curls near her face, you should curl them from the middle or below. Curls give femininity, and do them at home for a very short time. They also belong to the simple hairstyles for long hair.

With the help of curling

  1. On hair, apply mousse and dry them.
  2. Make a high tail.
  3. Split the hair into strands and stab them up.
  4. Take one strand, comb it and wind it on the curler.
  5. Consistently make curls on all hair.

Curled tail looks beautiful, but it is better to dissolve it and scatter hair over shoulders.

With curlers

Large curls look perfect on long hair, so the diameter of the curler should be at least 4 cm.

  1. Wash hair, dry it slightly and apply mousse or foam over the entire length.
  2. Starting from the forehead, wind each strand on curlers.
  3. Blow dry your hair and let it cool.
  4. Remove the hair curlers and comb the hair with a comb with rare teeth.

This is the basis for many different styling with barrettes, crabs and ribbons. If you casually braid your braid casually, it will turn out lush and stylish.

Bundles, bows and shells of long hair

Retro hairstyles are relevant even with clothes in a modern style.Fashion designers often collect hair in low bunches at shows, or fold shells from strands twisted into strands.

There are two ways to make an elegant "Shell" hairstyle.

  1. Use a special elongated hairpin from a wire, covered with knitted velvet, with connected edges. Combed hair miss inside the barrette, located across the back of the head. Sliding it to the ends of the hair, wrap them several times around the barrette. Reaching the neck, bend its ends inward, securing the resulting hairstyle.
  2. Apply styling product on hair and lightly comb it at the roots. Collect them in the tail and divided into three wide strands. Each twist into a bundle and fasten on the head in the form of a spiral. Arrange them on the back of the head. The ends of the hairs in the center of the compositions should be hidden inside, stabbed by invisible hair. You can make a spiral of different diameter, dividing the hair into unequal strands.
Low casually collected beams are in fashion now. The hair for this hairstyle is most convenient to first collect in the tail, and then twist into a loose harness and fasten with hairpins.

The bow will turn out if to attach to a high tail an elastic band and tips of hair.The hanging part is divided into two parts in different directions and pass through the ends through the middle, then stabbed them invisible.

Hairstyles with accessories

Fast hairstyles

Light hairstyles for long hair can be made a weekend, adding a few details. The tiara will secure the strands and prevent them from falling on the face. The decoration itself has long been a common subject of youth wardrobe. It is worn with jeans and leggings, and not just with an evening dress.

Ribbon of the same matter as the outfit, suitable for pigtails. You can make a bow out of it or just tie it on your hair, leaving the long ends free to hang. A few pinned multicolored strands of the brightest shades - pink, orange or green - will add originality to the hairstyle. Fashion for them does not pass for several seasons.


If you wish, you can always find a few quick ways to turn an ordinary tail or pigtail into something extraordinary and memorable. Simple hairstyles for long hair are light enough in execution.

They can be made at home with a minimum amount of available tools, and efforts will not be in vain. Surrounding will definitely mark a stylish image and try to copy it. This is not a bad thing, because there are so many different layouts in stock!

The main thing - to take care of long hair, so that they look luxurious and loose, and in a beautiful hairstyle.

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Simple hairstyles for long hair: the easiest and most convenient styling options 70

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