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If you are fond of youth fiction novels that have been fashionable in recent years, then you will most likely like a series about a young hero who suddenly turned out to be the son of an ancient Greek god. However, it already includes quite a few parts, so in this article you will find all the books in order. "Percy Jackson" is a unique series of books by American writer Rick Riordan, which tells the story of a half-teen.

At one point, he learns an incredible fact about his origin: Percy is the offspring of one of the ancient Greek gods - Poseidon. And he is not the only one - in the world there are other half-breeds similar to him. From this moment the adventures of the young hero begin. And if you want to learn about them, then you should read this article, because from it you will learn about the chronology of the Percy Jackson series. Books in order of reading are located from the very first to the very last. So let's get started.

"Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief"percy jackson books in order

If you want to read these books in order, Percy Jackson begins his adventures with this particular novel. At the very beginning, he has no idea that he is the son of a god, but during the tour he is attacked by a fury, who accuses him of stealing the lightning bolts of Zeus. As a result, the main character has to prove that he did not steal the lightning, and at the same time try to get his mother back from the kingdom of Hades, where she fell, dying on the way to the half-blood camp.

"Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters"

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This is the second book in order. Percy Jackson in this novel sends in search of his friend and protector Grover, and he will also visit the Sea of ​​Monsters to fight with his terrible inhabitants. But he has no choice, since otherwise the half-blood camp will fall under the attacks of evil monsters and cease to exist.

"Percy Jackson and the Curse of Titan"

As you may have noticed, this article lists all parts of Percy Jackson books in order, and the third in the cycle is this novel. Here, events begin to develop even more rapidly. Again the world is threatened by war between the three main gods, and the main character has to defy Titan Atlas, who kidnapped his girlfriend and has now teamed up with Kronos to declare war on the gods.As a result, several heroes are tragically killed, which is why Percy is making a very dangerous enemy in the face of the son of Hades.

"Percy Jackson and the Maze of Death"

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So it's time to consider the fourth part of the series, the main character of which is Percy Jackson. All parts of the book in order will be described further, but it is worth noting that this part is currently in the middle of the series. Here Percy and his friends have to find Daedalus, who is sheltering somewhere in the depths of the Maze of Death. In the same Labyrinth, the son of Aida plans to lead Kronos's army into the camp of heroes. Jackson finds out that Kronos has found a new body and is ready to attack, so he returns to the camp to take the blow, and Daedalus sacrifices himself to destroy his labyrinth and prevent Kronos’s army from entering the camp.

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Secret materials"

This is a rather unusual item in the list of books in order. “Percy Jackson” is a series of related works, but this book is an exception, as it contains three stories from this Universe, as well as various additional materials that will definitely please the fans.

"Percy Jackson and the Last Prophecy"

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Enumeration of books about Percy Jackson comes to an end in order, and in the sixth novel there is a final battle between Percy Jackson and Titan Kronos, in which the main character wins. The world is saved, and peace reigns everywhere. However, it does not last long, because the new Oracle predicts the coming storm.

"Percy Jackson. The cruel world of Heroes and Monsters "

At the previous part, the narrative of the entire series ends, the long-awaited calm prevails on the planet, but the author still had something to say about this Universe. Therefore, he released the seventh book, which reveals some of the secrets that remain unrevealed in previous books. Here you can learn the stories of some characters, solve the remaining riddles and fully immerse yourself in this incredible universe, which has found so many fans around the world. It is also worth noting that it was decided to film the series, and the first part was published already in 2010. However, she did not get much success on the big screens, so the second part was already a matter of principle, and the third did not appear on the screens.So we can only enjoy the family of books that make up this series.

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