The series "The Brigade": actors and roles

In 2002, the sensational 15-episode film “The Brigade” came out. Actors and roles, they performed, loved by the viewer. Although this series has caused a stir: some took it with a bang, while others opposed, they say, so there is enough banditry in the country, and they also advertise it on TV. But this picture showed real life in Russia after perestroika. In the 1990s, racket raged with might and main, it was then that the famous crimson jackets appeared, and thieves and other intruders robbed people with impunity and “squeezed” of actors and roles

Short plot

The Brigade (actors and roles will be presented later) begins with the fact that in 1989 Sasha Belov was demobilized from the army. Now he goes to stock. Alexander is returning home, where his mother, his beloved Lena and three loyal friends await him: Cosmos, Phil and Bee.

Cosmos Kholmogorov and Bee (Viktor Pchelkin) are “successful” racketeers, and Phil (Valera Filatov) is a master of sports and a film actor. Comrades persuade Alexander to engage in racketeering, as this is quite a profitable business, bringing a steady income. But White flatly refuses, because he intends to go to college and become a volcanologist.

The series “The Brigade”, actors and roles caused the greatest interest of the audience when an intrigue appeared in the film - the main character learned about Lena’s infidelity. The girl did not just betray her lover, she became a prostitute. Her pimp is a certain Mukha - a person quite famous in the Moscow criminal world.

After the skirmish between the Fly and Sasha, the first one dies. They start a criminal case against Belov, but the father of Cosmos manages to close it. Two years after all these events, Bely turns into a big mafia, which keeps the entire Moscow business in fear. Four friends creates terrible things that have murder, love, hate, betrayal and revelation. The film ends with the death of Sasha's friends and his worst enemy.series team actors and roles


The film "Brigade" actors and roles have become incredibly popular with the audience. The series brought fame to the leading man, Sergey Bezrukov. The artist has been seen before in some telework and theatrical performances. But precisely because of this film, he gained stunning success and relevance. In the telenovela Bezrukov played the role of Sasha Bely - the leader of the gang and loyal comrade.

Sergey Bezrukov was born in 1973 and from childhood dreamed of acting career. In addition to the role of Bely, Sergei played such famous personalities as Vasily Stalin, Sergey Yesenin, Vladimir Vysotsky. Yeshua Ha-Notsri was also embodied by this man. Bezrukov is an honored artist of Russia and has received many awards.

His woman

“The Brigade” (the actors and roles still remain on the ear) made Ekaterina Guseva, who played Olga, Belova’s star, a star. The fate of the heroine also fell a lot of suffering, feelings and grief. But Catherine herself is a sought-after actress, in whose piggy bank there are many interesting works. She is an honored artist of Russia, has played in such films as Rush Hour, Minerva's Shield, I am looking for a bride without a heir roles and actors

According to Guseva, while filming in Brigade, she enjoyed tremendously the pleasure of working with the project director Sidorov. Although her heroine suffered from the gangster life of her husband, Catherine likes this character.

Friends of the protagonist (TV series "Brigade")

The actors and roles they played made the film so interesting. Belyi's friends are different people with different characters, but one fate.Phil (Vladimir Vdovichenkov), Cosmos (Dmitry Dyuzhev) and Bee (Pavel Maikov) were inseparable from childhood. Together they studied and lived, went to the boy's showdowns and dances. All together the guys died.

A lot has been gained from participating in the filming of the series "The Brigade" actors. And the roles played by them, and they are remembered by the audience. This project gave fame to each of the artists. Pavel, in order to make a promising film, cut his long braids. He tried to look like a gangster as much as possible. But with this act of his own, the guy grieved the director of the picture, since, according to his plan, the Bee should have just grown his hair.

Vdovichenkova simultaneously with the "Brigade" approved for another role in another series. Therefore, for the actor, the day was divided into two parts: in the morning “The Brigade”, in the evening a different project, and vice versa.

The most difficult was the work in the series for Dmitry Dyuzheva. During the filming, his father passed away. But Dmitry was able to pull himself together and complete the crew actors and roles

To be continued

After the release of The Brigade, her fans puzzled over whether the film would be continued. And it came out - “Brigade. Heir". The roles and actors were, of course, not the same, and the plot itself was very different from the prototype, but still the appetite of those who wanted to see what it was all over was satisfied.In the new project were noticed Ivan Makarevich, Alexander Inshakov, Kirill Nagiyev and the already famous Ekaterina Guseva.

The plot of the film tells about the adventures of Ivan - the son of Belov, who for a long time lived with Olga in America, but returned to his homeland.

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