Self-loading hunting rifle MP-155: characteristics, reviews

The gun MP-153 is considered by many to be a weapon bestseller. In 2000, when this model was created, it was one of the first guns in the world to work flawlessly with any cartridges whose sleeve length ranges from 70 to 89 mm. The rifle has conquered the market thanks to its beauty, convenience, reliability and low price. But even for such an established industry as the production of weapons, time indelibly imposes its mark. By the end of the 2010s, the gun MP-153 was morally obsolete. He was replaced by a model MP-155, with which we will meet today.


Prerequisites for creating

The main reason for developing the MP-155 was the fact that its predecessor lost its position in the market. The weight of the gun MP-153 averaged 3.5 kg. This was a lot even for the version with the largest caliber 12x89. The competitors, meanwhile, appeared guns weighing from 3.1 to 3.4 kg. And among the models with inertial automatics engine it was even possible to find versions weighing less than 3 kilograms.

In comparison with competitors, the gun MP-153 had too much "balance". This concept characterizes the distance from the trigger guard to the center of mass of the gun and directly affects the convenience of shooting. In addition, the 2000s had not enough additional options. In particular, the stock removal could not be regulated. There was simply no place to install an optical sight or a transition strap under it. Finally, the last reason for the drop in demand for the MP-153 was the fact that it simply became familiar. Meanwhile, competitors actively stormed the market with new and new models.

Development of a new model

In the end, it was decided to develop a new gun. At the end of 2010 a corresponding order was issued, and the work officially began. The project manager was Alexander Usherovich Dorf.

Previously, a set of works aimed at studying various design solutions was carried out. In particular, samples of weapons with different locking methods were created and tested: with a turn of the bolt and with a skewed locking wedge. Were also tested various design nodes adjust the momentum of the gas engine.It should be noted that the research work began even before the gun MP-153 began to lose its position, since the gunsmiths knew that this moment would come one day.

Reflex Sight for MP-155


The new gun was not only to lose all the problems of its predecessor, but also to preserve its strengths, namely: reliability, versatility (ability to work with ammunition of various calibers), the ability to install a folding stock and pistol grip, and finally increase the store by installing an extension cord .

Thus, the new model was created on the basis of the previous, proven over the years. At different stages of development, both experienced and young professionals participated, among whom there was even one girl. Gun MP-155 was made in two versions, under calibers 12x76 and 12x89. In the first case, the weapon was shorter by 11 mm and lighter by 90 g. This is achieved due to the shortening of the bolt, box, frame and some other parts.


For the gun was developed a new trigger mechanism (USM), which consisted of a smaller number of parts than the predecessor, and was made mostly of polyamide.Such material is used for the manufacture of stores in Kalashnikovs, so there is no doubt about its reliability. The trigger stroke was reduced, and the descent became drier. Due to the larger size of the fuse has become much more convenient, as well as the button retainer, which is necessary for setting the gun on the slide delay and discharge the store. For easier getting the cartridge into the chamber, the front part of the tray is in the form of a "fork". The trigger mechanism ensures safety in case of incomplete locking of the barrel.

MP-155: characteristics


Arched aiming strip looks much more attractive than ventilated, and weighs less. Especially for her developed a new mount to the trunk. Tin-lead solder, which was used for fastening ventilated slats, does not provide the necessary strength of the connection.

Initially, the bar was attached to the barrel by welding using studs. The stud was welded to the trunk, a bar was installed on it with the corresponding holes, and it was all scalded. After the release of the first batch of guns, faced with difficulties in debugging the production process, gunsmiths returned to simple soldering with silver-containing solder. But here it was not without problems.Due to the high temperature of the soldering, traces were formed on the barrel bore. They were removed by honing. Instead of sighting strips on the gun, you can install a simple front sight and rear sight. But lovers of more sophisticated devices can easily put an optical or collimator sight on the MP-155.


The gun can be equipped with four barrels: 610, 650, 710 and 750 mm. The barrel may have a cylindrical channel or a sedimentary space under removable choke. MP-155 is equipped with the same seats and choke narrows, like its predecessor.

The main difference between the trunk is its interchangeability. Without any finishing operations, it is possible to change not only the choke MP-155, but also the trunks. You just need to enlist the appropriate permission.

Muzzle narrowing MP-155

Design features

Automatic rifles are driven by a side gas engine. The gas pressure adjustment unit is located in the piston. Previously, it was located in the trunk rack. On the piston is a nut that presses the valve spring. The fact is that springs released on one line may differ in their parameters.The nut is needed in order to achieve the same force of the spring preload. After running in the gun (the first 100-200 shots), it is recommended to loosen the nut a couple of turns to reduce the speed of the rolling parts. A clamping nut can also be useful for additional adjustment and troubleshooting.

The receiver is made from aviation aluminum, which has the highest strength. On top of it are grooves, with which you can install an optical or collimator sight on the MP-155, or transitional slats. In the first versions of the gun there were two pairs of grooves, but later they were combined and entered on the top of the box flat.

The shutter has no fundamental differences from the older version. The longitudinal valleys that appear have not only a decorative function, but also contribute to the relief of the gun. Extractor gun MP-155 axle-free. When using a quality cartridge with a rim of perfect shape, it is not needed.

MP-155: reviews

New features

Gun MP-155 received a number of new functions. Now it has a cutoff filing ammunition from the store, which is located on the left side of the receiver. The cut-off is designed for more convenient replacement of cartridges.This function may be needed if the shooter needs to shoot a cartridge that is different from the one in the chamber.

The new gun got the function of adjusting the outlet of the butt in the vertical and horizontal planes. Butt MP-155 symmetrical, without horizontal branch. From the factory the rifle is supplied with an insert for removing the butt to the right side. If the shooter is left-handed, he can simply rearrange the liner so that the butt is retracted to the left. Also included are two inserts for vertical drainage. One increases the retraction, and the other decreases. The range of operation of each of the vertical liners is 7 mm. The butt plate has received a new design that effectively dampens recoil. The gun can be equipped with two butt plate sizes, the difference in length between which is 1 cm. This makes it possible to increase or decrease the length of the butt.

Handguard model MP-155 also was not without modifications. It received a conical shape and began to narrow towards the muzzle. Now it has a thin section in the area of ​​the arm, which contributes to a more comfortable hold.For greater strength, the forearm thickens towards the rear. The plant separately produces a version of the gun for lefties. In addition to the left butt of the butt, it has the reverse order of operation of the fuse and the left-sided arrangement of the window for ejection of the sleeves.

When developing a gun, the designers tried to make every detail the most technological and easy. As a result, the weapon turned out to be ergonomic, light and attractive in appearance. Its weight is 3.05 or 3.15 kg, depending on the caliber. In the plastic version, the gun is heavier than 100 grams.

Gun MP-155

Other modifications

Back in the times when the Izhevsk plant was actively producing the model MP-153, the designers thought about creating a gun at its base to the caliber 20x76. This idea was quickly forgotten, since to create such a gun with an acceptable weight and dimensions would have to carry out a fundamental modernization of the basic version.

The prospect of creating a modification of the model MP-155, the caliber of which would have been equal to 20 mm, was specified in the technical specifications for the gun. At present, work on debugging a 20x76 caliber rifle is in the final stages. The weight of this modification will be 2.9 kg.

In addition, the MR-155 self-loading hunting rifle became the basis for the MP-135 pumping rifle. The main difference between the MP-135 and the MP-133 was unification with the gun in question. The mass of the pump model is about 2.9 kg in wooden version. Model MP-135 has the same varieties as the basic version. In addition, it has options with a barrel length of 510 and 540 mm.

The model MP-133 was equipped with a slide delay, that is, after the ammunition was consumed, the bolt and the forearm were blocked in the rear position. To unlock them, it was necessary to press the interceptor button. Since some potential customers expressed the wish to purchase a pump-action shotgun without a slide delay, they also made such a version for the MP-135.


Today a pistol grip and a new folding stock are being developed. The stock used in the previous model was functional and reliable. It was based on a similar detail from the AK-74M. However, for a smooth-bore weapon with recoil, which is much superior to automatic, it was not suitable. The new butt should become more convenient, including for left-handers.

Also, work is underway to create a version of the gun for practical shooting. The fact is that, as shown by the tests, the button of the retainer, which is quite suitable for hunters, is absolutely not suitable for athletes. With a quick recharge, you can press the button randomly, which can lead to a hitch and loss of time. Developers will take these and other less significant requirements into account in the new version.

MP-155. Caliber


To understand what prospects the MP-155 has, the characteristics of which we have reviewed today, it is worth comparing it with the main competitors. Italian rifles have excellent ergonomics, excellent technical and combat characteristics and the highest level of finish. It is in terms of the finish, in the first place, the weapons of the Izhevsk plant are inferior to the “Italians”. But as for the performance characteristics, the attached options and reliability, here the MP-155 rifle looks very decent, even in comparison with Italian models. It is also important to note here that guns made in Italy can cost 50 and 100 thousand rubles, while Russian weapons are several times cheaper.

The situation is more complicated if you compare Izhevsk guns with Turkish ones.Here the price is already quite comparable. Turkish models are famous for the high level of decoration that grows with them every year. Meanwhile, Russian guns keep afloat due to their reliability and durability. Time will tell how successful the MP-155 model will be. Izhevsk produces a good weapon, and it is already clear that the gun has every chance of achieving the same popularity as the MP-153. Now let's find out how real users respond to this weapon.

MP-155: reviews

The gun generally deserved positive feedback. It really is easier and more functional than its predecessor. The accuracy and accuracy of the MP-155 rifle, the characteristics of which we have reviewed today, are quite consistent with its price. Reliability is the main advantage of Izhevsk guns. Criticism is perhaps that fitting parts, which may differ on different copies of the MP-155. Reviews show that many owners do not like rubber butt butt, which slides on clothes, and the fact that the aiming bar is soldered only at the beginning and end.

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