SDA: passing roundabouts

The rulebook includes a large number of subtleties that are remembered only with time. Driving roundabouts is very difficult, especially for novice drivers. Usually they do not really delve into the rules and pass through such intersections with violations. In order not to get a fine and not get into an accident, it is necessary to become familiar with all the nuances and tricks.

Passing roundabouts

Roundabouts. Basic moments

Experienced drivers sometimes call the roundabout just a circle. In countries with right-hand traffic, roundabouts are possible only counter-clockwise, and in countries with left-hand traffic, it is clockwise.

At this type of intersection never set the traffic lights. Traffic is regulated solely by road signs or markings. In addition, unregulated pedestrian crossings are often installed at roundabouts. Pedestrians must pass a driver in any case.

Turning at a roundabout are included at the entrance, exit and when rebuilding the car in another lane.

What signs are installed at such intersections?

Until recently, only one sign was placed before the roundabout - 4.3. He marked the beginning of a roundabout, but not the main road, and all cars had to pass cars moving on the right.

Now the Government of the Russian Federation has slightly modified the traffic rules. The passage of roundabouts can also be regulated by signs 2.4 “Give way” or 2.1 “Main road”, as well as sign 2.5 “Movement without stopping is prohibited”.

Experienced drivers are accustomed to the fact that when they enter the intersection, they must give way to cars that move around the “ring”, however, now we must be careful not to become the culprit of a traffic accident or get a substantial fine for violation.

Rules of access for roundabouts

How to choose the right line for traffic at the roundabout

The exact requirements for the choice of the lane rules for driving roundabouts do not include. Despite this, every driver must move to the rightmost row when leaving the circle in order not to interfere with other moving vehicles.

So, the driver can enter the “ring” from any lane, but it is possible to drive only from the right. Interestingly, before the immediate arrival at the intersection it is not necessary to occupy the appropriate row for further departure. At the same time, the correct passage of roundabouts will not be disturbed. Direction indicators must be shown. At the exit shows only the right turn signal. When changing lanes at a roundabout, the driver must also include turn signals. This can be a right or left signal, depending on the band.

Right turn in a circular motion

Passing roundabouts for dummies

First of all, the rules for driving roundabouts do not mean that the “ring” is always the main road. Inspectors warn drivers about this and strongly recommend moving at this intersection slowly and carefully. It is best to clearly stick to your line and not to rebuild on it without turning signals.

So, you need to move to the right very carefully. Only this way it is possible to secure the passage of roundabouts. For dummies, you need to remember that you can only turn right on the ring after the driver is convinced that other traffic participants are missing it.After that, the driver must turn on the appropriate turn signal, slow down and smoothly enter the intersection.

Left turn in a circular motion

When turning left, it is important not to violate the current order of passage of roundabouts. If a similar intersection consists of two lanes, then before the exit from it, the driver must carefully rearrange into the right lane and exit the “ring”.

It is more difficult if there are three lanes at the intersection. In this case (if the car is moving to the left, that is, in the direction), the driver must change lanes. He is obliged to act very carefully. Absolutely all actions should take place smoothly.

Driving traffic of roundabouts

With such a maneuver, the main thing is to remember that it is necessary to travel through roundabouts without violating traffic rules. Be sure to show the turn signals to prevent a ridiculous accident. It is also important to remember the order of travel. It is not recommended to break it, especially for beginners. The driver may simply overestimate their strength and not have time to complete the maneuver.

Go straight at the roundabout

Very often adjacent roads affect the passage of roundabouts. It is good for dummies to remember the information that when driving on the “ring”, it is best to take the middle row (if there is an intersection with three lanes for traffic). It is necessary to leave from the right lane If the car began to move on the main road, you need to make sure that all other cars stopped.

Of course, when driving directly, you can drive in from absolutely any line before the roundabout, but such a maneuver can interfere with other road users. It is better to take care of a simple and safe congress.

Also do not forget about the pedestrian crossings. Usually an unregulated pedestrian crossing is established in front of a roundabout. All pedestrians before the arrival on the "ring" should be skipped.

Directions for roundabouts direction indicators

Correct exit from the roundabout

So, how to drive in and move around on the “ring” was described above. Now you need to figure out how to properly make the congress. It is not necessary to explain that you need to leave a similar intersection only from the extreme right lane.The driver must be very careful when traveling through roundabouts. Turning necessarily show.

When leaving the intersection, only the right turn signal is shown. The driver must skip all the moving cars on the right and only after that restructure for the congress.

If the driver missed his way to exit, you must once again make a circle and return to the right place. It is worth noting that at a roundabout, the rules allow overtaking.

Directions for roundabouts

Prescribed penalties

Inspectors, as a rule, are very strictly watching how drivers travel through roundabouts. There are a lot of fines for breaking the rules on this type of intersection:

  • for departure into the oncoming lane;
  • for not giving priority to the car that is on the main road;
  • for stopping at the "ring";
  • for the turned indicator;
  • for the congress with not the rightmost row.

If the driver does not give priority to other drivers, he will receive a punishment of 1000 rubles. Exactly the same penalty awaits the offender, who did not pay attention to the signs set in front of the roundabout.

There are even such cases when the offender begins to move against the movement on the "ring". For such a misconduct provides for deprivation of rights. The driver will be sent to court, and the judge will determine the term of deprivation.

Directions roundabouts turn signals

The rules of the road say that a stop at a roundabout is possible only 5 meters before the exit. The rest of the stopped cars just get a penalty. The punishment for such a violation is provided in the amount of 500 rubles.

In addition, it is possible to receive other fines at roundabouts. For example, a fare on the prohibiting light of a traffic light the first fine is issued in the amount of 1000 rubles. With subsequent violations, the driver risks losing rights for a period of up to six months.

Also, if the driver decided to call at the roundabout, leave him or rebuild and did not turn on the appropriate turn signal before, he is entitled to a fine of 500 rubles.

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