Scotch drink - the national alcoholic drink of Scotland

Scotch drink, produced in Scotland, is the most famous and respected whiskey in the world. Scotch is a traditional Scotch according to all the rules on the basis of barley. This alcoholic drink is made from water, natural cereals (malt and barley), yeast. Sometimes it is possible to add caramel. Grains for whiskey dried on the furnace, melted by peat. Thus, the unique elegant and slightly smoky taste of Scotch whiskey is achieved.

Scotch drink

General information about scotch

Alcoholic drink Scotch is whiskey, which is made exclusively in Scotland. Strong alcohol is stored in oak barrels, so the whiskey becomes dry and slightly hard, that is truly Scottish. According to the laws adopted in Scotland, the local drink Scotch must be surpassed and aged in the country. Beyond this, only bottling is allowed.The main part of the drink produced in Scotland is blends, which are obtained by mixing grain and malt whiskey, that is, using blending technology. For the first time this technology was applied in the distillery by Andrew Asher in 1853.

Alcoholic drink scotch

The main types of Scotch whiskey

There are three main types of whiskey: malt (malt), grain (grain) and blended blend (blend). Malt tape is the most expensive, high-quality and tasty drink. It is distinguished by a bright and unusual aroma and a specific taste peculiar only to it. This drink (scotch) is made on the basis of germinated barley (malt). In the production process, an important step is the drying of barley over peat fire. This is what gives the whiskey a special peat flavor. The drink is distilled using copper cubes, the design feature of which allows to keep a sufficiently large amount of esters in the resulting distillate. The process of distillation is carried out twice. Solovy drink scotch, in turn, has the following subspecies: single cask, quarter cask, single malt, vatted / pure malt.

Scotch, alcohol drink

Grain variety is not as popular and known as the malt species of this drink.This tape is an alcoholic drink made from cheaper corn and wheat, with a slight addition of malted barley. There is one interesting feature in the production of this kind of drink - its distillation is allowed only once or twice. Only a few distilleries in Scotland have the right to distill more than two, or more precisely - three times. The scotch drink produced is alcohol that is not particularly high purity, and is mainly used for blending or in the production of gin or vodka. It is worth noting that in this case, the grain variety of whiskey is distilled up to five times. In Scotland, only one company is engaged in the production of grain whiskey for sale in the future as an independent product.

Whiskey blending

The best-selling and popular variety of Scotch whiskey is a drink that has undergone a blending process. It accounts for about 90% of all Scotch tape sales. By production of this alcohol mix grain and malt grades. It is worth noting that the quality and cost of scotch tape is determined by the percentage of expensive malt varieties in it.The higher it is, the drink, respectively, is more expensive and better. Some premium class blends may contain about 60-70% of high-quality malt varieties produced in thirty or more distilleries. Although the most common option is blended whiskey class standard blend, consisting of malt varieties of only 10-15%.

Scotch drink it

Scotch Whiskey Market Feature

The market of Scottish traditional alcoholic drink (scotch) has one characteristic feature - it is the continuity of generations. Most of the companies, even the most famous, to this day are the property of families whose ancestors once built and launched the production of the first distilleries. Perhaps the drink Scotch can be called the most conservative alcohol. In its production, great importance is attached to the traditions and technological methods laid down by the masters of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

What is the difference between scotch and other whiskey

The difference between the classic Scotch whiskey from other varieties of this drink lies in the technology used in the production and raw materials used. Please note that even the name of these drinks is spelled differently: the traditional varieties with the original Scottish peat flavor are called Whiskey, and whiskey produced in other countries,referred to as Whiskey.

Scotch drink

And another feature of Scottish Scotch tape is that this drink is mostly not used in cocktails, so as not to disturb the depth and specificity of its taste. But the whiskey is not Scottish production, on the contrary, it is recommended to mix with lemon, ice or soda. It is believed that these ingredients are best combined with whiskey and can accurately emphasize its taste.

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