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The biography of Sasha Gray is worth starting with the fact that the well-known name is just an euphonious alias for the titles of “films for adults”. In fact, the girl's name is Marina Ann Hentsis. From the age of 12, the girl dreamed of a film career; she began attending a theater group at the call of her heart. Ahead of her waiting for a lot of adventure, but first things first.

Short biography of Sasha Gray, family and childhood

The future media personality was born on March 14, 1988. Place of birth: Sacramento (California). Dad worked as a mechanic, mom was busy with family and life. At five, the girl stayed with her mother, as her parents divorced. She was very hard for this gap.

Sasha received her secondary education in a regular school and was engaged in dancing. She loved to watch movies and dreamed of becoming an actress.

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In 2000, there were global changes in the family composition - Sasha's mother got married. The relationship with the stepdaughter of his stepfather did not exist. The girl decided to leave home because she could no longer tolerate a tense atmosphere.But Mom could not allow this, and together with her daughter returned back to Sacramento.

In 2005, the girl graduated from school. After that, she worked in the service sector, went to college and actively saved up money for moving to another city. In 2006, her wish came true. In the biography of Sasha Gray, a new round appeared - the move to Los Angeles.

Carier start

Pretty appearance opened the way for a girl in the modeling business. In 2007, she starred for the cover of the performers The Smashing Pumpkins, and also participated in the filming of their clip. Later, Sasha became the muse of French designer Max Azria. She also did not refuse to participate in advertising campaigns of various products and wardrobe items. In 2006, the girl received a huge portion of popularity, which became a landmark event in the biography of Sasha Gray. Photos from erotic shooting were placed on the cover of the men's Playboy magazine.

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First steps in the porn industry

The move to Los Angeles was not accidental. The girl wanted to be a porn actress. She found a manager who agreed to work with her. The choice of a pseudonym was difficult. Initially, the heroine wanted to call herself Anna Karina, but the agent did not like this option.On his advice, she settled on the name Sasha Gray. This combination of name and surname gave her fame.

On account of her career a huge amount of porn. She was never shy about her activities and willingly shared the details of her work in an interview. Thanks to innocent frankness, Sasha Gray managed to get public attention. Even those people who are not familiar with the adult cinema industry know its name and image.

At the peak of popularity

In 2007, the biography of Sasha Gray was supplemented by the fact of enormous popularity. The girl began to be invited to television to participate in various television shows. On the set of programs, she always confidently states that her work is a mature and informed choice, which she does not regret at all. Also, the girl began to receive offers of a full-fledged acting career.

LA Factory Girls is an agency created by Sasha to support novice actresses.

Sasha Grey

New life. Personal

In 2011, there was a turning point in the career of the heroine. She decided to stop acting in porn and go to the movies for a wide range of viewers. She starred in 8 films of different genres. She began to be interested in other areas of show business.She created an album called Neu Sex with unpublished photos that she previously did not want to show anyone.

She published an erotic novel called "The Juliet Society". She actively participates in social life, founded the aTelecine music group, and enjoys DJing. It often happens in Russia for work.

Sasha Gray prefers not to disclose the details of his personal life. Some facts from the interview give the right to assume that the actress has a young man.

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