"Saiga 20C": reviews of hunters, description, specifications, manufacturer

The weapon described in this article cannot be called a rifle in the usual sense of the word. This is connected with the history of its creation, which begins with the famous. From this legendary machine gun, this weapon inherited all the best that was possible. "Saiga 20C", reviews of hunters confirm this, thanks to its design features, it allows to produce effective shooting in various weather conditions.

General information

This weapon is a smooth-bore self-loading type of gun with a removable magazine, created on the basis of “Saigi 410”. The latter is the civilian analogue of the AK-100 with a single firing mode.saiga 20c hunters reviews

Since the shooting was to be carried out by hunting cartridges with a plastic sleeve, design changes were necessary compared to the Kalashnikov, but this did not affect the simplicity, reliability and efficiency of the mechanisms.

In addition, modifications were made to this weapon with improved characteristics, differing in barrel length, performance, lodge and variations of sights.

Issue guns began in one thousand nine hundred and ninety-fourth year Izhevsk engineering plant engineering brigade under the direction of G. Nikonov. Literally immediately hunters and amateurs noticed him. Price for "Saiga 20C" at present, depending on the configuration, ranges from twenty thousand to thirty-four thousand rubles.

Why "Saiga 20C" is so highly rated

Based on the technical characteristics, this weapon has deserved a priority position in comparison with similar weapons. Among these differences are the following:

  • the shutter mechanism works almost smoothly;
  • Shooting with shot and bullets is equally effective;
  • the size of the hunting shops is two, five and eight cartridges to choose from;
  • it is possible to quickly replace the handle and butt;
  • has a good sight;
  • in comparison with the previous series differs in small weight;
  • the carbine has a lot of power - it is capable of shooting a three-millimeter sheet of metal with a canister;
  • differs in a high working resource and service life;
  • simple construction and easy maintenance.

In addition, hunting of various sizes of cartridges with cartridges of seventy and seventy six millimeters - all this allows the weapon "Saiga 20C", the manufacturer of which also made sure that the carbine can be used even in extreme weather conditions.saiga 20c characteristics

The main differences of the prototype "AK-100" from the carbine are:

  • fundamentally different device gas pistons;
  • in the gun, the bolt carrier serves as a transmission mechanism, and in the machine gun a piston;
  • the carabiner bolt is split in two: one part is movable, the other is not, which is caused by the power of the cartridges;
  • a hunting weapon has more of a sear than a machine gun - this will not allow it to be converted into an automatic weapon.

As they say hunters reviews, "Saiga 20C", in addition to these basic, has a few minor differences from the "AK-100" in the work of some of the nodes of the mechanism.

The design of a hunting weapon caliber 20

The weapon has a smooth barrel, the barrel to the edge narrows to nine-tenths of a millimeter. In some versions there are cylindrical shafts and interchangeable muzzle nozzles in the kit.

Shooting is possible with two types of cartridges - with sleeves of different lengths from two different stores, which are supplied. Production material - the reinforced polyamide.hunting shop

Due to the fact that the gun has moving parts for charges of different powers, in order to equalize their speeds, the cap of the gas chamber has two positions. This is done so that the weapon does not jam while firing, the sleeve does not bulge. And on this account there are clear instructions of the manufacturer:

  • Hunting from the Saiga 20C with a camera in the first position should be carried out with Magnum ammunition;
  • the second position is intended for the remaining cartridges.

The weapon has a safety switch that switches with a lever, which is located on the right of the box. This position is very convenient for natural switching with your thumb. The upper position blocks the shooting, the lower one activates.

After numerous tests, the plant engineers, to improve the sighting system, changed the position of the front sight and rear sight, and also added an aim bar to the design. It can be adjusted in two directions - horizontal and vertical.Such a change allowed the "Saiga 20C", reviews of hunters confidently confirm this, and improve the efficiency and accuracy not only of aiming, but also of shooting without thinking. In addition, the carbine can be equipped with an optical sight.

The rifle butt is made of polyamide of two colors - camouflage and black; in a wooden butt version, weapons are available on request.

Pistol grip and shops are also made of high-strength plastic.

The work of the mechanism and zeroing

The mechanism of the carbine is as follows:

  1. After the shot is fired, the powder gases and the force of the return spring reload the system - while the valve is moving back, the next cartridge is sent from the magazine to the chamber, the bolt carrier cocks the trigger and seizes the sear.
  2. Almost simultaneously removed the sleeve from the spent cartridge from the barrel box.
  3. During the return of the bolt forward, the barrel is closed due to its rotation.
  4. When the trigger is pulled, the trigger is released from the sear.
  5. The recoil spring, acting on the trigger, causes him to strike the striker hard, then the weapon shoots.

saiga 20c with frame butt

Due to the non-conjugation of the trajectories of the bullets and the fraction hitting the target point, there will be some differences in height. Therefore, at each change of the type of projectile, the saiga 20C is necessary. It should be borne in mind that the adjustment of shooting with a normal sight is made by adjusting the aiming bar, and with the optical one you need to rotate the drum of the vertical correction.

The manufacturer targets the shotgun with shotguns.

"Saiga 20C": characteristics

Carabiner twentieth series is not in vain riveted the attention of hunters.

The distinctive characteristics of this weapon are:

  • in the base model, the muzzle restriction is nine-tenths of a millimeter, but in some versions, muzzle tips of other restrictions are supplied in the kit;
  • the gun uses cartridges of two calibers of different power;
  • gas chamber plug has two positions, which allows you to adjust the shutter speed, consisting of two parts - movable and fixed;
  • The basic hunting shop is designed for five rounds, if desired there is a complete set for two and eight;
  • there is an aiming level and a possibility of installation of a collimator and optical sight;
  • pistol grip;
  • depending on the configuration, the carbine weighs three kilo two hundred grams or three and a half kilograms;
  • the chrome-plated coating of the barrel, chamber and gas piston increases the service life of the gun and the resistance of its parts to corrosion;
  • Included is a nozzle without tapering the barrel, designed to save the threaded part of the barrel from damage.

Weapon modifications

Over time, the basic weapons of the twentieth series with a classic hunting butt appeared updated models and versions with tuning "Saiga 20C".saiga 20c sighting

Modifications of the twenty are reduced to these four models:

  1. "Saiga-20" - a standard weapon with a classic butt, removed in some varieties.
  2. "Saiga-20C" - has a folding butt and fire control handle, which is convenient for transporting a gun, increased working life. Many hunters believe that the "Saiga 20C" with a frame butt is less convenient, since the plastic butt has a convenient button to detach.
  3. "Saiga-20K" - the presence of a shortened trunk and a folding butt with a USM lock, analogue of the 12K model, is of little use for hunting.Used in areas such as security activities, self-defense, sports, tactical exercises).
  4. “Saiga-20C EXP-01” - Saiga is an export model with similar previous characteristics, but the absence of a blocker. Used by police in European countries and America.

"Saiga 20C"

The characteristics of this weapon can be summarized as follows:

  • shooting is carried out by cartridges of the twentieth caliber in a single mode;
  • a smooth barrel has a length of five hundred seventy millimeters or four hundred thirty - the first is preferable for hunting;
  • the weapon has a total length of three modifications: one hundred and thirteen and a half, ninety one and sixty seven centimeters (with a folded butt);
  • maximum weight - three and a half kilograms;
  • a store of three modifications - two, five, eight rounds;
  • the obligatory attribute of a complete set is the availability of a toolkit for maintenance of the “Saiga 20C” - reviews of hunters mark its functionality;
  • the inner diameter of the barrel - fifteen and seven tenths of a millimeter;
  • the width of the gun is seven centimeters, with a folded butt - one meter;
  • The height of the weapon is nineteen centimeters.

Shooting quality

When operating according to specifications, the manufacturer guarantees uninterrupted operation of the mechanisms of the weapon for one and a half years or the production of two thousand shots. Requirements include compliance with the temperature range from minus thirty to plus fifty degrees Celsius.firing accuracy

In fact, the "Saiga 20C", reviews of hunters confidently argue, excellently withstands up to five thousand, and sometimes up to nine thousand shots without loss of quality and efficiency.

Automatic rifles work fine in all weather conditions and with the use of cartridges from any manufacturer, highly reliable in any climate. Even after committing a large number of shots, the weapon practically does not misfire.

According to the passport, the weapon is intended for hunting birds, medium and small animals. To defeat larger production may not be enough power.

Accuracy of shooting is forty percent, which is good for such a caliber, the accuracy is excellent and does not depend on the type of charge - bullet or shot. Shooting a bullet is effective at a distance of up to fifty meters (some hunters claim up to one hundred), and up to thirty-five in fraction.

In good weather, the carbine allows you to make up to five aimed shots within four seconds. Such indicators are shown not by each competitor of this weapon.

Operating rules

In order to handle the carbine safely, strict adherence to the following rules is necessary:

  • always assume that the weapon is loaded, treat it accordingly;
  • it is unacceptable to direct weapons to pets and people;
  • after the gun is taken in hand, you need to make sure that there are no cartridges in the chamber, by retracting the bolt;
  • before charging the weapon by inspection, you must make sure that there are no foreign objects in the barrel channel and the chamber;
  • if a misfire occurs, it is forbidden to open the bolt for another three minutes after it - there is a danger that the shot is protracted;
  • to avoid accidental firing, the weapon must be held with the safety catch activated;
  • when approaching a locality, the gun must be defused;
  • it is necessary to store cartridges and carbines separately, in places inaccessible to unauthorized persons and children in places locked up;
  • it is strictly forbidden to use homemade or expired cartridges for shooting in order to avoid damage to the weapon;
  • in any case not to use bullets with a diameter of the body of large barrel sizes in the muzzle narrowing;
  • Do not disconnect or attach the mobile butt (grip) or the muzzle nozzles if there is a cartridge in the chamber.

hunt with saiga 20c

Also during the operation it is necessary to take into account the number of shots used in order to track the end of the warranty period in time. When this period is approaching, the Saiga 20C gun and other modifications require careful inspection after each hunt for cracks and blisters on the bolt, barrel and receiver. If one of the defects is detected or a gap has appeared in the bottom of the sleeves, the use of weapons is strictly prohibited.

Comparison with the Saiga 12 hunting rifle

The main differences between weapons of the twentieth and twelfth caliber:

  • a rifle in the same performance is lighter;
  • the mechanism performs a sharper shot;
  • significantly less mass of shells and attachments of gunpowder;
  • has a lower speed of departure of the projectile due to the larger diameter of the barrel channel and a larger caliber;
  • perceptibly greater recoil force, which increases the time of the sight for the next shot;
  • it is more difficult to hit a target from a twentieth-caliber rifle than from a twelfth due to a smaller number of canister (pellets), less impulse and bullet mass;
  • accuracy of bullets and effective aiming range exceeds the twelfth caliber;
  • Twenty made on the basis of military weapons - most hunters believe the main disadvantage of such an adaptation.

From the above, it is clear that the technical characteristics of the "Saiga 20C" make you look at this weapon. It certainly deserves attention. But it is worth adhering to the advice of professionals: for hunting large animals, a gun of twelve caliber is best suited, and small and medium-sized twentieth game is best for hunting.

Weapons do not require special care, except for systematic cleaning and lubrication. Compact versions 20C and 20K will allow the hunter to be mobile.

In general, it is clear that this weapon is effective, has good technical characteristics and even a beginner can handle it.

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