Ruyan strawberries: description of the variety, cultivation features, reviews

Strawberry jam in the most severe winter day will warm you with the warmth accumulated by the berries during the summer season. The period of gathering wild strawberries is too short, and not everyone wants on a hot day, under the annoying buzz of mosquitoes, midges and gadflies to crawl through the forest meadow, collecting small berries. Breeders have facilitated the task of lovers of winter blanks and brought a special variety of strawberry remontant - Ruyan. Now every owner of a garden plot will be able to grow a berry at his summer cottage. To taste and aroma, it will not be different from the forest beloved by many. Today we offer to consider the features of the variety, planting and proper care, as well as reviews of gardeners about the berry presented to the review.

Selection and regional affiliation

Ruyan strawberries fell in love with many gardeners for their excellent taste and aroma, which are practically the same as the characteristics of the wild berries.Czech breeders were able to achieve such similarities, taking the forest variety as a basis for breeding. This allowed not only to preserve the taste characteristics and unique aroma, but also to facilitate care when grown. Ryan's small-fruited strawberries are remontant, that is, they bear fruit before the first cold weather, you can enjoy fresh berries in some regions until November. The plant is quite unpretentious, winter-hardy, therefore it is recommended for cultivation absolutely in all regions of Russia.

strawberry Ruyan

Features bushes

Description of the variety of strawberry Ruyan, certainly, will intrigue lovers of growing berries on their plots. Bushes inherent spherical shape, they are quite compact, grow to 20 centimeters.

The first feature of the described strawberries is that the bushes do not have a mustache at all, so they do not spread out over the whole bed, which greatly facilitates care. The second feature is the arrangement of peduncles. Unlike many similar varieties, flower stalks of which are located under the leaves, in this class they are above the level of leaf growth. Experienced gardeners will understand the beauty.The fact is that even after heavy rains, the berries do not rot, remain clean.

Fruits and their taste

The shape of the berries is conical. In comparison with the forest culture, garden is considered large. Fruits - from one and a half to two centimeters in diameter, the maximum weight is seven grams.

The berries are bright red in color, their flesh is pink. Very juicy, sweet and aromatic. Ruyan strawberries are endowed with high transportability, since the fruits are quite dense, they do not wrinkle during collection and transportation.

Fruiting begins in the second year after planting. At the end of summer in the year of planting on the bushes, the first flower stalks may appear, but they are recommended to be removed so as not to weaken the plants, to allow them to get stronger.

The flowering of the variety begins in the last days of May, and the first ripe berries can be enjoyed already by mid-June. Fruiting strawberries Ruiana abundant and continuous. You can harvest all summer and autumn, until the first snow falls.

garden strawberry

The merits of the variety

Strawberry garden Ruyan does not cause trouble when grown. The variety is characterized by high winter resistance and drought resistance. It is endowed with high immunity to various kinds of diseases and pests. Ruyan strawberries are rarely affected by diseases such as botrytas gray and powdery mildew.For its unpretentious culture of this variety fell in love with the gardeners of the Urals, where the ferocious winters and rainy, slightly sunny summer.

Abundant fructification of strawberries is observed for four years after planting. After this period of time you need to update the landing. Next, we consider the basics of growing strawberry remontant Ruyan.

strawberry ruiana reviews


The strawberries of the described variety are propagated by seeds, which are planted not in open ground, but on seedlings. Germination of Ruyan is high, and the sowing stages are quite simple, even a novice gardener can easily cope with them.

Having bought a bag with strawberry seeds, it is impossible to plant them right there, it is necessary to stratify and germinate seed. How to do it right?

For germination, seeds must be placed in a bag made of cloth, a cotton shred or gauze will do. After that, the bag is placed in water, settled during the day, or bottled. Seeds in water should be kept for two days, and the water should be changed twice a day. The room temperature should be comfortable, room temperature.

After soaking, the seed is laid out with a pair of tweezers on a damp cloth or paper, which is placed in a plastic bag. In this form, the seeds are placed in a refrigerator for stratification, so that they quickly sprout. The temperature in the refrigerator should be from 2 to 5 degrees Celsius, the seeds need to be there for three weeks. After that, the package can be obtained, put in a bright place for further germination. When germinal sprouts appear, seeds are planted in prepared containers. Sowing time lasts from February to May.

wild strawberry variety description

Ruyan strawberries: growing from seed

For sowing any convenient containers are used. It can be disposable cups, boxes made of plastic or wood, peat pots. The soil for seedlings should consist of one part of river sand, two parts of humus and one part of peat. The mixture is placed in a planting container; on its pre-moistened surface, the germinated seeds are laid out with tweezers. The distance between the grains should be two centimeters, they can be deepened by 1-2 millimeters.

After sowing, the tank must be covered with glass or plastic to create a greenhouse.effect, put in a lighted warm place. Capacities need to be opened daily for an hour so that air enters the soil. After one and a half - two weeks, the first shoots will appear. After that, the film or glass is removed, and the seedlings are exposed to the lighted place.

Seedling care

Strawberry garden Ruyan needs sufficient lighting and optimum temperature. For a good development of the seedlings in the room, the air temperature is maintained from 22 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Watering should be moderate, spray is used, separated water. If you re-moisten the soil, the risk of seedling disease from fungal diseases will increase, including the black leg.

A pick of a seedling is needed after four or five true leaflets appear on it. When the seedlings get stronger after this procedure, you need to harden them. For this, containers with seedlings are taken out daily in a cool, darkened room or on the street. It is necessary to begin hardening with a fifteen-minute "walk", gradually increasing the time. Saplings should also be adapted to open sunlight too gradually.

strawberry remontant ruyana

Landing on the site

Planting in open ground is made after the appearance of the sixth of this sheet. In order to avoid thickening of the landing, a two-line seating method is used. With strawberry bushes can be planted together garlic. It will help get rid of slugs that love to feast on juicy berries.

The beds should not be wide, just a meter. The distance between the bushes ranges from 40 to 50 centimeters. Traditionally, gardeners are planted with a distance of 25-30 centimeters, but it thickens the beds too.

Before planting seedlings need to prepare the ground. The beds are well digged and loosened, the land must be fertilized. For this purpose, biohumus (2 liters per compost bucket) or wood ash (glass per bucket of earth) is used. Ridges are well moistened, holes prepare.

When disembarking, pay attention to the apical bud, it should be on the surface. Spread the roots of the plant in a circle so that they do not deepen and do not bend. After disembarking, mulching is necessary. Hay, needles, sawdust or peat is used. Mulch will not allow the weed to grow, retain moisture in the soil, improve the composition of the earth.

wild strawberry seedling

Further care

Watering is a major factor affecting the size of the fruit and the crop as a whole. Ruyan strawberries, though drought-resistant, but the lack of moisture leads to the grinding of berries, reducing their number. Stable watering is needed throughout the growing season. If the summer is too hot and dry, the evening wetting of the soil and bushes is made daily.

It is necessary to loosen the soil between the rows as needed, it will allow the soil to be enriched with oxygen. Do not forget to mulch after loosening.

Do not allow beds to overgrow with weeds. They carry disease, thickening planting, take a lot of nutrients needed for the cultivated plant.

From strawberry bushes need to remove the old red leaves. Protect the plant from pests by sprinkling leaves with ash.

Before winter, watering should be reduced, remove the old leaves. If necessary, the bushes are covered with warm material, during the winter a bed of snow is thrown over the beds.

strawberry small-fruited ruyana

Strawberry Ruyan: reviews

Gardeners who grow the described berries on their plot leave only positive comments. They write that the taste and aroma of strawberry Ruiana is indistinguishable from wild berries, but the fruit is larger.Care, according to reviews of gardeners, does not take a lot of time and effort: you just need to water the plants in time, to monitor the absence of weeds.

The yield of strawberries pleases gardeners all over Russia. In whatever region a variety is grown, with proper care it will bear plenty of fruit.

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