Russian names of boys by month

Choosing a name for your child is not easy and very responsible. After all, the quality of life of the baby depends on it. In this article, we will look at the names of boys by month: how best to name a child born at a particular time of the year and in a particular month.

boy names by months


This is the beginning of the year, a time when everyone expects a miracle and something beautiful. During this period, boys are born patient, with a persistent character. These are "ice blocks", which are always and all confident. It is important to note that such children always achieve their goals, achieve their goals. In adulthood, they can be some kind of buffer between controversial or militant parties. These are great diplomats. When choosing, it is better to give preference to softer, but regal names.

Ideal names for boys born in January:

  1. Nikolay, i.e. winner.
  2. Peter, which means - strong as a stone.
  3. Ivan, that is, God has pardoned him.

And also suitable names such as Maxim, George, Fedor and Stepan.


We consider further the names of boys by months. What are they, kids born in February? It is worth noting that the nature of such babies is very complex. These are dual natures, which are always in a state of confrontation, contradiction with himself. In the nature of these boys try to get along a riot of feelings and coldness, a certain winter restraint and warmth. And beside the whims there will always be patience and endurance. To balance the character of such children, you need to choose their soft names that will smooth out all the irregularities.

The most appropriate names for guys born in February:

  1. Alexey - in translation from Greek means "defender".
  2. Dmitri, i.e., farmer. Or, in a different explanation, dedicated to the goddess Demeter.
  3. Nikita, which means "winner".
  4. Leonty - the lion, strong.

    names for boys by month

Other names that you can also choose for a boy born in February: Savva, Konstantin, Roman, Victor.


Looking through the names of boys for months, you should definitely focus on those intended for children born in March. How do they have character? Such babies are mostly vulnerable and fragile.They are akin to the first warm spring days - just as timid and timid. These are children with heightened sensitivity, emotional, trusting and naive. The name of such a child must choose a melodic, beautiful. But surely in his description there should be strength and courage.

Ideal names of boys (March-month):

  1. Leo, which naturally means "king of beasts," that is, strong.
  2. George - in translation from the Greek language means "farmer".
  3. Ilya is a believer. The literal translation is "the fortress of the Lord."
  4. Victor, which means "winner."

Other suitable names for such babies: Basil, Timofey, Arkady, David.


Choosing names for boys by months is worth staying also in the month of April. At this time very practical children are born. In childhood, they are distinguished by perseverance and seriousness. And if everything goes well, then these traits develop into strength and strength of character. However, sometimes boys born in April are brutal and overly burdensome to justice. They are brave and strong, always protecting themselves, their loved ones and weaker people. Choose the name of these guys need a soft, but clear. Such that called for action.

The best names for boys born in April:

  1. Sergey, what does "big" or "high" mean?
  2. Cyril, i.e., little lord (diminutive on behalf of Cyrus, i.e. lord).
  3. Semyon, which means "in prayer heard by God."
  4. Vadim - translated as "bully" or "bully". However, these kids just more than others seek justice.

    boy's name by month of birth

Other names that also have a good impact on the baby born in April: Makar, Anton, Stepan, Peter.


It is worth noting that at this time powerful people are born who love to command everything and be aware of everything that is happening around. Such boys tend to explore the world on their own. This leads to the fact that they very rarely allow strangers to come to themselves, while with the opinion of outsiders they are never considered. Always, even at a small age, act as they see fit. Unable to compromise, as they consider their opinion the only true. As a result, these boys have few friends. However, they are all respected and even afraid. May boys suit softer and affectionate names:

  1. Anatoly, in translation from Greek - “ascending”.
  2. Jacob, that is, the one who follows on the heels.
  3. The novel is strong, strong.
  4. Denis, that is, cheerful, because he is dedicated to Dionysus - the god of fun and joy.

Other names that will also be in harmony with the boys born in May: Alexander, Timofey, Bogdan.


We study the names of boys for months on. It's time to stop at the guys born in the first month of summer - June. What are they, how is their character different? These little ones are very impressionable, they are beautiful and easy-going. However, over time they become incredulous, they don’t go to all people. They love to explore the world, for the sake of it they can even take a certain risk. These kids have a lot of friends: they are sociable, cheerful and not greedy. However, in adolescence, these guys should be especially protected, because they can fall under the influence of others, a negative influence. The ideal boy's name by the month of birth June:

  1. Egor, which means "farmer".
  2. Yuri, as in the previous version, is translated as "farmer".
  3. Anton is an adversary, or, in a different interpretation, “wide”.
  4. Vladimir, which translates literally as "the ruler of the world."

    Orthodox names of boys by month

Other suitable names for guys born in the first month of summer: Paul, Nazar, Sergey, Konstantin.


Like the warmest month of summer, these people are just as hot and emotional. Such boys are very mobile and dynamic, but still careful and careful. July children are often selfish, but from an early age they strive for independence. In life, these guys very rarely bring their affairs to the end. They are very impulsive, often hot on trifles. However, it is worthwhile for such kids to choose unusual, unusual names. The most suitable are the following:

  1. Gleb is a lump. Or a man acceptable to God.
  2. Hermann. It can mean both "close" and "native", and "vocal."
  3. Svyatoslav, the literal translation - "holy glory."
  4. Mark is a hammer, i.e. power.

Other names that are also well suited to such children: Philip, Anton, Valentin, Roman.


We study a variety of names for boys for months on. What can be said about the children born in August? Such guys are persistent and energetic, but also cautious: they understand when to stop to avoid something bad. Boys born this month, already in childhood, are able to think through the plans of their games so that they can emerge as winners.If you choose a royal name for such a guy, it will further emphasize his best qualities and bring great luck.

What should be in this case the name of the boy by the month of birth? In August it is:

  1. Alexander, i.e. protector, courageous man.
  2. Vladimir is the one who owns the world.
  3. Karl - in translation means "man."
  4. Maxim, which means "big", "strong."

    boy names for months church

Other suitable names for such babies: Nikolay, Fedor, Grigory, Arkady.


Studying the Orthodox names of boys for months, it is worthwhile to dwell on children born in September. Such boys are characterized by increased emotionality and sensitivity. These babies are just a blast! They laugh and cry, but they are never lethargic and unemotional. Their distinctive feature: they always achieve what they want. At the same time, they often set very high goals for themselves. It should be noted that from childhood they got used to learn from their mistakes, because they too often burned, trusting a person. Ideal names for such babies:

  1. Timofey, that is, he who praises, honors God.
  2. Andrew - the name means "masculinity".
  3. Bogdan is the one who is given by God himself.
  4. Michael, i .e.equal or similar to God.

    boys names by day

Other names that are also well suited to boys born in September: Gregory, Ivan, Valery, Daniel.


We further consider the names of boys by month: ecclesiastical and profane, domestic and foreign. So, the guys born in October are notable for their activity and curiosity. At an older age, they show enterprise. It should be noted that excellent entrepreneurs, businessmen, bankers grow from such guys. These are witty children who like others and skillfully use their location. Also, it is often very indulged, but still well-educated kids. Ideal names for them:

  1. Trofim, which means "breadwinner", "breadwinner."
  2. Vladislav, that is, the one who owns fame.
  3. Paul translated means "small."
  4. Fedor, that is, a gift, a gift from God.

Also such kiddies will suit the following names: Oleg, Stepan, Denis, Matvey.


We consider further the Russian names of boys by months. What can be said briefly about the children born in November? These are boys who mostly keep everything in themselves; they do not like to spread about their problems and plans.This is most often closed kids, which are very difficult to find friends. But still there are a couple of people with whom they communicate with pleasure. At older age, such children study well, reach certain heights. But all the failures are very hard to experience. Names that are perfect for them:

  1. Oleg, which means "consecrated."
  2. Artem is healthy, he who has excellent health.
  3. Valery, i.e., strong, possessing, or healthy.
  4. Eugene is a noble man.

    Russian names of boys by month

Other names that are also perfectly suitable for the children of the last month of autumn: Peter, Maxim, Anton, Leonid.


Considering the significance of the names of boys by months, one must also dwell on the first month of winter and the last month of the calendar year. What are these guys born at this time? These are very emotional and even somewhat hot-tempered people. They are persistent, sometimes even slightly stubborn. But in life they become excellent companions: they are good to friends, wife, children, parents. Ideal names for boys born this month:

  1. Vitali, that is, life.
  2. Matthew is a man bestowed by God himself.
  3. Nazariy - the one who is dedicated to God.
  4. Nikita, i.e. winner.

Other suitable names: Vyacheslav, Denis, Alexander, George.

Let's sum up

As a conclusion, I would like to say that you can also choose the names of the boys by the day of the month. But still, in order for a child to grow up happy and achieve success, he simply needs to be brought up in love and mutual understanding.

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