Oil "Rosneft synthetic 5w40": reviews, specifications, rating

Today, for the motor put forward increased demands. At the same time, buyers prefer products that have an acceptable price. Such requirements can satisfy the lubricants that are made by domestic manufacturers. These are high quality and relatively inexpensive compounds.

The requirements of machine-building concerns and customers correspond to Rosneft synthetic 5w40 oil. Reviews of this product, as well as its basic qualities should be considered in detail before purchasing.

Product features

To make the right decision about the feasibility of purchasing products of a domestic manufacturer, it is necessary to consider the review of Rosneft synthetic series oils. It is also recommended to study the opinions of specialists and ordinary customers about the presented composition.Rosneft oil synthetics 5w40 reviews

Synthetic oil under the Rosneft brand is supplied to the market by the company RN-Lubricants.Today it is a fairly large manufacturer of special products for various vehicles. Its products are not only distributed among domestic buyers, but also supplied to different countries of the near and far abroad.

Oils for cars are manufactured in accordance with existing quality standards. They are promoted to the lubricating compositions of large enterprises of mechanical engineering. These are enough quality products in the mainstream category. Rosneft synthetic oils are in demand today.

Cost of

One of the positive characteristics is the price of Rosneft synthetic 5w40 oil. Since it is made in our country, it is possible to significantly reduce costs. This is reflected in the cost.

Oil Rosneft 5w40 synthetics price

Synthetic lubricants from any manufacturer are more expensive than mineral, semi-synthetic or hydrocracking compounds. This is due to the high performance characteristics of oils based on artificial components. A distinctive feature of Rosneft products is an acceptable cost. In the presented group of compositions, oils of the Premium line are presented.

It should be said that the price of Rosneft synthetic 5w40 oil remains acceptable for almost all drivers. The cost of a canister with a capacity of 4 liters is from 1450 rubles. This is a relatively low price of synthetic oil group. It has a lot of positive characteristics.

The principle of the oil

The characteristics of Rosneft Synthetic 5w40 oil conform to API SM / CF international quality standard. This means that the presented product is suitable for new-model engines.

Engine oil Rosneft synthetic 5w40

Synthetic compounds, including the Premium Series oils, are characterized by high fluidity. They quickly spread through the system, enveloping all moving, rubbing mechanisms. Between their surfaces forms a strong, thin film. That it prevents the appearance of mechanical and other damage to the metal.

Flowing oils suitable for engines of the new sample. However, the presented compositions can not be applied to all engines. If the unit belongs to the category of the old model, has a high mileage, it is better to give preference to other types of oils. Synthetic is suitable for new engines. It retains its original qualities for a long time, providing several functions at once.


Rosneft synthetic 5w40 engine oil contains a balanced set of additives in synthetic oil base. They have on the motor several protective functions.Oil Rosneft Premium 5w40 synthetics

Premium Series oil protects moving parts from mechanical damage. They ensure their good glide. This avoids microscopic scratches and gouges on the metal.

Premium lubricants also have a detergent effect on the system. They collect sediment particles, which are formed as a result of fuel combustion, keeping them in oil in a suspended state. Due to this effect, it is possible to keep the motor clean for a long time.

Additives also prevent the formation of corrosion, oxidative processes within the lubricant itself. This makes synthetic lubricants of the Rosneft company durable and efficient.

Test results

For most inexpensive models of modern cars that are operated in the central regions of our country, Rosneft Synthetics 5w40 oil is suitable. Tests carried out in independent laboratories confirm this.

Oil Rosneft 5w40 synthetics tests

After research, technologists may argue that the presented oil can not be attributed to innovative developments. However, the composition assigned to it is fulfilled in full.

According to the test results, it was found that the kinematic viscosity at 100 ºС was 14.09 mm² / s. Alkaline number meets the requirements of API SM / CF. It is 8.4 mg KOH / g. Ash sulphate is also within the limits set by the standard. It is 1.2% of the mass. The flash point is 221 ºС. The composition begins to crystallize at a temperature of -35 ºС.

The figures stated by the manufacturer differ slightly from the test results. This indicates the veracity of the information indicated on the package.


Considering the rating of Rosneft oils, it should be noted that the synthetic Premium series is one of the best products of this brand. This lubricant meets modern requirements and can compete with even more expensive products from other manufacturers.Rosneft oil rating

In terms of efficiency, Premium 5w40 synthetic lubricant gets 1.83 points out of 5 possible.Power indicator was 2.62 points. According to the presented indicators, Rosneft Premium loses to its competitors, for example, Lukoil Lux. However, the composition was able to circumvent this composition in terms of environmental performance. In this category, "Premium" gets 2.52 points.

But in terms of protection of the engine in extreme conditions and in the implementation of the cold start, the presented composition has bypassed even foreign counterparts. In these categories, Premium oil gets 5 and 4.6 points respectively. This proves the high quality and effectiveness of this lubricant while protecting the engine in the harsh domestic climate.

Features of operation

Rosneft Premium synthetic 5w40 oil is intended for domestically produced cars, as well as budget cars. It is not used in systems with a particulate filter. The presented product is suitable for engines that run on gasoline or diesel fuel. In the first case, the motor should be released no earlier than 2004. If the car drives a diesel engine, the design of the engine can be developed no earlier than 1990. You can apply this composition for turbocharged engines.

Rosneft Oil Review

A balanced set of additives meets environmental standards and the requirements of national and international standards. The oil correctly combines the components on the phosphoric, zinc, calcium-based, as well as sulfur. This ensures high quality oil. It can compete with budgetary compositions of foreign production.

When creating the formula “Rosneft Premium” with a viscosity class of 5w40, the features of the operation of motors under Russian roads were taken into account. Due to this, it became possible to significantly reduce the adverse impact of the harsh domestic climate, fuel of poor quality, as well as poor road conditions on the engine system.

Negative reviews

Considering reviews of Rosneft synthetic 5w40 oil, a large number of positive statements can be noted. Only about 15% of the drivers surveyed were not satisfied with the quality of the domestic product.

Buyers note that the oil consumption of the Premium series is quite large. It is necessary to constantly add to the engine crankcase. Also, the grease quickly fade.This is a negative property of this product.

Technologists say that adverse reviews of lubrication "Premium" may be due to the wrong choice of oil. If such a composition is poured into the engine of the old model, it will be possible to observe not only the high consumption of funds, but also the deterioration of the system. Very soon the motor will require replacement. Some elements of these engines are incompatible with synthetic compounds. Compactors will collapse quickly.

Positive reviews

The overwhelming majority of reviews of Rosneft synthetic 5w40 oil are positive. About 85% of the drivers surveyed would recommend this product to their friends and acquaintances. They note that at a sufficiently low price, the presented oil is distinguished by high operational rates.

It is noted that the synthetic composition "Premium" is suitable for a variety of engine models. This greatly expands its scope. The engine works stably. Noises and vibrations are greatly reduced.

The system is protected from soot deposits and pollution for a long time. With timely replacement of oil, you can achieve high motor protection.This is a lubricant that is suitable for vehicles in the central and northern regions of Russia. Drivers note its high quality and reliability.

Having considered the peculiarities of Rosneft synthetic 5w40 oil, reviews of experts and buyers about it, it is possible to decide on the possibility of purchasing this compound for the motor of your car.

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