Rosa Red Intuishn: photos and description

Making landscape design can not do without roses. Even a few bushes of royal plants can turn a place reserved for a flower garden into a fabulous corner. Rosa Red Intuishn will bring charm and embody intricate ideas in the design of the design of everyone who likes to do this thing.


Flower growers are obliged to the French breeder Delbaru for breeding uniquely exquisite flowers. The “miracle-birth” of such beauty happened in 1999. About Red Intuishn rose encyclopedia says that the variety was first moved to its new habitat in 2004 in France.

The introduced plant perfectly acclimatized in conditions alien to it and in 2005 received its first awards. One of these definitions of a beautiful flower is: "The most decorative hybrid rose." The article has a photo of roses Red Intuishn, which will help to appreciate the beauty of this plant.

rose red intuishn


The bush is a little more than 1 m tall, not wide, without thorns and with single flowers.The leaves are medium in size, saturated green and slightly glossy. The buds have a rather rich shape, resembling a glass.

Flowers are what most impress people. They are described as burgundy and red garnet. In fact, there are much more tones, because there are various stripes and streaks on the flower petals that change color. Sometimes there are pronounced spots, and because of this, the rose was called "tiger". The flowers themselves are bowl-shaped, large (10 cm) and look gorgeous due to the terry cover on the petals.

Drawing attention to the photo and description of the Red Intuishn rose, the gardener is unlikely to be interested in this unique flower.

Rose Red Intuish photo

The advantages of the variety

This variety has many advantages:

  • Universal, hybrid tea.
  • Drought resistant.
  • Not subject to fungal diseases.
  • Cold resistant (- 35aboutFROM).
  • The variety of roses Red Intuishn is famous for its continuous flowering and the duration of the period of ejection of buds.
  • The aroma is gentle, unobtrusive.

Rose Red Intuishy photo and description

Suitable soil

Ideally, the soil is prepared in the fall, but it can be done in the spring, a month before the planting of seedlings. A light and protected area is selected for planting.

Under the digging to a depth of 0.5 m, peat, compost and fresh manure are embedded (per 1 m2- 15 g each). Sour ground lime and make bone meal. Red Intuishn rose has a need for additional fertilizers, such as superphosphate and wood ash.

Red Intuishn rose description


It is better to buy saplings for landing with the roots wrapped in cellophane. The presence of a coma of earth around the root system ensures survival of the plant. Roses are planted from April to the end of May. When plants are mass-planted, the distance between the bushes leaves 70 cm, and between the rows - 80-100 cm. In order to observe the full development of rose bushes on their site, they perform a number of necessary works.

  1. Dig a hole 50 x 50 cm, bring in a prepared nutrient mixture (if the soil was not enriched in the fall) and fill up to form a mound.
  2. Carefully inspect the cuttings, cut off the diseased and broken shoots and cut the dried parts at the root. 3-4 buds are left on the main shoot.
  3. Before planting, seedlings should be placed in water and allowed to stand for about 4 hours, and then immersed in a talker of clay and manure.
  4. Immediately after the implementation of these procedures should be planted seedling.Young bush put on a mound and gently laid out the roots. Then gradually immerse him in a pit, powdered with earth. The formation of voids should not be allowed, therefore the ground should be well compacted. Rosa Red Intuishn is suitable for heavier primer.
  5. The grafted place is deepened by 4 cm, and after the spikes start out of it, they are raked back.
  6. After planting, the plant needs abundant watering.
  7. It would be good to mulch the soil around the bush. As mulch it is better to use nutrient material, for example, humus.

rose variety Red Intuishn


If the planting was done on well-fertilized soil, then Red Intuishn rose care is in moderate watering and pruning.

The first brushing of the bushes is done in the spring. To form a healthy shrub, pruning the tops of all shoots. The procedure is carried out in such a way that the more powerful branches have a length of 15 cm and 3 developed buds, and the rest - 1-2 buds. In the fall, selective pruning is done. Broken and diseased shoots are cut off and dry leaves are removed.


It is necessary to implement preventive pest control measures in time. First, the diseases and damages of plants can spoil a wonderful masterpiece conceived by a florist. Wilted flowers, enveloped in cobwebs, will not please the owner.Secondly, the invasion of harmful insects can destroy the bush as a whole.

Aphid loves to “sit” on roses, so the bushes are depleted over time. To protect the queen of the garden from withering, it is necessary to pretreat the plant with such preparations as Rogor, Karbofos, Antioto and Metathion.

From the spider mite, the bushes are sprayed with proven means: Izofen and Akreks.

Processing the mixture of copper and ferrous sulfate with the addition of potassium sulfate is an excellent protection against powdery mildew.

Some gardeners use traditional methods to control pests. For example, aphids are destroyed with garlic tincture. It is prepared as follows: grind 0.5 kg of garlic, placed in a 3-liter jar and put in a cold place. Concentrated infusion is gradually added to the water and periodically sprayed plants throughout the season.

In a bucket of water, dilute 3 tbsp. l soda and handle roses for the prevention of powdery mildew.

Rose Hybrid Red Intuishn can get chlorosis. This disease is expressed in the yellowing of the main leaf area, while the veins remain green.The defeat begins with the young shoots, but eventually the whole bush gets sick. The reason for this is poor soil, in particular - the lack of iron. In this case, the Red Intuish tea rose needs to be fed. Recommended foliar spraying with special sprays containing chelated iron.

If the florist does not take preventive measures, he will not be able to observe the external characteristics of the plant, which are illustrated in the photo with the Red Intuishn rose.

Rose Red Intuishn Encyclopedia of Roses


The most common method is grafting. To cut off the shoots for this purpose should be at the time of budding or immediately after flowering. For the tea rose, the first variant is more suitable, since it blooms too long, and new cuttings will need to have time to develop.

  • Below, an oblique cut is made (under the kidney itself), and at the top - 1 cm from the kidney. Then the central part is divided into cuttings of 6-7 cm with several leaves.
  • Before planting, future seedlings are immersed in “Kornevin” to stimulate the formation of roots. This should be done carefully so that the leaves do not fly around, otherwise the cutting will not root.
  • The finished segments are washed in water and planted at a slight slope.For cuttings will be a suitable place where at noon there will be a shadow.
  • Seedlings covered with glass or plastic utensils. If they were planted in a box, then it is covered with a film.
  • The soil under the banks with seedlings should be constantly wet. If the weather is too hot, watering is done several times a day.
  • In a month, rooting of cuttings will take place, after which banks are removed and young plants are fed with urea or saltpeter.

rose tea hybrid Red Intuishn

Scope of application

First of all, all roses are designed to decorate flowerbeds. Because of the variety of shades, the most appropriate flower from the group of tea species is the Red Intuishn rose. In the description of the variety of roses mentioned the duration of flowering. By the way, the flowers of the queen of the garden open very slowly, so there is an opportunity for a long period to enjoy their fresh look and scent.

Tea rose can be used to create fences and flower beds. Due to its structure, rose bushes will look better in the foreground of a large flower bed.

Roses in cut form for a long time retain their appearance. They are used to create bouquets and compositions.On sale flowers of this grade are in great demand.


We can safely say that one of the best flowers for creating a fascinating home corner is the Red Intuishn rose. From the photo and description of the variety you can always make a certain conclusion, but still it is better to admire the beautiful flowers in your garden. Flower growers who do not grow tea rose, should purchase such a unique plant.

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