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In his thirty-year career as a writer, Robert Ludlam, over 210 million of his novels have been sold. Before him, popular fiction was dissolved in well-established genres: Western, historical romance, spy thriller or crime novel. Ludlam broke these boundaries. The first work, The Scarlatti Heritage, was published in 1971; Robert wrote it at the age of forty.

Robert Ladlam

Author biography

Robert Ludlam was born in New York on May 25, 1927 and spent his childhood in New Jersey. His father was a businessman, his mother - the daughter of a wealthy man, thanks to whom Robert received his higher education after the death of his father in 1934. He studied at Ludlam at the Rectory School, a private school for boys at Abington and at the Cheshire Academy.

As a child, he dreamed of becoming a professional footballer. Even at school I tried myself as an actor, participating in theater productions. When Robert was sixteen years old, he was offered to perform in the comedy Junior Miss. This determined the choice of his future profession.

During the Second World War, Robert tried to join the air force, but failed. After graduating from Cheshire Academy, from 1945 to 1947, Landam served in the US Marine Corps. He was sent to the South Pacific. There he wrote over two hundred pages of his impressions. But the manuscript was lost. After the service, Robert continued his studies, entered the Wesleyan University in Connecticut, where he met his future wife Mary.

Ladlam's theater career began in 1950. The next two decades, Robert worked as an actor on television and on Broadway. He then worked as a producer at the North Jersey Playhouse. During his twenty-year career, he played more than two hundred roles in theater and cinema. But the recognition of which he dreamed, never achieved.

In 1960, he created Playhouse-on-the-Mall, a theater in the small town of Paramus. For him, he wrote plays, many of which were played on Broadway.

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Creativity Ludlam

Ladlam's writing career developed successfully and rapidly. From the very first novel “The Legacy of Scarlatti,” the author became one of the masters of a political detective story. His subsequent books with enviable consistency were among the bestsellers.

The author raises in the works the most important political problems of society.Robert Ludlam skillfully embeds real facts into the plot of a thriller. It vividly shows the close connection between historical events and modernity.

For the concept of his novels, it is not fundamental that there is no documented evidence of certain historical events. For example, the murder of John Hoover, the all-powerful chief of the FBI, or the existence of a deal between the US and German military departments in 1944. The versions proposed by the author correspond to the spirit of the processes of that time.

Ludlam was able to consider the interest of readers in the mysteries and intrigues of power, and combine this with the love of lonely heroes who come to grips with superior forces. Whether it is a government structure, a powerful FBI, a drug syndicate, or an international organization that decided to establish a military dictatorship.

Landel's heroes consciously take risks, they have exceptional abilities to change appearance, possess the necessary “heroic” qualities. They can be both ordinary people and professionals. For example, in the novel “Paper Matlock” - Professor Matlock, the writer Chancelor in “The Manuscripts of Chancelor”, in “The Exchange of Rheinemann” - the professional intelligence officer David Spalding, retired military lawyer Joel Converse in “The Conspiracy“ Aquitaine ”.

His characters are well aware that they have to rely only on themselves. Some of them connect to solve the problem of unauthorized persons, having previously studied them. As a rule, his heroes are immersed in the task with the head and find in it a criminal background. At this point, they decide, contrary to the assignment, to go to the end and get out of control of the persons from whom they received the case. As a result, they are "between two fires." Sometimes third forces also intervene in the events, whose intentions the hero cannot initially unravel.

Describes in detail the situation, against which events take place, the author Robert Ludlam. Books show different situations. For example, in Matthek's Paper, the world of the drug business, in Reinemann's Exchange, the work of military intelligence, a powerful illegal organization challenging the FBI, is shown in the Chancelor Manuscript.

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How does he write?

Ludlam novels are written in fairly simple language. With his style, he not only does not spoil the impressions of what he read, but also allows the reader to “get into” what is happening. The author masterfully builds episodes, an energetic and concise manner of writing “presses” on emotionality.Often in the books of Ludlam, the past of the heroes is so vividly and in detail described that it is not difficult to imagine their present.

At the height of the ingenuity of the heroes who are trying not only to survive, but also to replay the circumstances to their own advantage. They are not bullet-proof "supermen", but constantly alert and looking for new ways to break away from the pursuit. Robert Ludlam perfectly "feels" the events taking place. The author knows where to lead the chase, where to push with emotions or to push the main character into the background. Realism and vivid description of the characters inspire confidence of the reader.

The specifics of the work of those or other structures involved in the novel, outlined with skill. Historical details, the internal policy of state-owned companies, religious organizations, the author describes consistently and harmoniously. Skillfully interweaves the plot and the real facts and events, and artistic fiction.

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What does Robert Ludlam write about?

The best books of the author, in the opinion of readers, we will consider in more detail. Of all the novels of Ladlam's “Matlock's Paper,” perhaps the simplest and clearest story.The Ministry of Justice assumes that a drug marketing center has been established at one of the universities. For help, they turn to Professor Matlock. One of the arguments was that the professor's younger brother died from drugs.

Pretty quickly, the professor moves away from the goals set for him and, relying only on himself, is introduced into the criminal environment. It is difficult to call this novel a detective. Rather, it is a fighter with gunfights, chase, murder, where the hero goes to the goal, resisting both those who sent him on mission and those who are being watched.

The spy novel "The Exchange of Reinemann" about the activities of American intelligence can be safely called a political detective story. Since the task that the hero receives, affects both Germany and South Africa and the USA. The essence of the task is to prevent the deal on the exchange of military secrets of Germany for raw materials from South Africa. Dealers from the USA control the deal.

One of the most significant novels critics call the "Manuscript of Chancelor." This is undoubtedly a protest against surveillance organized by the FBI, which turned out to be a file containing thousands of top secret,including compromising information on influential figures of the country.

The search for this dossier is the organization "Inver-Brass", for which nothing is impossible. Including penetrate into the office where the file is stored. But there is only half the list. To help the organization invites the writer Chancellor, the famous novels exposing. And the writer did not resist the opportunity to expose the FBI chief.

Trilogy "Born" - a wonderful representative of the genre thriller, thriller. The novel introduces a man of extraordinary destiny, who is trying to recover his memories. Mary, who works for the Canadian government, helps him in this. They find out that Bourne is a contract killer. A phrase constantly sounds in Born’s head that helps him remember his mission. Meanwhile, the police consider him a murderer and hunt for him, and Mary kidnaps the US government in order to recruit Bourne.

Other books

Works translated into Russian:

  • In 1972, the Osterman Weekend novel was released.
  • The novel "Twins Rivals" was published in 1976.
  • The year of publication of the book "Holcroft's Testament" - 1978
  • The Circle of Matarsee was published in 1979.
  • The novel "Mosaic of Parsifal" was released in 1982.
  • "The Road to Omaha" was published in 1992.
  • The novel "The Illusion of Scorpion" was published in 1992.
  • "The trick of" Prometheus "was released in 2000.
  • The year of publication of the Sigma Protocol is 2001.
  • "Warning Ambler" was released in print in 2005.

Many of the novels that were written by Robert Ludlam, formed the basis of films and TV shows. For example, “The Reinman's Deal”, the Bourne trilogy, Osterman's Weekend, The Guardian of the Apocalypse, Aida Factor

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