Review of the latest generation "KIA Karen"

The premiere show of the latest generation of the car "KIA Karen" (photos are below), was held in late September 2012 as part of the international exhibition that was held in Paris. New received appearance in the style of model CEED and built on a platform with front-wheel drive. In general, we can say that the developers have created a full-fledged replacement for the predecessor, because now potential buyers have the opportunity to choose between a five-seater and seven-seater body layout.

Kia Karen

General information

The design of the fourth, and so far, the last generation of the KIA Karen was developed by Peter Schreier. As noted above, the car is built on the platform of his other offspring - KIA CEED. The only exception was that, especially for the new product, the designers extended it by ten centimeters. The body of the car is quite durable and at the same time looks sporty. When you first look at the car is difficult to believe that it can freely accommodate seven adults.It should be noted that initially the developers planned to install sliding doors on the model, but some time later they changed their mind and returned to the classical scheme. In general, the novelty can be called a very interesting, well thought out and inexpensive to operate cars.

Kia Karen photo


When looking at the car from the side, a modern and stylish vyshtampovka in the lower part of the doors, a significantly piled front roof pillar, as well as harmonious radii of the wheel arches are striking. The front of the new KIA Karen is distinguished by large almond-shaped headlamps and a brand grille, typical of many other models from this South Korean manufacturer. The designers have installed in the front large fog lights, as well as a bumper, which seems to be smiling with its air intake. In the back of the car should be noted spectacularly looking lighting equipment, equipped with LED fillings. On the powerful bumper integrated plastic spoiler.


One of the main advantages of the car is the salon "KIA Karen". Owners reviews indicate thatcompared to the previous generation, there is a little more room inside. In this regard, all passengers feel quite comfortable in this car. The model received a new stylish steering wheel. A rather massive torpedo with a color touch screen, as well as a large dashboard, are striking the front. Both front and rear seats are very comfortable. In the second row, among other things, they can be moved back and forth, as well as tilted backs at different angles. The third row of seats is more suitable for undersized passengers. If such a need arises, all rear seats can be folded without problems.

Kia carns reviews

Main characteristics

The manufacturing company has provided two diesel and two gasoline engines for the KIA Karen model, the characteristics of which differ depending on the vehicle equipment. Both "diesel" have a volume of 1.7 liters and consist of four cylinders. The power of the first of them is 115 horsepower, and the second - 136 “horses”. As for gasoline power units, one is a 135-horsepower 1.6-liter engine, and the other is a two-liter unit, which is capable of developing 175 "horses."It should be noted that both of them are equipped with a direct fuel injection system. At the choice of the buyer is offered both automatic and manual transmission for six gears. As for the chassis, McPherson type suspension is used in the front, and a transverse beam is used at the rear. In this regard, the machine smoothly overcomes potholes and other irregularities of the road surface.


Already standard equipment "KIA Karen" includes air conditioning, cruise control, as well as modern systems of active and passive safety. Heated the first two rows of seats and steering a potential buyer can order as an option. The manual parking brake is now electric, and the car can be accessed without a key. Moreover, the model has the ability to start the engine with a button. In the maximum configuration, the car is equipped with a leather interior, heated all three rows of seats, a navigation system, climate control for three zones, a rearview camera, an assistant to parallel parking and many other useful modern systems. The cost of the car in the European market starts with a mark of 21 thousand euros.Kia Karen characteristics

The result

In general, the fourth generation of the car turned out pretty successful. The developers have tried to take into account all the flaws identified in the previous modification of "KIA Karen", and eliminate them. At the same time, the car received a new look, adapted to modern realities. You can even say that it is more like a roomy hatchback than a large family car. Whatever it was, seven people are placed in it without any problems. Unfortunately, many domestic connoisseurs of the model can only wait for the new product to appear in our country. According to representatives of the manufacturer, due to far from the highest demand for the previous generation, so far it is not planned.

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