Restaurant "Baden-Baden" (St. Petersburg): address, menu, reviews

The Baden-Baden restaurant, located in the northern part of St. Petersburg, invites guests to immerse themselves in the serene atmosphere of idle relaxation and good mood. The institution has created a wonderful atmosphere for those wishing to celebrate a celebration, romantic couples, friendly companies and families with children. In the opinion of visitors, the St. Petersburg restaurant "Baden-Baden" provides guests with a divine taste of food and a wide range of entertainment. Visitors believe that you can truly relax and unwind.

“Baden-Baden”, restaurant (St. Petersburg): location, interior

The institution is located in one of the sleeping quarters of St. Petersburg at the address: Ave. Enlightenment, 61. Metro stations are located at a considerable distance from the restaurant. Nearby there is a picturesque pond.

The luxurious Baden-Baden restaurant is housed in a separate two-story building. On the first floor there are two rooms.In one of them, the oak tree, guests are given the opportunity to comfortably sit among the items of vintage surroundings: wooden book shelves, old sewing machines and kerosene lamps. In the other - the bar - anyone can dance on the dance floor, relax on soft sofas, drink your favorite cocktail or enjoy live music.

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The interior of the second floor is decorated in classic style. Here, guests can sit in an exquisite mangal hall, visit a podium or a panorama with a magnificent view of the lake, and also settle in an elegant and cozy VIP-room, ideal for small companies. In summer and spring, the Baden-Baden restaurant invites guests to a spacious, 250-seat summer terrace with an open barbecue surrounded by greenery and flowers.


The menu of the restaurant "Baden-Baden" was compiled by chef M. Ermilov. It presents traditional dishes of Russian, German, Italian, Japanese cuisines that are loved by the whole world. Especially guests distinguish dishes from the chef: stuffed milk pig, sturgeon, baked whole, perch, cooked according to a special recipe. Their holiday feed impresses.

The wine list deserves special attention. Restaurant "Baden-Baden" on Enlightenment, 61, invites guests to enjoy the wine products of famous world producers from Spain, France, Italy, Chile. In the wine list, thanks to the efforts of the best sommeliers of St. Petersburg, a balanced combination of a variety of assortment and price policy flexibility. To any of the dishes presented in the menu of the institution, as the best complement, there will certainly be excellent wine.

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Guest experience

According to visitors, the menu in “Baden-Baden” is replete with hits of traditional European cuisine. It is based on classic German dishes, complemented by delights of Russian, Italian and Japanese cuisines. In their reviews, visitors share pleasant impressions from the cuisine of the place.

Especially distinguished company salad of the same name, the ingredients of which blend harmoniously into a delicate delicious bouquet: pieces of pickled salmon, lettuce leaves and juicy apple slices form a real culinary masterpiece. Visitors also note the unsurpassed taste of the local rich solyanka. Gourmet delight for gourmets, according to reviews, is “Royally Game”.Juicy slices of chicken meat, aged in cognac, in combination with fruit platter, peach topping, provide an extraordinary brightness of the taste of this dish.

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Restaurant “Baden-Baden”, according to guests, can be proud of another culinary masterpiece - homemade sausages, cooked according to a German recipe. There are 3 options for serving branded sausages: sprinkled with cumin seeds, flavored with garlic or with the addition of mustard. As a side dish offers classic stewed cabbage with bacon and slices of tomatoes. The perfect drink for sausages, according to connoisseurs of German cuisine, is fresh foamy beer. This gorgeous establishment offers an extensive range of beer: the beer menu of the restaurant contains 11 varieties of the wonderful intoxicating drink.

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Quotes from the menu

Restaurant guests can enjoy:

  • Fillet spicy Baltic sprats - for 290 rubles.
  • Grilled vegetables - for 290 rubles.
  • Tiger shrimp kebabs - for 569 rub.
  • Assorted Italian sausages - for 480 rubles.
  • Hot smoked pork ears - for 290 rubles.
  • Draniki with mushroom sauce and sour cream - for 260 rubles.
  • Kharcho of lamb with sorrel, pearl barley and spices - for 340 rubles.
  • Classic baked pork knuckle with stewed sauerkraut and beer sauce - for 740 rubles.
  • Fruit salad of pear, orange slices and nectarine - for 290 rubles.
  • Profiteroles with raspberry sauce - for 180 rubles.
  • Hot French cake - for 280 rubles.
  • Espresso - for 100 rubles.
  • Bakkatino Montepulciano (150 ml) - for 280 rubles.
  • Freshly squeezed carrot juice - for 190 rubles.

Facilities and Services

Restaurant "Baden-Baden" on Enlightenment, 61, presents to the attention of guests:

  • Entertainment: performances of musicians, dance music. On Thursdays - from 19-00 to 23-00, on Fridays and Saturdays - from 20-00 to 24-00.
  • Dance floor
  • TV (sports broadcast).
  • Wi-Fi (free).
  • Cuisine: Russian, European.
  • Scene.

The restaurant also provides guests with the use of: air conditioning, facilities for children, a non-smoking area, smoking areas (lounge, balcony, terrace), summer terrace (with 200 seats), halls, parking (for 100 cars), sound and lighting equipment, and wardrobe , television panels in the equipment of the halls. For the convenience of guests are provided: the possibility of using their own equipment and renting a restaurant.

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Services for children

While adults enjoy food and rest, children can also spend time quite fun and interesting.The Baden-Baden Restaurant provides a playroom and a playground for children to stay in, where young guests are offered to pass the time in exciting activities under the supervision of an experienced teacher. You can use the babysitting service: on Friday - from 16-00 to 22-00, on Saturday - from 12-00 to 22-00, on Sunday - from 12-00 to 20-00.


"Baden-Baden" (restaurant, St. Petersburg) is ideal for organizing various banquet events. The guests of the establishment are provided with a wide range of banquet services: from a cozy friendly party to a grand wedding celebration.

  • Banquet order (300 persons). Cost for 1 person: from 1660 rub.
  • Order buffet (500 persons). Cost for 1 person: from 700 rubles.

In the halls of the restaurant seats up to 350 people. Here, guests can be provided with several banquet offers, including a variety of table placement options, high quality service and an unforgettable taste of dishes. The most popular are:

  • "Prestige". It is a real hit of sales. Provides a balanced combination of affordable prices and a rich assortment of salads, appetizers, desserts and hot dishes.
  • "Lux".An option for those who wish to afford more. It is a delicious menu for true connoisseurs of European traditions, which provides a combination of dishes and snacks from selected products of the highest quality.

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After dinner, guests can take a walk in the park on the shore of the lake, which is great for arranging chic festive salute, marital retreats and wedding photo shoots. When ordering in the institution of exit marriage registration, the restaurant specialists will help to conduct an unforgettable ceremony in the halls or in the open air. The cost of the event for customers of the wedding banquet - from 18 000 rubles.

The restaurant provides: an original script making service (based on individual preferences and wishes), wedding receptionist services, an arch decorated with flowers, greenery, cloth, a carpet covered with rose petals, a table for the receptionist, a folder for painting, a pad for rings, chairs in covers and with bows, equipment and full music, a range of additional services.

About the advantages of ordering a banquet in "Baden-Baden"

The undoubted advantage of organizing a banquet in Baden-Baden, according to visitors, is the lack of rent, interest for services, cork collection, as well as providing a gift to the newlyweds from the restaurant, ample parking, the ability to use their own alcohol.

About the event "New Year's Eve"

Restaurant "Baden-Baden" offers guests tickets to participate in an unforgettable event - "New Year's Eve." Visitors will enjoy an interesting entertainment program, in which they participate: vocal-instrumental ensemble, DJ, striptease show, circus performers, show ballet, host and, of course, Santa Claus with Snow Maiden.

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In the "New Year's Eve" above the roof of "Baden-Baden" the lights of the grandiose fireworks light up. Beginning of the action: December 31 at 22:45. Ticket price: 5,900 - 6,900 rubles. All drinks have a 20% discount. Festive menu includes:

  • Cold appetizers: fish plate of cold smoked halibut, home-made salted salmon, volovanov with salmon caviar, smoked sea bass salad; hot smoked duck breast meat plate, home-baked ham pork with honey-mustard sauce; plateau with olives, homemade pickles, fresh vegetables, olives, greens, pickled honey agarics.
  • Salads: “Olivier” with veal; "Caesar" with tiger prawns.
  • Hot starters: baked champignons stuffed with crayfish.
  • Hot dishes to choose from: grilled sea bass with “Holandays” sauce, pork steak with mushroom sauce.
  • Desserts: a fruit vase, a delicate dessert with wild berries.
  • Drinks: water (0.25 l), juice (0.5 l), semi-sweet champagne (0.375 l), Tsarskaya vodka (0.25 l), coffee or tea.

About holding the “Hall program”

Every November 2 in the restaurant Halloween is celebrated deliciously. Free entry is provided. Each guest receives as a gift the Bloody Mary cocktail. The entertainment program includes: live music, a special strip show, an aquarium artist, and a photographer. Guests share in the Networks excellent impressions received at the "Evening of terrible fun."

On the wires of winter

The staff of the Baden-Baden restaurant annually congratulates its guests on the arrival of spring. During the Maslenitsa period, the restaurant invites you to a special menu, including delicious pancakes, cooked with love by local chefs according to exclusive recipes. Guests can enjoy Pancake Pancakes:

  • With salmon caviar and sour cream - for 190 rubles.
  • With salmon - for 180 rubles.
  • With homemade cherry or strawberry jam - for 200 rubles.
  • Stuffed ham, bacon, mushrooms - for 120 rubles.
  • With butter and sour cream - for 100 rubles.

The restaurant invites everyone to please themselves and their friends with the arrival of the long-awaited spring.

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Address of the restaurant "Baden-Baden": Ave. Enlightenment, 61. Metro stop: “Ave. Enlightenment "," Grazhdansky Ave. ". Open: Sunday - Thursday: from 12-00 to 24-00 (kitchen - until 23-00), on Friday - Saturday: from 12-00 to 02:00 (kitchen - until 01-00). Average bill (without drinks): 850 r. The magnificent restaurant “Baden-Baden” invites everyone to take advantage of the services and facilities provided. Phone can be found on the official website.

Guest reviews

Restaurant "Baden-Baden" is quite popular in St. Petersburg. Reviews about the level of service and about the kitchen of the institution are mostly positive. The restaurant has its regulars who prefer leisure and celebrations to spend it in "Baden-Baden".

Many guests here like the fact that the institution is a transforming restaurant: it has rooms for any purpose and for every taste.The bar is equipped for fans of sports broadcasts, they can indulge in their favorite pastime in the company of like-minded people over a mug (or glass) of their favorite drink. The ceremonial hall with its living rooms and balconies is designed for celebrations, in the oak lovers of the village gatherings like to gather. The guests are looking forward to how the fate of the barbecue hall will be decided whether it will resume work. Visitors like it very much, as evidenced by their reviews, to relax in the summer on the open terraces, from which there is an amazing view of the blossoming square and the picturesque pond. The guests are also pleased that the restaurant provides a children's area and services of a caregiver.

Guests respond to the restaurant’s cuisine with real enthusiasm, great barbecue, excellent pastries, wonderful salmon, as well as unsurpassed steaks and “Bush” pork, literally melting in the mouth. Visitors claim that in the institution you can always order an appetizing soup (many people like the Finnish ear very much), delicious desserts, specialty beers and wonderful salads. The cost of meals suits almost all guests of the restaurant. Local prices are called not exorbitant, but quite democratic.

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The guests treat the service somewhat contradictory. Not always, according to their reviews, the restaurant attentively treat guests. On the part of the waiters and the administration, there are instances of disrespectfulness and even outright rudeness towards visitors. Frequent unpleasant incidents in organizing and holding banquets. The service, according to some authors of reviews, pulls "3+". Regulars do not get tired to extol the institution and regularly visit it with entire companies.

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