Delicious kulebyaka with fish. Recipes kulebyaki with mushrooms, chicken or meat

One of the main dishes of Russian national cuisine -Pies. On the tables of our ancestors, they occupied an honorable place, which was reflected in many proverbs and sayings. The most famous of them says that any cottage is not red with corners, but with its food, and pies in particular. In our cooking there is a considerable amount of subspecies of this wonderful food. For example, kulebyaki.

History of the dish

Recipes of most Russian dough productscame to us almost in its original form, retaining its specific features. This, perhaps, is the only dish that has escaped foreign influence. Moreover, many of them (for example, kulebyaka with fish, meat or vegetables), on the contrary, were transferred from Russia to Europe and became the subject of admiration for gourmets from virtually the whole world. The first information about this kind of pies dates back to the distant 12th century. In ancient sources it was noted that they were eaten as noble boyars, and ordinary peasants or artisans. At that time, usually cooked poultry with fish, eggs, onions, mushrooms - all together, these fillings filled one cake, making up its different layers. And much later, when the Russian nobility began to cook foreign cooks, as a mince began to lay meat turkeys, rabbit meat, game, as well as rice. By and large, it was kulebyaka with fish, along with kalachi, pies, sterlet ears and pancakes with caviar became a symbol of Russian hospitality and national cuisine. No wonder that Russian writers described it with such enthusiasm!

Description of kulebyaki

What is kulebyaka with fish andanother stuffing? In fact, it is a product made of dough, yeast or puff pastry, where a diverse filling is placed. It is laid in layers, and as a border between them, thin pancakes are used, they are pellicles. So we get the original pies in the pie. It is made such kulebyaka usually elongated, during baking it is given the form of a horseshoe, and on a table they serve sliced ​​across to portions pieces. Thanks to this, everyone who eats a dish has the opportunity to try all kinds of stuffing. If it is prepared from a yeast dough, it turns out more palatable than from puff pastry. As for minced meat, it is usually put, almost, ready.

Kulebyaka fish: dough for baking

 kulebyaka with fish

So, let's start cooking. The first thing that interests us is kulebyaka with fish. Her photo looks very tempting and appetizing. And the taste, believe me, is not worse! Let's start with the test. Let it be a puff, with the observance of traditional technologies. Take half a kilogram of flour, sow it. Half mix with chopped butter (or baking margarine - 400 g). Knead, roll into a square about 2 cm thick and put in the refrigerator. Dissolve the second part of the flour with water (half a cup), add the juice of half a lemon (you can use acid), pour in a teaspoon of salt. Knead the elastic dough, roll it into a bowl and leave "rest", brew. Cover with a clean towel. Half an hour later, roll out a square with a rolling pin from it, larger in size (twice in two) than the one in the refrigerator. Then place the cooled square on the freshly cooked, cover and roll out a strip 1 cm thick. Gently fold it with an accordion and place it again in a cold place. After half an hour, repeat the operation, roll out the dough and cool again. After three manipulations, the puff pastry is suitable for food processing.kulebyaka with fish photo

Kulebyaka with fish: we make an interlayer

Fry nastnikov - they should be on 2 piecesmore than the number of kinds of fillings, and also approximately 2 goes to one layer. Try to get the pancakes as thin as possible. To bridle them is enough only on one side, you can not turn over the second one, but immediately put it on a plate.

Kulebyaka fish: preparing the filling

recipe for poultry with fish

Now stuffing. Since we have a recipe for kulebyaki with fish, you will need: boiled sturgeon, sliced, slices of lightly salted herring, smoked salmon and other varieties you have. In general, for a pie of this type, ideally salted red fish, fresh, fresh. And even dried. According to the rules of cooking, the "royal" red salt is put between the layers of buckwheat porridge or rice. Slices should be thin, otherwise the taste will be too saturated. If the red fresh fish, the mincemeat between it should consist of a mixture of fried onions, chopped eggs, a handful of rice porridge, sprinkled with salt and spicy pepper. If you take a fish fillet, it is placed entirely on a layer and must be sprinkled with spices. Transfer the filling can be rings of raw onions.

How oleksya with fish

Well, actually, the technology of cooking. Divide the dough into parts - by the number of pies that will bake. From them, roll out layers 1 cm thick, 20 in width, and 60 cm in length (the approximate size of your baking tray). Carefully shift the dough onto a waffle towel. On it lay the nalists, on top - the first kind of filling, cover with pancakes, and so do until all the mincemeat is finished. When the cake is full, try to press the edges of the pushers down so that the filling does not get enough sleep. Now tighten the loose sides of the dough and protect them. Lubricate the pan and carefully transfer the cake to it. And beat the beaten egg on the poultry. Give it a specific shape and leave it for half an hour in the warmth - the dough will rise again. Before sending to the oven, re-grease with an egg and pierce at the ends with a sharp edge of the knife, so that steam leaves the cube. Bake for about 45 minutes at a temperature of 230-245 degrees. Wait until the dish is well browned. That it is not burned, cover the "toasted" places with foil or paper, which should be wetted from the front. Before serving, cut into pieces. Serve with a soup.

Kulebyaka with poultry

kulebyaka with chicken

The next culinary delights that we have youwe will gladden - this is a kulebyaka with chicken. It is baked from yeast dough. To knead it, take: flour - 600 g, butter - a pack (200 g), 3 egg yolks, a glass of milk, a little yeast (25 g), a spoonful of salt. In warm milk dissolve the yeast, pour half the flour, knead, let rise. Then add the rest of the ingredients, beat well and leave again, so that the volume is doubled. After that, you can roll under a pie. The filling is prepared in the following order: chicken meat in salted, spiced water almost until cooked. Then remove from the bones and cut into thin slices. In this kulebyak are put and boiled giblets. Throw them in a colander, cool, grind and fry with onions. Cook hard-boiled several eggs (depends on the amount of filling and the number of pies). Chop, mix with the fried. On the sheets of the test lay layer by layer and from above cover their fillets. Bake as described in the first recipe. Serve the cake for broth, soup, soup, pickle. By the same principle is prepared and kulebyaka with potatoes.

Mushroom pastries

poultry with mushrooms

Flour products with a mushroom filling - a truedelicacy, deliciously delicious, real table decoration. Minced meat is made from both salted and fresh and dried forest products. If you cook kulebyaka with mushrooms salted, they are finely chopped, mixed with fresh onions and vegetable oil, laid out on pancakes, interlayers, and the dish is baked until ready. When mushrooms are dried for minced meat, they are first boiled. Then finely cut, add onions, a little crumbly buckwheat or rice porridge. Fry forcemeat, seasoning with ground pepper and garlic. And, finally, the mushrooms are fresh. A wonderful filling is prepared, prepared in this way: slice them large, put them in a pot and squash about two hours in a little oil, but without water. Pomoshte necessarily green parsley, pour a little fragrant pepper. Then salt, pepper, pour a few chopped eggs, hard-boiled, and pour sour cream. Let the roast still stand a little on the fire, but it should be a bit thin for the consistency. Ready meat to let cool, and then stuff them with pies!

Kulebyaka with meat

poultry meat recipe

All kinds of kulebyak - the dishes are very hearty. Especially it concerns those that are made with meat stuffing. It is prepared from beef, lamb, pork, liver, with the addition of various ingredients and, of course, spices. How are you fried with meat? The recipe for the test is already known to you. Let's discuss the fineness of the filling. As the pie is prepared from the already almost edible stuffing, the meat should be boiled beforehand until soft. Then cut it into small pieces, as for a roast or kulesh. Melt the fat in a stove or in a frying pan, cut a lot of onions. Lay the meat there, add a little garlic, chopped steep eggs, seasonings and spices. To the contents of the finished kulebyaka from the dough and such minced meat tasted more tender, in the old days the housewives did so. When the pie was completely "assembled", "manned", before pounding the edges, a broth was infused into it, in which meat was boiled. Then the pancakes in the interlayer were soaked well, and the poultry itself literally melted in the mouth. A remarkable culinary effect was achieved by those who combined minced meat with mushroom, and also put a little sour cucumber.

Kulebyaka in a hurry

pies of dough

Not always the mistresses have time to observeabsolutely all the details of the process of cooking kulebyaki. And please the home and myself tasty very much. On the receipt comes the pie "in a fast." Its essence lies in the fact that the hostess prepares a filling of approximately the same consistency as for cabbage rolls or stuffed pepper. It can be rice with meat and mushrooms or buckwheat porridge with the same ingredients. When the dough is rolled out, fill it with a slide, and on top, instead of the nails, it should be sprinkled with the same crumbs. Now patch the edges, making a beautiful "scallop." Put the cake for 20 minutes in a warm place to climb, grease with an egg, puncture in several places with a fork. The kiln is needed at a temperature of 220 degrees. When the dough is browned, check the match for readiness. Hot, cut into pieces and carry on the table.

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