Recipe solyanka for home cooking

Do you know what a hodgepodge is? This is primarily a great pleasure. Imagine: you go into a warm house with frost, and on the table in the dining room there is a plate with a fragrant soup, next to it is a misted glass with vodka. Yes, yes it is with vodka. Nothing else is more suitable for the hodgepodge than it is “darling”. Ice vodka does not burn your throat, and there is simply no better snack than fatty tomato broth with delicious olives and a slice of lemon. Well, saliva flowed? Then I suggest you master the recipe for the hodgepodge. It is called a national team because several types of meat are required for cooking. In the classic version it is beef, veal, pork, lamb. But the meat is cooked for a long time. And the time is now probably the most scarce resource, and therefore most of the classic ingredients have changed.

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recipe for hodgepodgeNo matter how the recipe of the hodgepodge changes, the main ingredient is still meat. You can buy any.But I want to give advice. If it is winter on the street, then buy better lean pork, but if summer is beef or veal. Also add to the shopping list: three hundred grams of ham (can be chicken), a gram of one hundred smoked sausage (better than Moscow), one pork tongue, a couple of sausages can be. In the vegetable row, you must purchase onions, carrots, herbs, lemon, a jar of olives. Now go to the fragrant rows of spices. Here are bought only those ingredients that you love most. This will be your secret, called "how to make a hodgepodge meat team, not like any other." Purchases are made, we begin to cook.

Recipe for hodgepodge

Purchased meat and pork tongue must be rinsed well under running water,solyanka team homeso that all the blood is drained from them. It causes foam when boiling the broth. Therefore, the less blood, the tastier the soup. The first water in which the meat and tongue are boiled must be drained, filled with fresh water and brought to the boil again. Leave the pan on very low heat for an hour and a half. While the meat and tongue are boiling, turning the water into a fragrant broth, we will cook the browning. It is made in the same way as Ukrainian borscht.That is, you need to fry the onions, grated carrots and add tomato paste, diluted with broth. The home team solyanka acquires a unique taste if you add fresh tomatoes, chopped in a blender, to the browning. Therefore, I advise you to freeze a few medium-sized tomatoes in the fridge freezer from the summer. It is easy to defrost them, dropping in a spoon for a couple of minutes in our boiling broth. Then, like fresh tomatoes, you need these to make a hodgepodge meat teamGrate, chop in a blender or simply chop finely. Vegetables passe as long as possible, that is, until all the released liquid is gone. In the pan we have shkvarchit, meat is cooked. Cooking the remaining ingredients. We will cut the smoked sausage, sausages into strips, we will give the same shape to the already cooled meat and tongue. In an empty broth lay out the sautéing and all the meat ingredients. We give the soup to boil on a very slow fire for another two minutes. Any recipe for the hodgepodge of the national team contains advice: salt a little bit of broth, as sausage and sausages already contain salt. Put the sliced ​​meat ingredients into the pan.

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