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Wishing to protect their car from hacking and theft, drivers install an alarm on their vehicle. From the choice of a system depends on the quality of protection, as well as comfort during operation. To date, there are many alarms that can provide reliable protection for cars.

To choose the best option, you need to study before StarLine A93known to domestic drivers for a long time. During this time, users have formed a certain opinion about the presented system. Each driver should be aware of them in order to make correct conclusions about the quality of the alarm.

Main characteristics

To understand the quality of the presented alarm system will helpreviews. StarLine A93is a product of the company "UltraStar". It comes with a power type module. This allows the engine to start automatically and at a distance. The car is warming up before the driver leaves the house.

The alarm system of this model is designed for installation in domestic and foreign cars. The engine can be petrol or diesel. Transmission allowed automatic or mechanical type.Reviews of StarLine A93

The system allows you to manage and read data from the door switches, central locking, as well as in some machines, controls the functions of closing the windows and the hatch, etc.

The message system has individual encryption keys. They can not be hacked in an intelligent way. A special approach to creating a transmission signal allows you to eliminate interference and noise. As the manufacturer claims, the signal is sent at a distance of about 500 m. If the car transmits a warning to the key fob of the owner, the distance can reach 2 km.


Alarm "StarLine A93", reviewswhich can be found in various sources, has the function of autorun engine. Users note an increase in driving comfort with remote ignition.Alarm StarLine A93 reviews

Depending on the version of the system, the engine is automatically started using a keychain or a smartphone (GSM series).If the start was successful, information about the running motor is displayed on the device display. It also indicates the time it takes to warm up the engine. His driver adjusts on his own. Users claim that warming up is usually about 20 minutes. If necessary, this process can be extended.

Owners of car alarms also claim that the ability to program the autorun feature greatly improves the comfort of driving a car. The start of the motor operation can be performed on an alarm clock at a time specified by the user, as well as periodically (after 2, 4 hours or once a day). Also, when the temperature in the system decreases (the level is set by the user), the engine can start and warm up the car.


Consideringreviews about the alarm "StarLine A93" with auto start, it should be noted the views of drivers on key chains management. They are included in the package. The first keyring has a display. The interactive interface is translated into Russian, which makes it understandable for domestic users. Almost any function can be configured using this keychain.Drivers love the stylish design and white lighting of the control panel.StarLine A93 owner reviews

The kit also includes a keychain without a display. It is controlled exclusively by buttons. Messages in this case can only be sound. However, in terms of signal coding reliability, this keyring is not inferior to the first console.

Using the key fob, the user sets the alarm security function. There are many additional functions that can be controlled from the remote.

Modular architecture improvements

Central alarm unit"StarLine A93GSM ", reviewswhich is presented in various sources, has a special module. In older versions, it can be installed on the system additionally. This configuration allows you to control all the functions of the car at any distance. The signal will be transmitted in this case not through the radio communication channel of the key fob, but with the help of modern communication devices.Car Alarm StarLine A93 reviews

You can monitor the status of your vehicle’s systems, as well as manage them through a call made to a mobile operator’s card. It can be additionally installed in the system.

Also, many owners of the presented alarm systems note the high comfort of control with the help of a special application on their smartphone.Also, a special Internet service allows you to send commands to the central alarm unit.

You can also install a GPS-module to ensure the ability to track the location of the car, the speed of its movement, etc.

Security Feature Reviews

Studying the alarm and its modifications, for example,"StarLine A93 ECO", reviewsDrivers about protective features will also be interesting to learn from buyers. Due to the special organization of signal transmission, control systems of the car, it is possible to sufficiently qualitatively, reliably protect your vehicle from third-party attacks.Car alarm StarLine A93 reviews of the owners

In addition to the standard security mode with sound and light alerts, the corresponding information is displayed on the user's keychain. In this case, the inclusion of this mode can occur silently. Only on the driver's key fob will receive a message about the state of the system. You can also turn on the protection mode when the engine is running.

If the system accidentally turns off the protection mode, when the power is restored, it resumes on its own. Also, the user can configure its automatic inclusion.

For emergency shutdown of the security mode (for example, if the key fob is lost), the driver can set a special code. When it is entered manually, the alarm will turn off.

Self Diagnosis Reviews

Car Alarm "StarLine A93", owner reviewswhich are presented in various sources, allocate the function of self-diagnosis system. It allows you to quickly find and troubleshoot. This increases the reliability of the security system.StarLine A93 ECO reviews

If there is any malfunction, when the security mode is turned on, information about this will go to the key fob (or phone screen) of the user. There is also an indication of 11 alarm zones. If a breakdown occurs in one of them, it immediately becomes known to the driver. Also, when the system is automatically monitored, the inactive security sensors are disabled by the central computer.

Convenient features

SystemStarLine A93, owner reviewswhich should be studied before purchase, has several convenient features. The user selects from the whole list of possibilities the most suitable programs for himself.Reviews alarm StarLine A93 auto-start

The presented system has 6 channels for controlling additional devices. Alarm controls battery charge level.The temperature is measured separately in the cabin and under the hood. Also, the central computer controls the lighting systems in the cabin, as well as ventilation, air conditioning and stove.

With the help of a timer, you can set the parameters of the system. On the keychain displays the time, alarm clock. The remote indication panel shows the driver about the low battery. Keychain has protection against accidentally pressing buttons.

Protected areas

Accurate understanding of the quality of the system providereviews. StarLine A93characterized by drivers as a reliable and convenient system. This is achieved through a special approach to monitoring all areas of the car.

The alarm produces diagnostics of such departments as salon, body, engine, doors, ignition and brake pedal. To ensure high quality and stability of the system, it is better to entrust the installation of all its components to professionals. According to driver reviews, only in this case it is possible to avoid mistakes during installation. And all the security functions and the quality of the alarm operation depend on it.

The system also has an integrated accelerometer. It responds to moving, hitting or tilting the vehicle. The driver can set the sensitivity of all sensors independently.

Negative reviews

When studying the presented system, you can find negativereviews. StarLine A93characterized as a low-quality, cheap product. Some users claim that the disadvantage of the system is the lack of a built-in CAN adapter.

Also noted cases of rapid failure of the keychain. However, these are single reviews. Drivers also note false alarms and malfunctions at low temperatures. Some users have noted an insufficient range of the keychain signal.

In many ways, the operation of the system depends on compliance with the requirements of the operation instructions. If installed incorrectly, the system may not work correctly. Therefore, it is better to entrust its installation to specialists.

Positive reviews

Car Alarm "StarLine A93", reviewswhich is represented by drivers and professional mechanics, is known as a fairly high-quality, thoughtful product.

Users note a lot of useful features that facilitate the use of the vehicle. Autostart allows you to have breakfast in the morning at home while the car is warming up. It is very convenient.

The build quality of the presented product is high. Durability of work is guaranteed. The number of false positives for the system is minimal. But on the move, blow or tilt the sensor responds immediately. This allows you to protect your vehicle from theft, hacking.

Having considered the reviews of drivers and mechanics about the alarmStarLine A93,we can conclude that this is a high-quality, reliable system. It has a lot of useful features that can facilitate driving. Proper operation and installation of alarm components ensures durability and stability of its work.

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